Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package
Virtual Color Analysis Package

Virtual Color Analysis Package

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Confused by your color type? Struggling to figure out what colors look best on you?

In this limited-availability package Corina will complete a virtual analysis using your answers from a quick questionnaire + uploaded photos! 

What You'll Get With This Package:

  • A Customized PDF Report of Your Subseason - so you have a quick reference sheet you can take with you when you shop.

  • Access to the 6 Perfect Wardrobe Color Schemes Ideas Designed Specifically for Your Season - so you can take a predesigned set of colors without having to figure it out yourself

  • Editable Color Scheme Templates - So you can make yours exactly what you want with the included Canva templates.

  • Access to a mini course - So that I hold your hand and teach you how to take what you know about your best colors and apply it to your wardrobe.

Enjoy the confidence of an experienced analyzer determining your best match among the 12 subseasons!

After you purchase, you'll get access to a form to fill out your info and send to Corina for analysis!

Corina will complete your analysis and send you a customized report! If she needs additional photos or information before completing your analysis she will email you.

NOTE: There are no refunds available on this item. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Finally know my season!

    I previously printed a copy of the Color Analysis Quiz and promptly gave myself equal marks in three categories. The Virtual Color Analysis Package was just what I needed. Corina responded quickly and with a palette that makes sense and that I look forward to wearing. If you are confused about your color season, then this package is for you!

    After two years, I have found my seasonal color home

    Last fall, I couldn’t decide if I was soft or bright, warm or cool, etc. It has been quite a journey. You have been with me every step of the way...encouraging and supporting! Thank you for helping me come alive this literally added color and LIFE to my wardrobe and my heart.

    I finally feel like it is all beginning to click now...and I am understanding the things you have been sharing for a while.

    Amazing - She nailed my colors

    Corina did a great job determining my best colors. The process was simple and well thought out. The instructions were clear in how to take the photos necessary and the upload was easy. I was surprised how quickly Corina was able to get my results back to me. And even though the turnaround was quick she nailed the color palette and I feel much more confident knowing what colors to buy to feel my best. Thank you Corina!

    Clarity at last

    As helpful as Corina's blog posts were, I could never really figure out what my sub season was, so I decided to ask for Corina's expert opinion! Now that I have the answer I feel much more confident choosing the right colours for me. I am also really enjoying the bonus mini course that came with the package, and have now started getting my capsule wardrobe together as well. A great little package, and well worth the money if you're struggling to figure out which season/sub-season you belong to!

    Thank you, Corina!

    So grateful that Corina opened up the opportunity to do a Virtual Color Analysis. I had started to go through the instructions to do it myself, but it just seemed so hard to be objective when it came to me...and I was feeling paralyzed to move forward until I had it done. Anyway, so happy I have a color analysis now that was done by someone with experience. Let's go shopping!


    I am an odd combination of skin, hair, and eyes. I struggled for years ( off and on) trying to analyze myself. I even paid for a test. But, I needed an outside person to make the call. Corina gave me the answer I’d been searching for. I’m so grateful to be able to put it to bed.

    It was invaluable

    Before my personalized color analysis from Corina, I had taken every online color analysis quiz under the sun, and it seemed like I got a different result each time! It was invaluable to have the help of someone who actually knows what she’s talking about! 😊 Now I am much more confident in picking colors that will flatter my clear spring coloring.



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