What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar Preview - 1 Month + Basics Wardrobe Plan for Moms

What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar Preview - 1 Month + Basics Wardrobe Plan for Moms

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Note: This is a FREE preview of the 12-Month What to Wear Outfit Calendar and Women's Essentials Style Guide. Enjoy!

Do you wish you knew how to dress a little more like a chic mom without spending a bunch of money on new clothes all the time?

Good news... ever since starting a blog to figure out how to dress better AS A MOM OF FOUR LITTLES I've discovered an easy (and budget-friendly) solution!

And I put it into a pretty printable plan for all of us moms to benefit.

You can quickly refresh your wardrobe and discover chic, comfy outfits to wear every day with this wardrobe checklist and calendar of outfit ideas!

Feeling like a frumpy, unstylish mom is a thing of the past! If I could refresh my boring, outdated style...YOU CAN TOO!

Download the FREE wardrobe plan + outfits calendar preview today to get started!

You'll get:

  • An example month from the outfits calendar printable to get fresh inspiration on what to wear each day. 
  • Wardrobe checklist to help refresh your mom wardrobe starting with what you already own.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 193 reviews
    sherry s. (Little Rock, US)

    Haven’t received it yet

    Kim T. (Chatham, GB)
    Fantastic idea

    I could have done with having this in my life forty years ago. I’m loving it. It makes getting dressed so easy. Brilliant.

    E.C. (Mechanicsville, US)
    Well rounded and comprehensive!

    Easily accessible, convenient to reference, and loads of options! I wanted to add that even though I had some technical difficulties, Corina and the team managed to get it sorted without question. :) I'm looking forward to learning more about what suits me. c:

    Carson S. (Bedford, US)
    Loving my new wardrobe!

    I had seen Corina's frump fighters resources in my socal media feed for years but was not interested because I didn't think it was my style. Now that I'm a mother of 2 and it popped up again on my screen I was very interested as life has gotten busy and being stylish has gone to the back burner. I was at the point of grabbing the first thing that was clean out of my closet and throwing it on and moving on with my day. I was feeling frumpy and became the unfashionable mom I said I would never be. Corina's fashion calender has changed that. The what to wear decision is done for me each day. I feel super cute and I look forward to each day to find out what my next outfit will be. Also when before I was turned off thinking this was not my clothing style, I found that FF makes it that I can use my own style and also encourages me to try new things. Thank you so much Corina for this great resource! I'm excited again about my wardrobe.

    Judy C. (Mablethorpe, GB)
    Frump Fighters 5th Edition

    Great to see that this updates my wardrobe when I'm ready to update, and gives me new ideas for the future. It still means that I can get up and get dressed without having to rake through my whole wardrobe to decide what to wear

    Danielle V. (Brainerd, US)
    Great investment

    I love that I don't have to think about what I'm going to wear my outfit is already planned for me leaving me time and brain space to worry about other things.

    Rachel D.
    Makes things so easy

    I loved the calendar preview. Makes it so easy to get dressed and I’m excited to use it as I slowly update my wardrobe. Feeling much more confident building a wardrobe that I will love for a long time.

    Customer (Mexico, US)
    Great way to have low hassle mornings!

    This is a great tool to look put together every morning without the hassle of figuring out what to wear! Great for full time Moms, especially when you’re fighting depression.

    Jeanette G. (Patterson, US)

    Love it !!!!

    NearChicago (Lake Bluff, US)
    Truly surprised!

    I ordered the free preview and I have to admit I’m truly surprised at the depth of information and obvious research that has gone into creating this calendar. Wow! It’s wonderful! I missed my chance to purchase at the discounted price. Between work and all I wanted more time to give the preview a good read. But I do plan to purchase the full calendar.



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