The Body Shape Cheat Sheet
The Body Shape Cheat Sheet
The Body Shape Cheat Sheet

The Body Shape Cheat Sheet

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Wish you knew what kinds of styles, cuts and shapes of clothes flatter you best? This 6-page printable cheat sheet will help you:

  • Determine your body shape with an easy worksheet (you might be surprised by your results!)
  • Use the detailed body shape chart to learn what kinds of tops, bottoms, completer pieces, and dresses will look best on you, including key tips for Plus Size and Petite shapes

Use this product together our Outfit Guide books to shop for styles from the capsule wardrobe list that will make you look your best!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Updated and Even Better

    I loved the last edition of the Frump Fighters Guide but the changes made for the newest edition keep the classics and update some of the items I found to be less useful. Love it!

    Easy to use

    So nice to be able to see my shape! No second guessing this method

    Very useful!

    It’s hard to help people find their body shape without seeing them in person. But Frump Fighters has made this very helpful guide to figure out your own body shape so that you can determine it on your own and learn what proportions are best for you. Highly recommended!

    Helpful and concise

    I was already aware of my body shape, but I liked the simple and direct approach of the cheat sheet.

    The Body Shape Cheat Sheet brought clarity

    I thought I knew my body shape, but this cheat sheet proved me wrong. Better than that, it helps me go beyond the capsule wardrobe guide outfit formulas to successfully “wing it” and create my own impressive looks.

    I’m 5 months pregnant and I like that I still get complements on how I’m dressed because I know what to look for to present my best assets without spending hours to do it. I appreciate the cheat sheet and will refer to it often when I’m about to freestyle my look!

    Love this!

    SOOO looking forward to creating my capsule wardrobe with a little assistance from Frump Fighters!

    Now I get it!

    Now I know why some clothes look great on others and not on me! This made it easy to figure out my shape and how to dress it in the best way. I'll probably still wear some of my favorite things that aren't right for my body, but at least I know why now and can make that choice rather than always being discouraged because something looks great on "everybody else" so there must be something wrong with ME!



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