The Frump Fighters Interactive™ App Access (Basic Level Features)

The Frump Fighters Interactive™ App Access (Basic Level Features)

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Currently Access is Available by Invite Only

To receive an invite to access during beta, you must own the Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms. If you already own the guide but have not received an invite, please contact Customer Service.


The sneak peek video shows some premium features. You get a 30-day free trial to premium with this purchase.

    Customer Reviews

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    Amy Anderson
    Amazing app! 😍😍

    I purchased The Year Round Outfit Guide last year and have used it almost daily! While using it I’d wished for an app, and this one knocks it out of the park! It has all of the features I wanted, plus more. The What to Wear feature keeps me from having to flip from Instagram to the book, being able to search by piece allows me to change things up if the daily outfit doesn’t work for me. I can’t wait to add my own pieces and make custom layouts! Great job!!

    Natalie Robtoy
    LOVE IT!

    It's everything I loved about the facebook group plus more that I wished could have been a feature of the fb group.


    I have the outfit guide and calendar which are wonderful but I had stopped using because it became too much to figure out during a season of overwhelm.

    The app changes everything. It’s so easy to find an outfit I have all the pieces for that matches the weather and my plans for the day. I hesitated on signing up but I’m so glad that I did!

    Awesome helper for this busy Momma!

    This app is such a huge help for me. I have 3 kids and have been feeling frumpy but wasn’t sure how to change my outlook. This changes everything! It is so awesome to be able to plug in my actual wardrobe and have a guide on how to put it all together. Thank you!

    Stefany Garrett
    So easy

    Enjoying it so far so easy to get dressed in the morning. Glad they have included the southern and northern hemispheres for the challenges.

    Exactly What a Styling App Should Be

    I am blown away by all the features of this app - I’ve been using Stylebook for several years, but the this app takes it one step further. I can see at a glance not only what I have in my closet, but what I want to add to my closet, right down to the tiniest details.

    The ability to have the entire calendar at my fingertips, and know what outfits I’ll be wearing in advance, using the items I have in my own closet, including any changes plan to make, is priceless.

    It makes getting dressed in the morning totally effortless, and clothes shopping a pleasure. No more buying duplicates, while forgetting essentials. Recommend 100%.

    Melissa Hansen
    Helps Me Get More Wear From What I Have

    I love this app and I have even tried Cladwell. This app is better in that you not only use your own clothes, but you can add accessories and save outfits. I give it an A+!



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