What to Wear Calendar Preview - 1 Month + Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Plan

What to Wear Calendar Preview - 1 Month + Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Plan

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Note: This is a FREE preview of my What to Wear 12-Month Calendar and Stay-at-Home Year-Round Mom Outfit Guide. Enjoy!

Do you wish you knew how to dress a little more like a chic mom without spending a bunch of money on new clothes all the time?

Good news... ever since starting a blog to figure out how to dress better AS A MOM OF THREE LITTLES I've discovered an easy (and budget-friendly) solution!

And I put it into a pretty printable plan for all of us moms to benefit.

You can quickly refresh your wardrobe and discover chic, comfy outfits to wear every day with this wardrobe checklist and calendar of outfit ideas!

Feeling like a frumpy, unstylish mom is a thing of the past! If I could refresh my boring, outdated style...YOU CAN TOO!

Download the FREE wardrobe plan + outfits calendar preview today to get started!

You'll get:

  • This month's outfits calendar printable to get fresh inspiration on what to wear each day.
  • Wardrobe checklist to help refresh your mom wardrobe starting with what you already own.

    Customer Reviews

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    Outfit Calendar

    I love the outfit calendar because it saves me so much time and helps me easily put the guide to use. I also love that I can clearly see what pieces from the guide I may still be missing. I highly recommend!

    Great Preview!

    This was a great preview of what the service includes and is very helpful even on its own!

    Great ideas and easy to use!

    The outfit ideas work perfectly for staying at home and going out and it is easy to use!

    Simply great!

    I’ve owned this STAHM guide for a couple years now and it’s truly changed my whole morning routine. I can get out the door quicker and with more confidence knowing I look put together.

    Just what I needed!

    I've been looking for something like this for a long time! Something to tell me what to wear and how to be stylish because I've been lacking that for awhile. So excited for this!! 🎉

    Less clothes, More outfits.

    This wardrobe plan helped me get rid of a lot of things I should've already discarded: didn't fit quite right, irreparably stained or torn. Then, using the calendar preview, I could find several NEW outfits from things I already owned! When I did go shopping, I felt more confident that I would actually wear what I bought. So helpful!

    Major closet clean out!

    I used this guide to get rid of so many unnecessary things hanging out in my closet! It clutters the mind and you will feel like you have nothing to wear because you are overwhelmed. Corina is truly amazing.



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