Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package

Virtual Color Analysis Package

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Confused by your color type? Struggling to figure out what colors look best on you?

In this highly-demanded package, Corina Holden (author of our expert guide on color analysis) will complete a professional virtual analysis using your answers from a quick questionnaire + uploaded photos! 

What You'll Get With This Package:

  • A Customized 2-Page PDF Report of Your Subseason - so you have a quick reference sheet you can take with you when you shop.

  • Access to the 6 Perfect Wardrobe Color Schemes Ideas Designed Specifically for Your Season - so you can take a predesigned set of colors without having to figure it out yourself

  • Editable Color Scheme Templates - So you can make yours exactly what you want with the included templates from a free program called Canva (we show you how to use it!)

  • Access to a mini course - So that she holds your hand and teaches you how to take what you know about your best colors and apply it to your wardrobe.

Enjoy the confidence of an experienced analyzer determining your best match among the 12 subseasons!

After you purchase, you'll get access to a form to fill out your info and send to Corina for analysis!

Corina will complete your analysis and send you a customized report! If she needs additional photos or information before completing your analysis she will email you.

NOTE: There are no refunds available on this item. 

Don't leave empty-handed! Download our free color analysis quiz.


How does this work?

After purchase, you will receive an email with a form to fill out. The form will ask questions and request photos of yourself draping various colors. The entire process is digital and has no deadlines. You can complete your photos and submit them on your own time.

Corina Holden, our expert color analyst, will personally review your submission of photos to determine your season match among the 12 sub-seasons.

You will receive an email with your personalized 2-page PDF with your results within 2 weeks.


What will I receive with this service?

You will receive:

  • a personalized 2-page PDF report of your color season type, notes about why these are your best colors, a color scheme showing your best colors, and examples of colors you should avoid
  • access to the 6 perfect wardrobe color scheme ideas designed specifically for your season
  • customizable templates to plan your wardrobe's color scheme using a free color program called Canva
  • a video course on putting together your capsule wardrobe around your best colors


What seasonal color model does this report use?

We use the 12-season system of color analysis. So you will be typed not just as Winter, Autumn, Summer, or Spring, but further defined as Clear, Warm, Soft, or Cool!

The meaning of each term and sub-season is clearly explained in your results!

Can you really determine my color type from photos?

Corina has done over 400 virtual reports to date and the testimonials speak for themselves (read them above)! If the photos submitted are not sufficient to provide a confident result, Corina will email back and forth with you to gain any additional information or photos needed to make a confident analysis.

Is this service refundable?

Because of the digital nature of this product and the personal time spent on your report, this service is not refundable. However, after purchase there is no deadline for submitting photos--you can take your time. Further, if you're unclear or have questions about your results, Corina will work with you until you are satisfied and confident with your report!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Katie R. (Columbia, US)
    Quick, Easy and Fun

    The steps were clear and easy to follow & even though I did the online version, she made a point to personalize a note to me based on my concerns. I wish I'd done it earlier and saved countless hours trying to figure it out myself, lol!

    Theresa P. (La Crescent, US)
    Worth it to get my colors done!

    Thankful I got my colors done. As I start the process of revamping my wardrobe post kids- it was so worth it. It’s helping to guide decisions as I spend money on new clothes- and instead of just buying cloth because they are cute or on sale- this information is helping me be more mindful. Thank you Corina and the Frump Fighter team!

    Wendy S. (Saskatoon, CA)
    So great!

    I have struggled with figuring out which colors look good on me so I decided to get some help. Such a convenient process to take photos and send them in then receive a report back. Love it! I take the analysis with me when I go shopping so I can make sure to choose flattering colors.

    Katen P. (Canton, US)
    Fun, helpful and informative

    Color analysis was something I had always been curious about and wanted to try. I initially had some concern about finding the recommended colors to use in the photos I needed to upload, but I followed the the suggestion of another reviewer and borrowed clothes from my husband's wardrobe which helped me to complete the requirements. The results supported some of what I had suspected and offered additional colors I had not considered before. There is also an abundance of resources. I am impressed with the help and support of Frump Fighters which has helped me to feel less confused and burdened with choosing outfits and colors that work and is also a lot of fun to try new ideas.

    Laura N. (St. John's, CA)
    Color Clarity and Confidence

    The color analysis from Corina was fast, thoughtful, and she answered my questions/confusion. The instructions for taking the photos took me an afternoon. I didn't have all the colors, but raided my husband'and kids' clothes and found what I needed.
    With my results, I'm now clear and confident with my color season and will be transitioning to those colours over time. To help with the process, I will be shopping for a purse sized color fan or card to guide me. (<-- Product idea Corina!) This way, the colours will still be right for me in all lighting. Thank you! Love all your products... especially the app! :D

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the fantastic review and 5 stars! We're so glad Corina's color analysis helped you gain clarity and confidence. Thrilled to hear you're enjoying our online platform and other products.
    Love the idea of a purse-sized color fan - we'll keep it in mind! You might want to check out this list of color fans we've found on Amazon. They don't stay well stocked but you might be able to find one! https://www.amazon.com/shop/frumpfighters/list/32QQ88LK6FY94?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_aipsflist_aipsffrumpfighters_2MBHF2PJAVA9VZT7G7EP

    Angela (Seattle, US)
    Frump Fighter Virtual Color Analysis

    After following all the directions I had 6 horrible pictures of myself to send in for analysis. I was sure that the result would not be the colors I like to wear. Much to my delight, the result was very close to the colors I already gravitate towards so it will make my future wardrobe choices even easier. I really appreciate the counsel of an independent third party outside my circle for an unbiased opinion. Thank you!

    N.E. (Madera, US)
    So happy!!!

    I was very happy with how quickly I received my results. They were completely opposite of the colors I had been wearing. Explains why I didn’t like the look of the clothes I thought I should be wearing. I thought I was playing it safe with the muted pinks and beige. Wrong. Just because you are a mom and want to be modest doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with color. Thank you so much for this product. Love having this tool in my pocket.


    Still waiting on my colors

    Hi Kathy, It looks like we were able to connect on email and figure out why you hadn't found the report! We hope you enjoyed your report. Please do reach out again if you have follow up questions and Corina would be happy to help you!

    Helped me confirm what I was second guessing was my season

    I appreciate the color season analysis. I have wavered another between 3 different seasons. It confirmed my initial ideas and also explained colors that, I have started to realize, really wash/fade me out.

    Cathy P. (City of Saint Peters, US)
    Helped me figure out my season

    Although I suspected I was a winter, I couldn't figure out the subtype. Now I know I'm a dark winter and it makes choosing colors easier.



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