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What to wear Calendar preview

I have been struggling to put outfits together and this book is really helping me.

Takes one thing off my to do list everyday!

Having this calendar available sets my mind at ease for one task everyday. I enjoy not worrying about what to wear- I have the separate pieces, and Corina has put them together for me!

Love this!

I love this three day course. It's so easy to understand with so many practical tips. I am inspired to fight the frump! Thank you Corina

My New Obsession

I am loving the 12 month calendars! I am spending a lot of time pouring over all of the possibilities! I think using these will help me feel better about myself. Thanks for making all your resources available!

Just what I needed

The monthly layout is going to be such a timesaver for me. I look forward to less stressful times when getting ready!

Easy to manage

What I really enjoy about this program is the ease of each step. The steps are broken down simply so I can accomplish them in a day (sometimes 2 depending on the little one 😉).
Thank you!

Good, but may alter or use later for my kids

I have really loved having the outfit formulas, so I wanted that for my kids. I got this because I didn't realize there was an outfit guide for kids. I think that the outfit guide will be better for me to avoid power struggles about getting dressed because it gives more details about what goes with what. However, I don't know if my kids will be able to "translate" THEIR clothes into a particular outfit formula. If not, I think I may actually take photos of their clothes and put it into this Get Dressed! Cheat Sheet format. Will try it and see how it goes.


I'm thankful for a structured plan to try and follow.

Very smart

I love your smart idea to dress up in such a manner thet can uplift us after births.

An excellent purchase for me and my teenage daughter!

We found Frump Fighters at just the right time. We are downsizing to a smaller home, and both my daughter and myself had closets full of "stuff" with nothing to wear. We didn't know how to dress ourselves, lol! She is just growing into her own style (and womens' sizes) so she needed a revamp anyway. Enter Frump Fighters. We are checklist-people so the guide was right up our alley. It helped us make decisions about what to keep and what to pass on, and more importantly, WHAT TO WEAR EACH DAY! We are both loving it, and it has been so fun to do together.

Way better than the PDF!

I found I wasn’t opening the PDF eBook. I’m so glad that I ordered them together. The actual book came this week and I’ve been looking over it a bit each day. I still don’t have all e prices, but I feel more put together every day.

Totally upped my style!!

I love that Frump Fighters uses clothes I already have. I feel so much more confident.

Gave Me Courage

This ebook definitely gave me courage to try some new combinations that I wouldn't have done on my own. It is very well laid out and includes everything you could need to plan, shop for, and put together outfits. I'm buying the children's version for my daughter.

Provide clarity to your morning

I bought this earlier this year and have enjoyed it. It took a while and I don't use it every day but it definitely helps for most days of the week. Also, the Facebook group is SUPER HELPFUL! It is def worth it!

My confidence is soaring!

I’ve always struggled with fashion. While I knew what things I was attracted to, I could never put it all together in a workable, combinable wardrobe. Then I had kids - 3 little boys in 4 years - and my confidence really began to wane. I just didn’t feel classy or elegant while wearing yoga pants and a baggy tunic top. I stumbled upon Frump Fighters on Pinterest last year, but I put off buying the course because I just didn’t think I was “worth it”. Ladies— do yourself a huge loving favor and invest in this course! It is LIFE CHANGING. I highly recommend getting the hard copy as well; it’s so helpful to flip through while I’m in my closet, and it’s just so beautiful. (Not like a stack of papers from your printer) I feel classy, elegant, and it’s so much fun to mix and match pieces and plan a few outfits for the week. I actually look forwards to getting dressed, I get compliments from my husband who appreciates the effort I put into looking nice, but the secret is, it’s actually very easy now to make a fashionable, mom-friendly outfit now. I feel beautiful and stylish because the ensembles have proper mix-and-match ratios. While I don’t have every piece from the guide, I do have several substitutes and find inspiration on every page! I live in a hot/cold climate (Utah) and now I am finally discovering the joy of layering. ALL my pieces fit in my closet; I don’t have to swap my “seasonal” clothes out in bins anymore. All my favorite pieces I get to wear practically year-round! Having the color guide laid out is incredibly helpful. I realized earlier this year that my favorite colors are Olive green and blush pink, and I love white leopard print, but still without purchasing the SAHM Outfit Guide, I didn’t know how to work with the neutral palette and the main colors. This guide has been a Godsend!! Thank you, Corina!


I love Corina’s class and Frump Fighters content. She takes a potentially overwhelming topic and breaks it down into small digestible steps. She is so encouraging and I really appreciate her focus on mixing trends and classics in a modern, modest, and feminine way. Thank you Corina!

cute outfit combos

love the outfit combos, but only wished the pics were bigger!

So far, so good!

I'm enjoying going through the steps and am very hopeful for success at being less frumpy!

One star off for the number of emails I'm getting.... Have to figure out how to stem the tide!!

Love the layout!

Everything is so clear and easy to follow!

Excited to use and already feel like my style has improved!

I printed off my pages and in looking through the clothes, I have a lot of the basics already... so I was glad to see I don't need to spend a TON to get started. I'm just going to periodically buy a piece here or there to replace what I have/can use as a substitute, and also I am focusing on just this fall/winter season clothes. I definitely feel that even without buying any new clothes, I'm already looking at the outfit guide for inspiration and putting together cuter outfits each morning! happy with my purchase for sure!

Like having a cookbook for your clothes!

I'm using this as a companion to the free SAHM Year Round Wardrobe checklist. I love it because it gives me an idea for what to wear every morning - I don't stick to it legalistically: sometimes I alter the plan, sometimes I use a different day altogether - it just gives me a starting point and keeps me from wearing the same one or two pieces every time they come out of the laundry. Also, if I have all the items in the capsule wardrobe, it's like having a cookbook where I know I can make any recipe I want, because I have all the clothing items in my "pantry"!

Even more outfit ideas!

I'm a stay at home Mum and work part time on my online business. I don't need to wear business dress but sometimes I want to wear something smarter or have special events to go to. I love the stay-at-home Moms' and girls' outfit guides and so I decided to invest in the business dress guide too. I haven't been disappointed, I love the suggested outfits, the extra colour scheme advice and the fact the guide has been designed to coordinate with the stay-at-home Moms' guide to get maximum versatility and use out of your clothes. The more I get into it the more I realise how clever the guides are. Corina also provides lots of extra resources to help you make the most of your guides so definitely sign up for her emails and follow her on Instagram.

12-month calendar printable

Looking forward to seeing these on real people! What a great book to have in your closet!

Outfit Calendar

I love the outfit calendar because it saves me so much time and helps me easily put the guide to use. I also love that I can clearly see what pieces from the guide I may still be missing. I highly recommend!

Love the Girls Guide!

I bought the girls guide as I've been really enjoying the Stay-at-home Moms' guide. I am very fortunate to receive lots of good condition hand-me-downs from family and friends and wanted to make the best use of what we receive. This guide inspired me to get going on preparing my daughter's wardrobe for the next season with a step by step video Corina had sent out recently. Think the girls' guide will come in very handy as she gets older and love the cheat sheets which I'm planning on printing off and using myself too! 😂 Thank you Corina for a great product and your attention to detail. Corina also gives step by step instructions on how to use everything which is really helpful and easy to use.



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