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The Perfect Booster for the Year Round Outfit Guide

Even though I have the full Outfit Guide and feel like it has been incredibly helpful, I always felt stressed at the thought of actually narrowing down a palette and sticking with only a specific set of colors. The Starter Style Kit helped so much! I sat down on a rare afternoon where my kids were actually playing well together and finalized a palette that I love! I just went shopping with it this weekend, and didn't have any trouble saying no to things because they weren't in my palette. In fact, it made decisions so much easier and I have zero regrets after my very productive shopping day!

Easy to Use

This takes all the guesswork out which is fantastic for someone like me who isn't intuitively stylish

I now have a plan!

I returned to work a few years ago but have been wearing the same clothes ever since. I needed a plan to change. And now I have one! Going through my wardrobe, thinking through my colour scheme - it has been so fun and filled with hope. I feel like I am becoming more "me" and less the person who didn't know what to wear. Now I see colour differently. I see clothes as exciting. I have a shopping list for when the budget allows. I'm excited!

Save money and boost your confidence.

Love this as a wardrobe planner. It takes the hassle out of wondering what to wear or always wearing the same clothes and I'm now wearing clothes I've had at the back of my wardrobe. I feel more confident going out of the house - love the way the planner provides all the extra touches.


My calendar is amazingly helpful. It helps with wardrobe choices and frees up some time so I can have a little “me” time.

FUN !!

I got the colour analysis for fun and I am so glad I did . I needed something to follow when I buy cloths , I’ve never been able to figure out my good colours , until now ! Thank you Corina !

Excellent. Encouraging. Confidence building

I am being thrilled to have found this book. I use it daily after rebuilding my wardrobe. I've shared it with others and an rebuilding my families wardrobe too.

So motivating!

This has motivated me to fight the frump! I hear those words in my head when I get ready to dress and go anywhere.

Fabulous guide to getting your closet in order!

This book has completely changed my wardrobe and my attitude to my clothes/look and really boosted my confidence. I look forward to getting dressed these days. 😃

This is a Game Changer!

When I started buying clothes for my kids, I had no idea how to coordinate things so that everything worked together. Now, they have OUTFITS! And I have a clear cut shopping list and the formulas I need to keep getting them dressed for every season! I am so, so happy with this purchase, it has made my life so much easier!

Practical & Easy

I have been a part of the Frump Fighters community for a number of years now and this is the first year I purchased the year round guide, mini courses and calendar. I could not be happier with my purchase. Frump Fighters does a fantastic job of making the outfits easy to use and customizable for your climate. I will be recommending the guide to friends and family for sure. I really appreciate the little touches like the different ways to alter a shirt to give more variety and extend the capsule wardrobe even further. Bravo Frump Fighters. This is a easy guide to use for anyone and I am looking forward to many years of cute, mommy style.

Life Changing!

My tween daughter had a growth spurt recently and outgrew just about all of her clothes. It was the perfect opportunity to restock her wardrobe in a more thoughtful, intentional and economical way. We have had fun picking out spring and summer pieces that she loves and that will work within the plan! My closet is next!

Frump Fighters is Life!

This has change my confidence in what I wear and with shopping to find what I need.

Best Calendar!

I was hesitant to purchase the outfit calendar because I'm a frugal lady and I know I'm capable of putting outfits together...but let me tell you how EASY it makes getting dressed each day! I used to take so much time to put outfits together, and even after five days of using the outfit calendar, I'm using more pieces from my closet than I've used in months. It's helping me stretch my creativity and with two little ones running around, it lets me focus on what's most important to me instead of spending time picking an outfit. Plus, I feel like I have some guidance for what pieces to purchase to make my closet more useful (instead of ANOTHER neutral sweater because "it'll go with everything.") Definitely worth it!

Great analysis

The analysis provided helped me so much. The colors I gravitate towards are indeed good colors for me, and it helped me realize why I don't feel great in other colors and avoid them.

take the guesswork out of getting dressed!

Easy to use book with links to all the clothes. The outfits are cute and stylish! I love the lists for creating the wardrobe and all the pictures of the different outfits.

So good, so worth the price and time.

This is a very thorough guide offering advice on color and style and then showing exactly how to implement both. The capsule part is so well thought out, even providing shopping links and styling tips for individual pieces. While I can put a top and bottom together on my own, Corina’s suggestions of accessories and extra touches are going to up my game considerably.

Worth the Price, and More!

I have really loved using this outfit guide. I am a homeschooling mom of 11 and so don't have much time to myself or for myself. I have never felt confident in fashion or shopping for clothes, etc. Thus, I have simply picked up a shirt I thought was cute here and then whenever I needed something new, but without much thought about how I could even use it. Last year, I was introduced to Dressing Your Truth by my sister. After that, I felt that at least I new what types of clohtes I could wear. I bought quite a few pieces but then realized I didn't know how to put them together to look good. As I began looking at outfit ideas I stumbled across Frump Fighters and decided that this system would be the element that would help me put all my new knowledge to work for me. Boy, was I right! This system has helped me weed through my old clothes and learn how to take the pieces I love and I now know look good on me to good use. As a very busy mom I need to be able to get dresssd in the morning without taking much time to decide what to wear. I also know what to look for as I'm shopping so I can fill in with pieces that will be useful. I would highly recommed this resource!

Virtual Color Analysis

What a great product! Corina makes it so easy to send the information in for the color analysis and I received the results very quickly. I now have confidence in planning a wardrobe in colors that best suit me.

Feeling more put together is refreshing to my spirit!

It has been an incredibly helpful crash course on fashion that has elevated my personal presentation in a big way. I’ve enjoyed studying the information and classifying my pieces to incorporate them into the many outfit “recipes.” I have added some pieces where I had gaps in my wardrobe and have downsized the unflattering clothes that were past their prime. This book is just what I needed to help me figure out what clothing goes well together. Before this book, I was a T-shirt & jeans kind of girl but now I have so much fun planning my outfits. I have learned quite a bit about myself too.

Very helpful!

This course is wonderful and easy to understand. Making my life fabulous and efficient when putting myself together.

Finally know my season!

I previously printed a copy of the Color Analysis Quiz and promptly gave myself equal marks in three categories. The Virtual Color Analysis Package was just what I needed. Corina responded quickly and with a palette that makes sense and that I look forward to wearing. If you are confused about your color season, then this package is for you!


I love this! Very helpful!

Frump Fighters is Life!

I had a closet full of clothes, but never could put them together and form an outfit, or I was always wearing the same outfit. Enter Frump Fighters! I shopped my closet and will have to pick up some pieces, but it has made a difference in how I feel and how I look. It literally tells you how to wear the clothes and how to adjust. Its the best no thought just pick an outfit and look amazing!

The ultimate guide to dressing cute and feeling comfortable

Corina has clearly envisioned the style challenges faced by many busy moms.
Being a working mother, the outfit formulas defined in the book makes it a no brainer to assemble everyday work from home outfits. Getting ready is no longer a chore! I'm definitely out of the style rut, and can continue to shop my existing closet using the formulas provided for each outfit! Clear descriptions, affordable options and outfit formulas make this a winning guide.



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