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Feeling more put together is refreshing to my spirit!

It has been an incredibly helpful crash course on fashion that has elevated my personal presentation in a big way. I’ve enjoyed studying the information and classifying my pieces to incorporate them into the many outfit “recipes.” I have added some pieces where I had gaps in my wardrobe and have downsized the unflattering clothes that were past their prime. This book is just what I needed to help me figure out what clothing goes well together. Before this book, I was a T-shirt & jeans kind of girl but now I have so much fun planning my outfits. I have learned quite a bit about myself too.

Very helpful!

This course is wonderful and easy to understand. Making my life fabulous and efficient when putting myself together.

Finally know my season!

I previously printed a copy of the Color Analysis Quiz and promptly gave myself equal marks in three categories. The Virtual Color Analysis Package was just what I needed. Corina responded quickly and with a palette that makes sense and that I look forward to wearing. If you are confused about your color season, then this package is for you!


I love this! Very helpful!

Frump Fighters is Life!

I had a closet full of clothes, but never could put them together and form an outfit, or I was always wearing the same outfit. Enter Frump Fighters! I shopped my closet and will have to pick up some pieces, but it has made a difference in how I feel and how I look. It literally tells you how to wear the clothes and how to adjust. Its the best no thought just pick an outfit and look amazing!

The ultimate guide to dressing cute and feeling comfortable

Corina has clearly envisioned the style challenges faced by many busy moms.
Being a working mother, the outfit formulas defined in the book makes it a no brainer to assemble everyday work from home outfits. Getting ready is no longer a chore! I'm definitely out of the style rut, and can continue to shop my existing closet using the formulas provided for each outfit! Clear descriptions, affordable options and outfit formulas make this a winning guide.

LOVE this book!

There are so many things I love about this book!

As a mom of three active boys I've struggled for years with trying to find a good balance between the practical and "the cute" clothes. I usually end up opting for the practical (and something that'll cover my mom bod) and feeling frumpy.
I feel like this book has SO many PRACTICAL ideas that ARE cute and don't put me in teenager clothes that'll accentuate the parts of me I'm self-conscious about.
Plus, you can incorporate your own style since she gives you the basic concepts, and then you get to see the ideas, and even better, see them on real mom's with REAL bodies!

I also love that she gives ideas for staying at home and going out in the SAME outfit. I'm a homeschool mom and want to feel put together while at home without wearing a thousand layers and feeling overdressed. The ideas in this book with my own tweaks definitely meet that need. I feel better about myself, and honestly I "mom" better when that's the case.

The paper and print quality are excellent, too. I'm so grateful I found this book and the online course!

What to wear outfit calendar 3rd edition

I have been a follower of Frumpfighters and have had the opportunity to use the tools Corina has offered for a few years now. I currently own the Stay at home mom guides( updated and one prior) as well as a child outfit guide for boys. They have been a great help giving confidence and learning to dress with ease. I recently purchased the outfit calendar 3rd ed. I had high hopes for this product as well. I wasn’t disappointed. I agree with many of the others who have bought previously. This product takes out the guess work out of getting dressed each morning, easy to follow, and helps you utilize the clothes that are in your closet. It definitely helps eliminate decision fatigue! That’s huge especially as a mom that has tons of decisions that she needs to make and help her children make each day😉 I’m definitely glad to have this calendar as another tool to help me dress well for myself and for the benefit of my family!

Can't wait to try all the outfits

I am a mom, but my kids are teenagers, and I work from home with lots of WebEx meetings. I am really loving this program, not only for the casual outfits, but for how many are very work-appropriate for my meetings! So far, the seasonal color analysis has been the biggest perk. It has opened my eyes to some not-so-flattering color choices I had hanging in my closet or folded in my dresser drawers. And I've purchased some new basics in much better colors for my skin, eye, and hair tones. I still have a long way to go to build my ultimate capsule wardrobe, but the program has really made it easy for me to hone in on exactly the right pieces to buy, so I am confident I will get there in time. :) Don't hesitate to try this if you're tired of your frumpy look!

It covers everything you need to look great all year!

I was so excited to receive my "What to Wear Outfit Calendar" in the mail. I love having that hard-copy visual to reference! Corina has done a great job updating the calendar. I really like all the outfits laid out for the year by season - no decision fatigue, and I look pulled together with little effort. I like the extra highlight around the weekends to really set these apart. I also love being able to glance at the full week and know what needs to be clean, as well as the ease of packing for a trip just following my calendar. I prefer the monthly view, but she also does a great job on the weekly view, listing more details for each outfit. She has also added in a full list of all the capsule pieces needed for the full month. This is really a comprehensive guide ! I love it.

I can overcome my Frump!

As a Mom of 4 littles I usually wear sweats and sweatshirts, especially during Covid.  But even before Covid thinking about clothes and fashion was something I put on the back burner.  I just had too many things to do.  And not enough time or brain power to tackle the world of clothes.  
After receiving my print calendar, I actually feel like I can move from my sweats and sweatshirts into less “frumpy” outfits without getting overwhelmed by the task.  I am a paper kinda gal, so I really appreciate the hard copy of the calendar with colored pics, clothing descriptions and what to buy or pull out for every season—Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I am excited to purchase clothes for my capsule wardrobe and then be able to mix and match outfits from there.  Thanks for making fashion simple!  


I have already put to good use what I've learned from The Stay-At-Home Mom's Outfit Guide. Purged my closet and draws. The outline and explanation given makes it simple to follow and understand. I already am looking forward to figuring out new outfits and picking up different clothes to finish my capsule wardrobe. NO MORE FRUMP.

Makes my day better everyday

I started cleaning out my closet according to the book and told my husband I wanted to purchase this calendar. His first question of course was how many more clothes are you going to have to buy. NONE! I gave away 3 large bags of clothes and have more outfits then ever!

Great customer service

They really helped me decide which items to purchase. Super excited to dive it! I'm a driver personality and this is a lot of detail for me, but I know it will be well worth it :)

Life changing!

I'm not a young mom. I have been using this calendar after I became disabled. I take the outfit for each day and make it my own. I'm comfortable but stylish at the same time. I didn't know how to do that. Now I look forward to getting my outfit together every evening for the next day and I feel good about myself!

Helps me in the mornings

I love that someone else has made the what to wear decision for me every morning. One less thing for me to decide.

One less worry in the am

This calendar helps me have one less thing to worry about every day. If that days outfit doesn't work for my schedule there is bound to be something else that will work. I love it!

Best Calendar Ever!

I love this calendar! I can get going in the morning--even with "morning fog!" and leave my house put together. I wish a was a style guru but that gene missed me--so I love this calendar to look fashionable!

An absolute must have!

As a busy mom of four who also teaches, this calendar is invaluable! It truly is a must have. I love being able to look at the calendar and basically have my outfit picked out for me. It’s extremely well made and durable. The colors are vibrant and the outfit combinations are perfect. I can’t recommend this calendar enough!!

Just what I needed.

I have been in a wardrobe know lots of yoga pants and sweatshirts. Now I'm excited to start looking good again. And I know I can do it because I have the right tools.

Love it!

What a great course! I am so glad I bought the printed workbook too, nicely bound and beautifully done.

I love it

I recently bought the undated digital version of the calendar, and had it printed locally here in New Zealand. I'm so excited! I love that I now have a quick reference guide for the whole season and it's so visual as well 😊

Love it!

This is the book I've been waiting on and didn't know it! I got the digital and paper copy and an starting to buy some core items for my closet. Literally can't wait to start putting outfits together!

Game Changer!

When I read that this was like a meal plan for clothes, I was in! I have loved seeing a list of pieces I should have and then outfits I can make from the list. I started with he work wardrobe guide, and I’ve now bought the calendar, too. Worth the price for easier mornings!

Love it!

This has changed my entire outlook on clothing and my wardrobe! I love everything about this book and course!



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