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I love the app and the whole concept

I really love the app and the whole concept about the essentials and the calendar. I was spending too much money and energy buying pieces of clothes without purpose. You will save time and money using this system. I also feel better about myself and more confident.

The App is Awesome!

I had the Guides, but the App really helped bring everything together and make the whole system much more user friendly. I love it!

Easy, User Friendly and Quick Fashion Consultant

I have really enjoyed the Frump Fighters Interactive Platform . The program is easy to use and allows me not to think about what I am wearing and just follow the formula. I use to look at Pinterest or magazines to find outfits daily and this makes everything so much quicker and allows me to use pieces I haven’t looked at in awhile. Thanks Frump Fighters!

The Women's Essentials Collection (4th Ed.)

Easy morning dresssing!

I love this app so much! I have had the Women's Essential program for a few months. I had difficulty remembering what piece I had assigned to which clothing item (print top #1 or #2?). By using this app and then clicking on the "my pieces" button, I can see exactly which clothing items to wear without thinking about it. I LOVE how easy it is to get dressed in the morning now! It was quite easy to load the pictures of my clothes into the closet and so worth the time.

Love the app!

I’ve been looking forward to trying out the new app ever since I heard it was being created. It really is as fun as I’d hoped! There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but that’s because there’s just SO much content. It’s basically the outfit plan system plus the calendar plus the old FB group (ability to see other people’s ootd) all rolled up into one fun new product. Plus the ability to create layouts of all the outfits using your own clothes! I haven’t even tried that yet, but I know it’ll level up my whole game 😂

Good concept, average execution

I really love the concept behind this tool. However, it is NOT a standalone app, it's an interactive website. I was expecting a stand alone app. It's also a bit clunky. Certain items in my closet are not searchable. Not all the items in the outfits presented each day are items I can find to create. Clothes aren't always named what I would search for (in creating) like trousers vs pants (does anyone use the world trousers under the age of 80?}. Creating custom items is clunky. For one reason it makes me search for the item type and then asks me to enter than same info on the next screen. There's no field for color of the item. When I use the outfit picker and click to select using my items, it doesn't always. And if I'm missing something that doesn't exactly match the item type, it picks a random item of the same type to show. I wish when I selected use my items it would actually create outfits based on the items I own and not ever put a generic item in there with it. The daily outfit suggestions use items that I can't even find to create in the catalog. This is definitely a BETA version of the tool. So, not sure if it's currently worth the cost. Maybe give it a year after planed features are rolled out and bugs are worked through.

Hi Rachel, thank you for sharing your feedback! We really appreciate users feedback to help us continue to improve the platform while it's in Beta. Yes, it's an interactive website, although many users refer to it as an app in reviews (it is technically a web app that runs from your browser). We've tried to be clear about what you get when you purchase but will continue to work towards more clarity on the info pages! Some of the details you mentioned do appear to be bugs so we're going to look into that (especially being able to find your items on searches). I'll follow up with you for more info on a couple other things you mentioned to clarify if it's working correctly. We hope you can continue to stick around as bugs are worked out but understand if you want to revisit the platform again a bit later down the road!

Easy To Look Professional

So thankful to have found this guide! I'd tried to do similar planning approaches in the past, but never been able to fully pull off the ideas. I knew when I found the material that it was exactly what I needed, and it's been so much easier to get ready and look nicer for work now that I have it.

Super helpful!

I was really happy with my color analysis, especially with the explanatory video she recorded to explain the rationale behind it. My season wasn’t what I was expecting based on some of the colors I’ve always worn, so it really helped to hear her break down what she saw since she knew I might be surprised by the results.


Best Calendar Ever!
I love this calendar! I can get going in the morning--even with "morning fog!" and leave my house put together.

The Body Shape Cheat Sheet
Andzelika Ciechanowicz

The perfect cheat sheet for womens who want to know the shape of their figure and emphasize it!

Fantastic outfit suggestions!

I was sent an informative amazing chart of outfits on high quality stock. I love it and the ideas!

Looking forward to putting together easy, professional, and comfy outfits!

I am moving into a roll where I get to wear REAL clothes, not just scrubs! This guide is helping me make specific choices after years and years of nothing but maroon scrubs.Thank you!

Great ideas for a simplified wardrobe!

I love these suggestions. They help me to hone down my wardrobe to a place where it's easy to choose what I will wear for the day. And they are comfortable as well!

Refreshed my love of my wardrobe

The YRW guide is an amazing tool that has me looking forward to the next days outfit and it gives me just that little bit of bounce in my step when I creatively adapt an outfit! So much less to think about and an end to the morning 'what do I wear?' overwhelm.

Never Again Will I have Nothing to Wear

Even though my closet was full, I used to have nothing to wear every single day. Now with the Frump Fighters App I throw my outfit on seamlessly. No more trying on 5 outfits. No more frump clothes. I open the app and there is already an outfit complete with shoes, hair accessories, and jewelry all picked out for me based upon the weather! I never wear the same thing twice in a year! I didn't need to go out and buy tons of clothes to make up my warehouse. Corina shows to how to shop your closet! I love this app. I no longer have a closet floor of pieces that I'm trying on each day just to find that 1 cozy, cute outfit. Highly recommend!!

Color Analysis

This was very helpful to confirm my best colors!! I had done the free test but wasn't sure if I was on the right track. The one thing I wish it had was a personalized color palette rather than a pre-made one.

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your review. I wanted to let you know I do personally insure that the colors we suggest for your best colors on the report are tailored to you. We customize it as needed to best match your complexion. Please feel free to reply to your order confirmation if I can answer any follow-up questions for you. - Corina

Virtual Color Analysis Package
Color Analysis

I have debated on doing a color analysis for well over a year. I didn’t think I wanted to spend the money. Finally I took the plunge. It took me a month to have time to get the pics into Corina. She replied well within the timeline she stated and I was blown away that the information included. I still haven’t reviewed it all. It is so helpful to finally know for sure what colors look best on me. I have always just stuck with black and grey because I felt like any color I chose what terrible on me. Turns out they really were. I was buying the wrong color clothes for MY coloring. I will end up saving so much money by buying clothes I love AND I look great in because of buying this product.

Helpful Guide

The year round outfit guide helped me take the guesswork out of getting dressed in a fashionable way. Thanks Frump Fighters!

Beautiful display of outfit inspiration!

I love having the digital version of this calendar, but I cannot imagine not having the hard copy. It’s beautifully printed with clear pictures for loads of daily outfit inspiration. I’ve hung it in my closet for easy reference. Thank you!

Amazing app! 😍😍

I purchased The Year Round Outfit Guide last year and have used it almost daily! While using it I’d wished for an app, and this one knocks it out of the park! It has all of the features I wanted, plus more. The What to Wear feature keeps me from having to flip from Instagram to the book, being able to search by piece allows me to change things up if the daily outfit doesn’t work for me. I can’t wait to add my own pieces and make custom layouts! Great job!!


It's everything I loved about the facebook group plus more that I wished could have been a feature of the fb group.


I have the outfit guide and calendar which are wonderful but I had stopped using because it became too much to figure out during a season of overwhelm.

The app changes everything. It’s so easy to find an outfit I have all the pieces for that matches the weather and my plans for the day. I hesitated on signing up but I’m so glad that I did!

Awesome helper for this busy Momma!

This app is such a huge help for me. I have 3 kids and have been feeling frumpy but wasn’t sure how to change my outlook. This changes everything! It is so awesome to be able to plug in my actual wardrobe and have a guide on how to put it all together. Thank you!

So easy

Enjoying it so far so easy to get dressed in the morning. Glad they have included the southern and northern hemispheres for the challenges.



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