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Shape is everything!

I knew that some outfits made me feel good, and some outfits made me feel awkward. I am old enough to know that my body has a distinctive, shape or design, but I forgot. This little sheet directed me to my actual body shape and how to make the best of it. It was so helpful! I think you're gonna love it too. ❤️

Frump Fighters

I like the outfits. I don’t always have everything in the pictures, but they give me ideas of what I can do with what I have.

I look CUTE!!!!

I've had my eye on the FF products for a bit and the interactive option cinched the deal for me. I was already poised to do a full closet clean out and even though I haven't checked off my capsule list yet or uploaded photos of all my clothes, I have used the daily suggestion to build new CUTE outfits!! My confidence is up and I love that I don't have to think about what I'm wearing-I just look at the picture and pick stuff from my closet that's similar. I'm even ACCESSORIZING!!!! Busy moms have a million decisions to make every day-thanks so much for taking this decision out of my hands and helping me choose something better than a t-shirt and joggers every day!

Color Clarity and Confidence

The color analysis from Corina was fast, thoughtful, and she answered my questions/confusion. The instructions for taking the photos took me an afternoon. I didn't have all the colors, but raided my husband'and kids' clothes and found what I needed.
With my results, I'm now clear and confident with my color season and will be transitioning to those colours over time. To help with the process, I will be shopping for a purse sized color fan or card to guide me. (<-- Product idea Corina!) This way, the colours will still be right for me in all lighting. Thank you! Love all your products... especially the app! :D

Hi Laura,

Thanks for the fantastic review and 5 stars! We're so glad Corina's color analysis helped you gain clarity and confidence. Thrilled to hear you're enjoying our online platform and other products.
Love the idea of a purse-sized color fan - we'll keep it in mind! You might want to check out this list of color fans we've found on Amazon. They don't stay well stocked but you might be able to find one! https://www.amazon.com/shop/frumpfighters/list/32QQ88LK6FY94?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_aipsflist_aipsffrumpfighters_2MBHF2PJAVA9VZT7G7EP


I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough the products were. This is very helpful, can’t wait to spend more time using them and updating my wardrobe. Thank you!

This is making my life easier! Thank you!!

Two comments:
1st: Thank you!! The outfit calendar and style guide are making my life easier. I'm NOT a morning person and I have to get up everyday for work. I have a casual work atmosphere and the Women's Essentials is perfect for me. Also, I'm 60 and this totally works - I look put together with no morning decisions on my part :) 2nd: Your customer service is AMAZING and quick. I've had to email twice and I was helped. Appreciate it!

Frump Fighter Virtual Color Analysis

After following all the directions I had 6 horrible pictures of myself to send in for analysis. I was sure that the result would not be the colors I like to wear. Much to my delight, the result was very close to the colors I already gravitate towards so it will make my future wardrobe choices even easier. I really appreciate the counsel of an independent third party outside my circle for an unbiased opinion. Thank you!

So helpful!

I recently purchased the Family Bundle of style guides and I am very pleased with my purchase. I am eager to implement the style guides for my three girls...their closets are currently overrun with lots of clothes that don't really go together. I love that I now have a plan moving forward to make their wardrobes more purposeful. I got both the digital and printed copies (the printed copies are still in the mail) and I am looking forward to using them to help my girls learn how to style and manage their clothes now rather than just winging it until 40 like me! I haven't looked at the boy version yet but I will soon. The men's version is helpful and straightforward which is great...my husband recently went from working in ministry with college students to a more professional environment and this guide is helpful to know how to choose the best fit for clothes and will help as we fill out his wardrobe. I love that the women's guide has real life pictures of women wearing the outfits...I do wish the other guides had the same feature, but even without that they are still a great buy!

Great finds!

I loved the products in these lists. They were some great finds, and it’s wonderful to have this resource and not have to go digging through the thousands of choices on the Amazon website. However, I was disappointed that the only way to see information relevant to my Frump Fighters lists was by hovering, and I couldn’t get that to work on my iPad. Still, I’m sure these lists will be extremely helpful in my future shopping.

Thank you, Kathryn, for your review! We are glad these links are saving you time and offering items you would like for your wardrobe. Hopefully, you are able to still view the extra information on each item on your desktop!

~Frump Fighters Team

Great product and very easy to use. Just what I needed, thanks 😊

Great helping me put together outfits for school.

This is great. I love getting ideas for what to wear instead of changing clothes five times every morning. Working on the suggestions for making my wardrobe work better! So happy I made the decision to purchase the interactive!

I have tried other wardrobe capsules, I found this one to be the easiest to use. It suits my style very well. Thank you.

Great item! Could use a more formal one for those required to wear more formal pieces.

Such great help!

This had really helped me to try different pieces together, ones that I never would have put together! This has inspired me to take pics of the ones that work for my body and the pieces I already have.

Interactive Platform (Premium)

I recently upgraded to the Premium interactive platform and it is amazing! I have several of the style collections (business, casual, athleisure), and am able to merge them into one calendar generated by the platform. No more trying to figure it all out myself. In addition, the customer service has been fast and super helpful. Thank you!!!

Great so far!

I'm enjoying all the ways I can customize my Interactive experience and this Business Style Guide has been a great resource as I transition to an office job and build my work wardrobe.

Life Hack A+

I love this system to life hack my way into easier mornings and a much more confident appearance. Well worth it

An Easy Database Tool to Organize Your Wardrobe and Maximize Your Clothing Investment

The Women’s Essentials book is great—it gets you started in streamlining your current wardrobe and analyzing what you no longer need and what you could add to enhance what remains. But the Interactive Tool makes it possible to upload your actual wardrobe items and play with them to your heart’s content—to be more creative, more daring and to multiply the value of your current wardrobe to a point you would not think possible. I love being able to see my items put together in hundreds of ways on my computer screen first, before taking the time and energy of putting them all on. I’m 70 years old—the system is usable for my age, but could be modified to be more amenable to the older set. In the meantime, I’m trying to find work-arounds (e.g., swapping out all those shorts they have in the capsule to crop pants or skorts). Hopefully, in time, Frump Fighters will find that there is enough interest in those who are well past childbearing years and have changed/changing bodies requiring other fashion styles, and will make new categories and outfits that keep us from looking frumpy and help us look as stylish and appropriately youthful as possible. I’m still giving 5 stars because the concept, the interactive tool, the responsive staff all deserve 5 stars for what they have created. They created a market niche around mothers with children and I respect that—and staying focused on your target market is a good thing. But … all of those young women will eventually become my age…. :-)

I love this

I bought the essential guide and was loving looking cuter with 0% more thinking needed, and then I realized the outfits were a bit too casual for my office job. This is the perfect supplement to keeping me looking cute at work without having to put any thought into it.

Helpful for getting started

I've been trying to make the capsule wardrobe work for years. This calendar makes the decision making process much faster. I don't have all of the pieces yet but having a quick page to look at makes deciding on outfits a smoother process. Looking forward to using it over time.

Great purchase

Such a great resource!! Love the fact that you can use what you already have in your closet to create these super cute outfits!! So easy to use and it really helps with knowing what essentials you need in your closet!! So happy I purchased this!!

Calendar review!

I received the print version of the calendar this week. What inspiration! I cannot wait to have it become a tool I use on a regular basis to step up my fashion style. I am far from child bearing age but find the calendar will work for me.

Mamas and Grandmamas, too

By nature, I tend to be a light, airy type of person, easily distracted, chasing squirrels. So how does that apply to shopping for clothes? If you've seen any of Frump Fighters videos you can probably relate. When I saw it on my Facebook feed, I knew I had to check it out. I downloaded the free content and started to dig a little deeper. Could this be an answer to my prayers about my wardrobe? After receiving the hardcopy (old-school here...67 yr old grandmother of 9) I knew. YES! I have been using the daily calendar for about a week now and absolutely love it! I am able to focus on the "what next" question of needs in my wardrobe rather than having it just floating around in my head! I'm excited! Thank you, Frump Fighters, for such a great concept and product!

So happy!!!

I was very happy with how quickly I received my results. They were completely opposite of the colors I had been wearing. Explains why I didn’t like the look of the clothes I thought I should be wearing. I thought I was playing it safe with the muted pinks and beige. Wrong. Just because you are a mom and want to be modest doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with color. Thank you so much for this product. Love having this tool in my pocket.



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