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Quick and Simple

If Steve Jobs wore the same thing to work ever day because it reduced a lot of decision making, then the calendar is like that for me. No decisions AND I get to rotate what I wear!

Saving me money AND time! Woohoo!!

As a mom on a budget, I simply don’t have the time or the money to waste trying to find clothes online without a plan. And the idea of toting little fussy people to the store is even more laughable!
Since I bought Corina‘s online bundle, I have been amazed at the ways she lays it all out so clearly, giving me the freedom and flexibility to bring my own style to the capsule but giving me simple tips about what to look for. I think my favorite feature is the shopping guide with all of the online shopping links! SUCH. A. TIME-SAVER!!

Digital Guide

I absolutely love this guide! It's all digital so to find a quick look I can choose a piece for the day and search for outfit inspiration with one single tap on the screen. This has helped me declutter my clothing and still have endless options with pieces I truly love.

Fab guide !

Easy to use and give loads of ideas for outfits !

Stay at home mom's guide

I tried out the free guide first and decided to buy the whole guide. Loving it so far, especially the links for the items!

Huge Help!

I love how the calendar helps to take think work out of getting dressed and pulling it all together.

Calendar Preview and stay at home mom plan

The plan had already helped me streamline and focus my closet. Getting the calendar was a great visual for me to see how many combinations I really do have in my closet.

New ideas

I love the options I've seen so far! I am looking forward to seeing more and trying some new ideas for my wardrobe.

Excellent guide!

This is such a fantastic wardrobe guide! It totally takes the guess work out of what to wear in the morning. I love that you don’t need exactly what she shows in the plan, but can adapt to what you have that is similar in your own closet. Super helpful!!

Empowering, Effective and Better than Stitch Fix!

After I gave birth to my daughter I signed up for Stitch Fix to force myself out of frumpy clothes. I liked a few delivery rounds but the high clothing prices made it something I couldn’t do often so I cancelled.

This system gives me one less frustration for the day by empowering me to become my own designer on a realistic budget! I can go back to mixing $5 pieces with $100 pieces and look great! I can even plan my outfits for the week and get ready faster. Even when I don’t follow the outfit for the day exactly, it gives me inspiration for my own creation.

I’m now confident that I’m capable of being my own best stylist!

So helpful

We get SO many hand me downs that it is hard to weed through everything and end up with a good wardrobe that we can find matching outfits in easily. This has helped tremendously and we get to pass things in more easily now!

This is great!

I have a terrible time putting things together and this such great help. I feel more relaxed about planning my outfits from day to day.

A Great Resource

Thank you, Corina, for helping mothers like me dress well.
This is a great book with beautiful pictures. I highly recommend
the book if you like hard copies like me.

Takes the work out of getting dressed

This calendar is the perfect companion to the outfit guide, which I already owned, and utilize daily. The Frump Fighters group on Facebook is great with its weekly outfit challenges, but I still had to figure out what to wear on the weekends. No more! With the calendar my entire week is planned out for me- and not just for the month, for the entire year! It might not seem like that big of a deal, but when one is dealing with autoimmune issues that leave you utterly exhausted more often than not, not having to think about what to wear really is an enormous help.


The cost of the book would have been less than if I printed it myself, and it is such nice quality that will last with use.

Hot in Florida

i love the outfit ideas, but in Florida in spring and summer and autumn, it is around 90 degrees around the clock, and there are too many clothes in most of the outfits. too hot. i did get my closet pared way down though!!


Frump Fighters make putting an outfit together easy. You can also see how you can reuse a piece and have a whole new look.


I wanted a wardrobe update and I got Frump Fighters through BYB. It is great to have some fashion help. I like the styles and this will make my update easier. Thank you.

Amazing help.

I am transitioning my wardrobe after just having a baby and this gives me great ideas on how I can use the clothes I have. In addition this shows me how to add new pieces as I am able to fit into them again.

Big Time Saver

The shopping links alone are worth it! Although a number of products are no longer available (and understandable) Corina provides many alternate links. Hunting online or offline for the right clothing is often a time consuming task and I appreciate that most of the work has been done for me. A gem product I never thought existed and Corina executes it well!

Incredible Motivation

This product puts everything simply. When I follow the simple advice, it makes all the difference in how I feel. I am a better mom and wife when I feel better about myself.

Great resource!

I love that this faggot also has a capsule wardrobe for maternity. Since that’s a season of life I’m in right now it’s been great! Not many other wardrobe planning services include that specialty size so I’m pleased!

Great for everyday!

I have been enjoying this resource for about the past week and it has taken the guesswork out of getting dressed every day!

Loads of inspiration!

Thank you for all these great resources! I’m already feeling inspired and reorganising my wardrobe to really work for me



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