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Approved cheat sheet

This is a cheat sheet that you won't get in trouble for having :) I have four daughters and this will be a great tool. My oldest daughter already glances at my year round wardrobe manual. Thanks for thinking of the kiddos as well!

Frump Fighters came to the rescue!

My wardrobe has been sorely lacking in order, fashion and uniqueness since I don't know when! Frump Fighters has given me the push I needed to update and organize my wardrobe, and I couldn't be more excited! Thank you :)

So Helpful!

This outfit guide, partnered with the facebook group, has been a wonderful go-to resource for me as I look to declutter and simplify my wardrobe to be one that is practical and yet cute as a busy mama!

Endless Ideas!

I do have a lot of pieces to buy but I love the full-color ideas I can look through. I’m planning out several days at a time which makes mornings so much easier!

What to Wear Calendar Preview - 1 Month + Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Plan

I loved it! I have a lot of the pieces and love that it's so easy to find the pieces I'm missing.

My son loves the outfits

My 7 year old, who previously had a preference for all camo outfits has no branched out using this guide. He likes to pick a shirt or pants that he wants to wear, then see what that the guide suggests he style with it. This has saved me lots of discussions about what does and does not look nice together.

Thank you SO much, Frump Fighters! :)

For the first time in my life, I actually feel in control and excited about what is going on with my wardrobe! I still have a ton of pieces I need to complete my wardrobe, but I couldn't be more excited for it :)

An Absolute Must Have!

I feel like I've just learned a valuable skill and am a better mom on many levels. I'm raising 3 daughters and work from home full time, this guide has given me the confidence I lost after my body changed, my girls get to see me enjoying taking care of myself and being responsible with my money.

Very organized

I'm looking forward to implementing the plan with my wardrobe. Everything is very clearly explained and the visuals of all the outfits are quite useful.

Loving it

I love knowing how to piece together my wardrobe. I struggled in the past. I had lots of nice individual pieces, but not the core pieces to bring it all together. I have now been steadily pulling these together, and now feel like I have loads of options when I look at my wardrobe, instead of feeling like I have nothing to wear!

Loving this!

So far, I'm loving this outfit guide. I've already created several outfits from what I already own. I was so lost on how to put outfits together but this has helped me so much!

Very helpful to complete my wardrobe

I’ve read the ebook and completed some of the worksheet to figure out my style and colors for my wardrobe. This has opened my eyes to different coloring and outfits I never would have thought to put together. Although some of it is confusing on what I purchased versus other courses or supplemental courses. I have overall enjoyed this ebook though!


I thought I could figure out my wardrobe with just the shopping list offered for free, but I realized I still needed guidance. So I purchased the whole outfit guide and it is amazing! I am excited to get dressed every da, my closet isn't overflowing and I look put together! I love that I can still create my own look with my own color palette instead of just looking like everyone else in black and grey. This has really changed the way I understand clothes and fashion!

Great motivator with practical tips!

THANK YOU! I loved Corina's 3-day course/challenge. Lots of overall motivation and inspiration to build the "why" behind getting dressed well each day, as well as lots of practical tips to make it do-able for busy moms. I am inspired!

Super Helpful

I’m starting a full time job after being a SAHM for years. I needed clothes to get me started and had no idea where to start. This guide helps me focus my budget and efforts on pieces that will work together. I’m so glad I found this! Thanks!


Very useful! How can it not be great value when it’s free!!!


Frumpy to Fabulous activates and motivates you to be presentable always because that's how God designed you to approach not only your life but all the other areas of your life. This course guides you to know your personal style that's not only true to you but also timeless!

A great resource for a great price!

I'm so enjoying this outfit guide and can't wait to try the different combinations! This is an excellent resource for a great price. Corina gives you all the information you need to feel cute and put together. Thank you!

Such a great resource!

Thoroughly enjoying this resource. Have only just started going through my wardrobe, but am already being more thoughtful about my outfit choices and getting new ideas on how to piece things together. Love having definitely guidelines on what pieces will add to my options when I am clothes shopping. Thank you!

Love the outfit choices.

I love the outfit choices through the year, this is a great program, includes everything and not all dull and boring outfits!

Just what I needed

This class is great. I never knew to have a lot of neutrals in my wardrobe. I usually buy lots of color so nothing ever matches. which is why i feel like i never have anything to wear. This is really an eye opener. Is it to cliche to say they should teach this at school? Ill be teaching my daughters now that Im learning! it makes so much sense when you read the book. The pictures really help me


I love this outfit guide! I work part time and my children are all in college, but I find that the outfits and capsule items can be easily swapped out for similar items that I can wear to work. It's versatile and makes my mornings so much easier!

Easy to use

I love how you can search outfits based on a specific clothing item. If I want to wear a specific shirt I can easily find what to wear with it.

So glad with my purchase

I’m so glad I decided to purchase this course. I already had the moms wardrobe guide and been a member of the Facebook group so I thought I knew it all! But there was so much information and it really helped me understand fashion and putting together my own wardrobe with peices I actually love. I highly recommend getting the whole e course if you are on the fence! Its something I will have forever to reference from as well, which makes this a five out of five stars and a must buy purchase.

Great service

Despite initial confusion regarding pricing, my issues were quickly resolved along with a lovely bonus for my inconvenience. Thank you



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