Men's style guide, minimalist capsule wardrobe essentials checklist for casual, business casual, & formal. Dressing tips, and outfit ideas for guys
Men's style guide, minimalist capsule wardrobe essentials checklist for casual, business casual, & formal. Dressing tips, and outfit ideas for guys
Men's style guide ebook, capsule wardrobe essentials
how to dress nice for guys, men's dressing tips in the Frump Fighters Men's style guide book.
How to dress nice for guys, how to match clothes and shoes for guys (The Men's Style Guide)
styles of clothes for men, men's minimalist casual capsule wardrobe essentials checklist (The men's style guide)
Men's business capsule wardrobe, men's dressy casual wardrobe essentials
How to dress nice for guys, spring casual outfit ideas (men's style guide)
How to dress nice for guys, fall business dressy casual outfit ideas (men's style guide)
How to mix and match clothes men's capsule wardrobe color scheme
Styles of clothes for men, affordable men's style.  The Men's Style Guide - Shopping Guide
Styles of clothes for men, affordable men's style: The Men's Style Guide - Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Checklist & Shopping Guide
The Men's Style Guide: Capsule Wardrobe Essentials for Casual & Business Wear (ebook, printable, book)

The Men's Style Guide

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Feel Confident About The Image You Project

Whether you're a guy looking to level up his wardrobe or a gal just helping her guy out, this book makes style attainable for every man.

In this done-for-you roadmap to classy style for men you'll find critical details on how clothes should fit, easy steps for starting a capsule wardrobe, thorough capsule wardrobe plans for both casual and business settings, and easy-to-follow flow charts for how to put together stylish outfits any time of year. 

This 130-page Men's Style Guide is divided into 4 stream-lined sections.

Part 1: Basic Style Tips for Men

Learn how clothes should fit, how to dress each body type, and the major fashion mistakes to avoid. Chock full with visuals, this section will open your eyes to the basic principles of style you can apply to improve your appearance starting today.

Part 2: Step-by-Step Instructions for Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

Carefully tweaked over the years, Frump Fighters® 5-step framework streamlines the process of creating a capsule wardrobe starting with what you already own. You'll learn the fast way to purge your closet of the wrong items, how to decide what colors to have in your wardrobe, and even how to set a family-friendly clothing budget to make your capsule wardrobe fit into your lifestyle.

Part 3: The Capsule Wardrobe Plans

You get THREE complete capsule wardrobe plans in this book. Each capsule wardrobe includes a detailed visual list with example pieces and information about what to look for in each item when you shop. You'll also get a printer-friendly shopping checklist for each capsule so you can shop your closet and then fill in the gaps left over as your budget allows. 

The Casual & Athletic Capsule Wardrobe

This capsule has everything you need for being at home, hanging out with the family, attending a backyard BBQ, working out, or running errands. Every man needs at least the essentials in this capsule.

The Business Casual / Special Occasion Capsule Wardrobe

Do you also need some dressier outfits for dates, church, interviews, nice dinners, or weddings? Does your work setting require Business Casual or “Smart Casual”? You’ll find all the pieces you need in this plan.

The Business Professional Capsule Wardrobe

For those that work in an executive setting that requires suits every day, the Business Professional Capsule covers your basics.

Part 4: How to Mix and Match the Capsule Pieces

The final section shows you how to mix and match the capsule pieces stylishly.

It is provided in a flow-chart fashion to keep things ultra-simple. Each outfit combination also includes examples with outfit combinations to train your eye on how to dress stylishly from your capsule.


Bonus Features

In addition to the 130-page style guide book, you'll also receive:

A Digital Shopping Guide

Save many hours searching for affordable, quality, and stylish clothing options online. We look for similar options for every item in all three capsule wardrobes (casual, business casual, business professional) and compile them into an online catalog.

Browse multiple sources for pieces, request to be notified when an item goes on sale, all from one page!

Plus we keep it updated as items go out of stock. It's like having a virtual shopping assistant!

Editable Wardrobe Color Palette Templates


The book teaches you how to use a wardrobe color palette to insure everything in your capsule wardrobe will mix and match. While you can use the blank template in the book + your kids' coloring pencils, we've made it easy to take it up a notch and plan your colors digitally if you desire.

You will have access to a set of men's pre-designed color palettes templates (organized by color season type) that can be customized on the free Canva.com tool. This provides some great starting points for synchronous and stylish color combos that can easily be tweaked to your taste and downloaded as a PDF or Image file to reference with your capsule wardrobe plan in the book.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Sarah A. (Waikato Region, NZ)
    Just what my hubby needed

    Yay finally he knows what to buy that isn't a hunting tshirt or short shorts lol. When we are on holiday he wears basically the same outfit everyday, and it gets boring and neither of us knows what else he can wear so this has solved our problem. There are a couple of items he wouldn't wear in the list, however everything else he's good for, so I'm looking forward to seeing the change! Well worth the purchase.

    Angela W. (Little Rock, US)

    I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough the products were. This is very helpful, can’t wait to spend more time using them and updating my wardrobe. Thank you!

    Holly H. (Quyon, CA)

    I am a mama to 5 and clothing/laundry can become such a monster in our home. I decided to use the capsule wardrobes to tame down everyone’s closets and for the first time in forever, my son’s room has a clean floor! He has ADHD and finds clothing such a challenge to maintain and put away. Thanks for this great resource! We are really enjoying it!

    Kimberly M. (Mt. Pleasant, US)
    Everyone needs this guide

    Now we know what we have and what we need plus how to put it all together.

    Lotte R. (Hericourt-en-Caux, FR)
    So helpful!

    This has been so helpful, and actually reassuring. Back in September I convinced my husband to overhaul his work wardrobe (going from business smart to business casual), and when I compared to the plan I found we were on the right track. But out of work he lives in grubby old T-shirts. This was so useful in trying to convince him to streamline and smarten up a little. Thank you very much!

    Maggie D. (Smithville, US)
    Very helpful

    This was a great buy - I finally have a place to start to get a decent wardrobe for my husband. It's evident that a lot of work went into this - which saves me so much time - super excited about this - Thank you!

    Abigail W. (Hagerstown, US)
    Awesome Tool!

    I got the digital and book version for my husband for Father’s Day because he has had a hard time with the body changes that come with working full time, college part time, and now 3 little kids. I wanted him to have this tool so that we could develop a capsule wardrobe without spending a ton of money but actually fit him well and that he felt confident in. He was hesitant at first because he is usually conscious of how he looks or just likes to do his own thing and doesn’t want to be told what to wear. I explained that this is just a guide and a tool for both of us to use to help make sure he is confident in his clothes. He went out shopping one day and I sent him screen shots of what is recommended that he buy and he used the guide! He liked how easy it was and even went out of his comfort zone and got graphic tees that he normally wouldn’t think to get for himself. And those were the items that expressed his personality the most! It was awesome! He probably won’t use the outfit print out graphics that help you put an outfit together right now but who knows what the future holds! He keeps surprising me and I think this tool keeps surprising him with how useful it can be!

    David (Wallingford, US)
    I love the fit guide

    The outfit suggestions and wardrobe list are great, but I really love the portion that gives fit advice. Even with great clothing style choices, if the fit isn't right it ruins everything.

    Andzelika C. (Hamburg, DE)
    Goodbye frumpy men

    We Love it ! I and my hubby. He says: I didn't know that I can dress so quickly and so nice

    Danielle (Moncks Corner, US)
    Helps me help my husband

    My favorite part of this book is the section about common mistakes men make. My husband is brilliant, compassionate, hard-working and the best decision I've ever made in my life. However, he is guilty of some of these fashion mistakes. At least now when he makes the mistake I know exactly which page to turn to to help. The visuals of what not to do and what to do instead are extremely helpful.

    He often asked me my opinion of his look or to help him put pieces together, so I see myself helping him at first but I won't be surprised if he starts putting things together on his own using these tips.
    Thank you!



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