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Love it!

I've been very happy with everything so far. The Interactive Platform is so easy to use and i love that i can import my own clothes into it. It keeps track of the pieces I still need so when i go l shopping, I can easily see what I need.

My Daily Thrifting List

I enjoy shopping--both my closet and my thrift store--a little at a time. That's one of the biggest things I love about the What to Wear Daily Calendar--I can look a day or two, or sometimes a week, ahead on the calendar and see if there are any pieces I'm missing, and then hit up my thrift store or my closet for those pieces. The other day, a piece got a stain on it, and I was able to base my OxiClean 5-in1 soak time (which can be up to seven days) on when the next time I was supposed to wear that piece was and set an alarm to wash the item the day before it was next supposed to be worn. The calendar just makes shopping, planning, and dressing so easy!


I've been looking for something like this for years! I'm so happy to have found it. It's really help lift me and feel better during tough times. The app is simple enough and easy to use. Love it!


I love the Color Analysis Package. Knowing the colours that suit you best is really helpful. It gives you more confidence and helps you buy the right clothes. Corine provides a fantastic service and she is always there to help with any queries you have.

Truly surprised!

I ordered the free preview and I have to admit I’m truly surprised at the depth of information and obvious research that has gone into creating this calendar. Wow! It’s wonderful! I missed my chance to purchase at the discounted price. Between work and all I wanted more time to give the preview a good read. But I do plan to purchase the full calendar.

Getting me out of my rut!

I’ve only been using the interactive platform with the women’s essentials and business calendars for three days, but I have been walking into work with more confidence. I’m mixing pieces I already have in my closet that I haven’t worn in a while that appear in the Essentials or Business - this isn’t about going out and spending a bunch of money, if anything it’s the opposite!
Thank you for helping me get out of my rut!

For the times when you don't know where to start!

I live in a small town in Central Europe and for several years I was thinking 'it doesn't matter what I wear as long as I'm comfy and warm enough' as most of my time I spend it in my house/garden. So I didn't buy new clothes till I had at least SOMETHING to put on (e.g. I wasn't going around naked or in PJs).
Then I realized I didn't like how I looked in the mirror and wanted to buy new things but didn't know where to start... We have only supermarkets here, so online would be an option, but there are too many things to choose from, so it wasn't working for me - couldn't decide what to get at all.
So I ordered the Outfit Calendar with the list of items I 'should' own, and started from there. Also visited my sister who lives in a bigger city with more possibilities to shop :-) and we both took advantage of the winter sales.
Now I have nice and comfortable things to put on, know what to choose each day and can get dressed in a matter of minutes each morning. And I do like what I see in the mirror :-)
Great product!
Thank you Corina & Team!

Well worth it!

I had never had my colors done and now I can’t believe I waited so long. Corina’s analysis came in on time and is a simple guide that can be easily followed. I was happily surprised to know what works for me and it was well worth the price and time taking the selfies.

Happy I did this!

I’ve wanted to do color analysis for a long time, glad I finally did it! Corina’s report was clear, useful, and had excellent suggestions. Looking forward to shopping with more confidence in the colors that look best on me!

This is great!

I have been making an effort lately to get dressed in real clothes more often - working from home and having a baby meant I spent the last couple years in sweatpants. This tool makes it easy to find something to wear that looks nice and I already had most of the clothes sitting in my closet. It has helped me out together outfits so I can look put together with minimal time and effort! I feel like a human being again.

Helping on Those Busy Mornings!

I’m really enjoying the interactive app! On those busy mornings, the ability to have instant ideas on how pair the items in my closest is incredibly helpful.

What I've been looking for!

This program is two steps ahead every other clothing app, digital closet, I've used. I've been interested in capsule wardrobes and digital closets for years, but haven't been able to get it together to actually do. Frump Fighters Interactive finally puts all the pieces into place with the right amount of guidance and clear step by step instruction to get me going. I'm loving adding pieces to my digital closet and seeing them show up in the outfit suggestions. It makes it so easy to see what pieces I need to grab from my real closet to wear and what pieces I need to substitute because I don't have them yet. The shopping list for shopping your closet and then using to shop in stores to fill in the gaps in your capsule wardrobe is brilliant. It gives me so much clarity and focus. I am enjoying wearing my clothes in new combinations and feeling cute, well dressed, and ready for my day every day!

Help to de-frump our closets!

I live on a farm and for years (decades, really) I’ve worn my “old clothes” because I never knew what the day might bring. When I needed to wear something nicer, to go to the doctor etc. I was appalled to find I had no nicer clothes. I’ve begun the process of shopping my closet and paring it down. I’m finding things I hadn’t seen in years and I’m able to make outfits with ease. It’s ALL GOOD!

So helpful!

This has been so helpful, and actually reassuring. Back in September I convinced my husband to overhaul his work wardrobe (going from business smart to business casual), and when I compared to the plan I found we were on the right track. But out of work he lives in grubby old T-shirts. This was so useful in trying to convince him to streamline and smarten up a little. Thank you very much!

Great Style Collection

The Women’s Athleisure Style Collection has help me to be comfortable while being stylish!

Really Loving It!

I’m a mom with a full-time job and a husband that works away for weeks at a time. On top of that, I recently started working from home, which meant an endless amount of leggings and hoodie outfits. I didn’t have the time or energy to put into looking put together. But that also meant I didn’t feel put together. Day after day of sitting at a desk at home in frumpy clothes and then showing up at daycare looking like I rarely left the house was depressing. This guide made it so easy to throw an outfit together and feel amazing. Even though I don’t have all the pieces, there’s still plenty of outfits I can make while I build my wardrobe. If you’re struggling to put together daily outfits because you don’t have the time or energy or knowledge (also me). I would recommend this 100%!

Gained new clothing/dressing inspiration

I thought long and hard about buying the guide, I was leaning towards not, but I am glad I did. It has given me a new found inspiration for my wardrobe and shown me how I can better utilise the pieces I already have and where my holes are. I can better plan what I’ll wear without even thinking which is great when I’m so busy in the morning and don’t have time to think.

For my daughter

When my daughter with Down Syndrome saw your physical chart she expressed excitement. She usually needs a visual for understanding new concepts. We will work on independence regarding dressing herself using the chart.

Love the simplicity

I’ve always wanted to have a wardrobe where I use everything and enjoy each piece. But I’ve never known how to get there or where to start. This guide makes it so simple and fun!

Great Shopping Guide

This guide is helping me fill in the wardrobe gaps I need to fill in my closet.

Great purchase!

The Woman's Essentials Style Guide has really helped me to get out of my t-shirt and jeans rut. Getting dressed is fun now! I especially love the photos of real women modeling the different outfits. It's really helpful to see different interpretations. I've been following Frump Fighters for a while and am always very pleased with their products.

Bought basic, quickly upgraded to full program

I loved it so much I purchased the upgrade nearly immediately. What sold me was the calendar feature which allows me to put in my location and have it create a years worth of outfits based on my climate. I also love the ease of adding my clothes to the closest, (the remove background feature works so well), and then be able to easily see what I need to buy and prioritize. I had owned the womens 3rd edition capsule and calendar, but never used them, but now with the Interactive I definitely am!

FF Calendar

I’m just getting started with my Caleb but I think it’s going to be very helpful in choosing outfits. I have lots of clothes but have a hard time building outfits.

Just what I needed

This guide is just what I needed to get out of my what to wear rut. After wearing scrubs for 30 years, this has helped me rediscover my love of fashion! Thank you!

First Week

I am a seasonal capsule wardrobe user, but most of my capsules are very neutral. I like this because it expands out a little bit and allows for switching in some prints or colors of my choice - I use shades of mauve and olive green in addition to the classic neutrals, but this allows me to branch out into "real" colors and prints as well.



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