Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package

Virtual Color Analysis Package

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Confused by your color type? Struggling to figure out what colors look best on you?

In this highly-demanded package, Corina Holden (author of our expert guide on color analysis) will complete a professional virtual analysis using your answers from a quick questionnaire + uploaded photos! 

What You'll Get With This Package:

  • A Customized 2-Page PDF Report of Your Subseason - so you have a quick reference sheet you can take with you when you shop.

  • Access to the 6 Perfect Wardrobe Color Schemes Ideas Designed Specifically for Your Season - so you can take a predesigned set of colors without having to figure it out yourself

  • Editable Color Scheme Templates - So you can make yours exactly what you want with the included Canva templates.

  • Access to a mini course - So that she holds your hand and teaches you how to take what you know about your best colors and apply it to your wardrobe.

Enjoy the confidence of an experienced analyzer determining your best match among the 12 subseasons!

After you purchase, you'll get access to a form to fill out your info and send to Corina for analysis!

Corina will complete your analysis and send you a customized report! If she needs additional photos or information before completing your analysis she will email you.

NOTE: There are no refunds available on this item. 



Don't leave empty-handed! Download our free color analysis quiz.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Linda Grannum

    I love the Color Analysis Package. Knowing the colours that suit you best is really helpful. It gives you more confidence and helps you buy the right clothes. Corine provides a fantastic service and she is always there to help with any queries you have.

    Dawn S.
    Well worth it!

    I had never had my colors done and now I can’t believe I waited so long. Corina’s analysis came in on time and is a simple guide that can be easily followed. I was happily surprised to know what works for me and it was well worth the price and time taking the selfies.

    Jana Johnson
    Happy I did this!

    I’ve wanted to do color analysis for a long time, glad I finally did it! Corina’s report was clear, useful, and had excellent suggestions. Looking forward to shopping with more confidence in the colors that look best on me!

    So worth it! Loved the experience

    I loved the experience though I was certainly shocked. I always gravitated forwards the colors but always thought I was warm not cool.

    Now I know!

    After years of picking clothes & then not wearing them, now I know why! I was choosing colors that made me look drained. After finding out what colors look great & make me "pop", I feel much more confident in shopping & I know I will wear what I buy! It was so easy to do, I would definitely recommend!

    Nadine Ashurst
    Virtual color analysis WIN

    I always felt unsure of which colors looked right on me and guessed wrong on the quizzes I took. I’m so glad I purchased this product because now I can make clothing purchases with a lot more confidence and a lot less second guessing.

    Julie Fennell

    What a great experience . Thank you Frump Fighters! Loved the suggestions for my hair color too. I had been looking at color analysis for several months and very happy I found your site ! So helpful because I would put on something and think -ugh what’s wrong with this … now I know … too bright and draining on me . Now I can choose clothes with confidence. Thank you for your expertise and making this so easy . I can stop wracking my brain over colors now !



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