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Love this

I’ve always struggled to know what to wear in the past but I love having the outfit suggestions and a list of basics to help me build my wardrobe through each season. I would recommend this to anyone who wants help figuring out how to create a varied capsule wardrobe.

Time Saver AND Makes Me Feel More Creative

I am in a super-weird transition as a stay-at-home mom but going back to work in a part-time setting. I need outfits for a more business-casual setting AND an athleisure setting. So I use both the SAHM guide and the athleisure collection. It has totally made my life much simpler, like I know what "uniform" to wear, BUT I have also worn pieces together that I never would have thought of and have discovered some new favorite outfits. I plan to purchase the kids' guide for my boys' new school year.

Simplifyed my kids wardrobe

My kids were excited to simplify their worrdrobe!

Now I know!

After years of picking clothes & then not wearing them, now I know why! I was choosing colors that made me look drained. After finding out what colors look great & make me "pop", I feel much more confident in shopping & I know I will wear what I buy! It was so easy to do, I would definitely recommend!

Easy and Fun

The Business Style Guide is very easy to read, follow along and will help me get dressed in the morning. This style guide has pictures of each piece of the outfit. Some of the tips help in the description, but it would be helpful to actually see some of the outfits put together on a model. The interactive app does help with this though. More descriptions on the items would be helpful, for example: they suggest 4 solid dressy tops, but I do not know which ones are neutral or not. #2 looks neutral, but I wasn’t 100% sure because it also could be the green from the color palette, however the interactive app did help with this. I love the mini course, that came with purchasing the guide, on choosing and creating your own color palette. The shopping guide was very helpful to find items that I needed except some of links did not work. Overall, I love the style guide because it is helping me learn how to style myself in the morning for work, but there is always room for improvement.

Hi Christina, thank you for your review! We're so glad you're liking this guide. We're excited about how the new upcoming edition will improve on each of these areas. The new edition will be on presale later this month and since you purchased in July/August you'll get that update free! (Look out for more info in your email soon.) The Interactive is definitely the best place to get examples of others wearing the items. Regarding the descriptions on the pieces-- YES we are improving this in the next edition! Another thing that you'll get is an updated Amazon shopping guide which will be included as a bonus. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.


I can’t say enough about The Body Shape Cheat Sheet FINALLY a guide just for me!!! What a relief it is to know what clothes styles fit my body best!! I also liked the idea to take my measurements to help with shopping for clothes I know exactly which size to get based on my own measurements!!!

A clear and fun way to get dresssed

I love that I can use this great guide on my phone and my kindle to create outfits at my finger tips anywhere. I bring clothes shopping.

Clothes for all

I have not used this product fully, yet. At first look I like that it has a plan for every family member, and also it has visual examples that you can use as ideas to create your own look.

Very Helpful

My favorite thing about this is it truly helped me to see where and what the gaps in my wardrobe are. (in my case, too many prints, not enough solids). Then, the calendar makes it so easy to pick out something I know will look good every morning. I feel confident in fashion for the first time in...probably ever!!

Lots of Ideas

I like that it came in 2 parts, I think it will be very useful

The Women's Essential Style Guide (4th Ed.)

Great manual to put together great outfits.

I'm not a mom but I still love this!!

I work from home and previously did all of my college education online, I was the definition of frumpy and I felt it too. I feel so much better and feel more productive just because of how I dress now compared to before.

Perfect for every day!

The calendar is perfect for every day. It allowed me to purge my closet of clothes I never wore and keep only the necessary pieces to make a perfect wardrobe.

This was EXACTLY what I needed!

I have always struggled with style - I joke that Simon Cowell is my fashion icon because he wears the same thing all the time! I am working on moving out of my classroom and into the central office, so I need to upgrade the professionalism of my wardrobe from my daily black jeans. Frump Fighters was EXACTLY what I needed to help me figure this out!

A new look at your wardrobe

Very useful and a ton of great ideas. I dont have to figure out what to wear each day. Helped me build a functional closet.


This is an excellent app, the features and functions are so easy to use and clear. I have adhd and for those of you in a similar position, you'll know the struggles involved in getting out of bed and choosing s decent, stylish, appropriate outfit for the day.
The Frumpfighters app bypasses all of that by establishing a clear daily plan with variations for dressy/casual- warm/cold weather. It is crucial for me as an ADHDer to streamline the number of choices I make daily, especially around more 'mundane' choices and this has been a godsend.

I seriously think this should be marketed to the adhd community, it is an incredibly helpful tool for our overloaded minds.

Thank you Frump Fighters


So helpful! Love having a plan and a shopping list!

Great help

Kiddo can now successfully choose their own outfits

Can't thank you enough, Corina!

I am on Day 2 of wearing outfits of the day to work after purchasing basic access to the Frump Fighters platform and adding the Essentials Style Guide 4th ed. After changing employment sectors, I have really struggled to work out what my wardrobe should look like. Frump Fighters has helped me realise that I no longer need corporate style items and provided me with a whole new look that suits my new role perfectly. I have purchased some new pieces and cleared out items I no longer want/need or simply don't wear, but I can now see the potential in so many items I already own. Using the platform will ultimately save me money, not to mention the STRESS of trying to decide what to wear each day. I simply can't thank you enough, Corina. Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing through Frump Fighters!


I just bought the digital app but found once I tried to access it that I have to now buy a style guide at the price of $60. I read and reread the information for this app and while I saw that it would allow you to import any style guides that you already have, it actually requires me to buy one. I will be requesting a refund. At a cost of $90, I am not interested. The concept seems great, although I was concerned that I would have to subscribe to a monthly service in order to use the features that were advertised for the Beta version that I bought.

Sorry for the confusion, Karen! While any style guides ( that were owned previously do get unlocked when you purchase the Interactive, if you don't already have a style guide you would need to grab one of those as well so that your Closet and Outfits populate based on the capsule/outfits you'd like to use. The Basic features are a one-time cost and the featured marked as 'Premium' on the list would be the ones that require a subscription. This Basic level purchase will give you a 1-month free trial of Premium features so you can give them a try.

We've emailed you a suggestion and hope we can resolve this for you!

What-to-Wear Calendar

I can't wait to try the outfits. I have mostly been wearing sweat pants and t-shirts since Covid started.

This is gonna be great!

I just received my Frump Fighters calendar! I love clothes, but I am challenged by how to combine the pieces I love. This calendar already shows me how to think outside the box!


I just bought this calendar this week but I am already loving it and so excited to wear MY clothes again with these different options and I’ve always considered myself pretty fashionable but I am loving this wow!

Calendar review

Love the calendar. Helps me tremendously!

Best closet app ever

I really love the app for building up my capsule wardrobe and finding some cute outfits with no efforts.



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