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Easy Fashion Makeover for Every Lifestage

This was the best thing I never knew existed that I never knew I needed. I became a Mother at a young age which meant I became a grandmother at a young age so I’ve always found it challenging to balance my wardrobe with my taste and my life stage. I wanted clothes that looked cute but were also practical and most importantly, comfortable while chasing after kiddos and managing household duties. In my later years when I started working outside the home I found myself struggling to meld “Mom” and “Professional” without having two entirely separate closets. Then suddenly last year, I became very ill which resulted in disability rendering me unable to work and I’m no longer able to drive. This means all my shopping trips on a one income budget have to count! Finding the Frump Fighter capsule method saved the day. I’m able to feel peace getting rid of items that don’t suit the overall theme by donating or tossing them out if they’re too worn and from there I have the foundation to work from. When I find a hole in my wardrobe with a missing piece I have a shopping list ready to go which takes the pressure off of me to not impulse buy or buy something I already own. It’s still a work in progress but one I’m certainly enjoying! Thank you Frump Fighters!

Feeling both put together and comfortable

I love wearing loungewear and athleisure but often feel underdressed and sloppy. It's important to me to feel comfortable and more often than not I choose comfort over style. Now I can have both, it IS possible to run errands or even go to work in loungewear and look stylish and put together. Very happy with this style guide, thank you Frump Fighters!


This is by far the best thing I've bought this year. I really enjoyed purging my closet, I found so many clothes I didn't know I had and I didn't even throw out that much. Now I have an overview, everything is nice and tidy and I pick out outfits in minutes instead of pulling out half the wardrobe and then throwing it back inside in complete disarray. I've been using the Outfit Calendar for little over a month and almost every day worn a piece of clothing I haven't worn in years, not to mention all the necklaces and earrings of some of which I've never worn! I do have some gaps in my capsule wardrobe but I don't feel a need to fill them immediately, I'll buy when something that feels right comes along and pieces/styles that don't feel right for me I'll just omit. And laundry, I've never had this little laundry! I simply air and brush the clothes and put them back in the closet until I've used an item so many times it needs to be washed (which hasn't happened yet because nothing has been worn more than 2-3 times). I highly recommend the Outfit Calendar to anyone who finds it difficult putting nicelooking outfits together or who opens their closet every morning and feel they have nothing to wear. It makes getting dressed both easier and more fun!


So many outfit ideas for Spring! Use some pieces that you already have in your closet to make sooooo many more outfits than you have currently been wearing! So great for moms on a budget!


as a frequent Amazon shopper, I love how everything is pulled together in one store. I add items to my cart and order, how simple? check it out . you won't be sorry.

No more frumpy mamma here!

This is definitely the thing you didn’t know you needed! I stumbled upon the Frump Fighters website and an so glad I did! As a WFH mom of three I was feeling stuck wearing the same things but continually buying more clothes. Having used the principles in Frump Fighters I’m already feeling more put together using clothes sitting in my closet. I’m not trying on 20 different things anymore. The interactive calendar really does make dressing a breeze! I love how well thought out the site is including links to accessible and affordable pieces that are in the outfit examples! And, my hubby is loving that I’m actually weeding out my overgrown closet instead of trying to stuff in more. It’s a win-win over here!

What I needed!

I have a mom friend who recommended this to me - she always looked so cute and put together! I didn't think there could be a "program" that could tell you how to dress and even though I'm still in the process of setting up, I'm already applying concepts and it's making me feel more put together and more organized in my closet AND in my shopping! It's a win all around.

Very helpful

Just a week after purchasing and I already feel better about my look. Using items from my closet that have just been sitting there forever. Just a few suggestions and ideas make a change that is fun. I was just really in a rut of only wear the same things over and over

Dressing just got so much easier

I am enjoying the calendar, no guess work anymore. Worth every penny. Thank you for making us look goid.

The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)

Total Game Changer!

For years, I have been struggling with answering the question “what am I going to wear today?” I had a huge number of pieces in my closet, but found I wore the same old things week after week. This system has changed that! By identifying essential pieces and learning how to put them together in the “formulas” I have transformed my style literally overnight. This is exactly what I needed! Give it a try. You will not be disappointed!

More useful than you know!

I started with just the calendar and am working my way thru purging and buying missing items. It's great to get the extra descriptions and pictures to help purchase the best piece!

Didn’t Know I needed This!

I didn’t realize how helpful it would be have something tell me what to wear each day. I was definitely in a rut and this app has helped me enjoy my closet again!

You can learn new tricks

I am loving all this information. It’s easy to use and so many things to learn!

Easier than I thought!!

The format is actually very simple to use. I love that I can add multiple versions of the same style that I own and rotate that through the outfits. It really has helped me finally feel less 'frumpy' as a busy work-from-home single mama!

Love All Things Frump Fighter!

I have the style guide book, yearly calendar, and interactive platform and I have really enjoyed everything! The style guide really helped me to get a grasp on how to start the process and get a color pallet setup and now the interactive makes it so easy to plan out my outfit for the day and use as a guide when I’m out shopping for new pieces. I am feeling more confident and stylish in terms of my outfits and am having fun working towards acquiring pieces for the wardrobe. I highly recommend all things Frump Fighters!

All in one wardrobe fun!

Love this online platform teaching moms to dress fashionably! I watched Corina from Get Organized HQ and have been researching her fashion blog and ordering her products and watching her videos, freebies and all! And it’s been so much fun! I have one daughter who is 2 years old and I am hoping to have more children soon. BUT the FRUMPY MONSTER has visited my closet more times than I want to count! Seeing Corina as a fashionable mom of four helps me to see the big picture and that it’s a good thing to start now. Hoping my next God-willing pregnancy is beautiful on the inside and out! Thanks to the team of Frumpy Fighters!

So worth it! Loved the experience

I loved the experience though I was certainly shocked. I always gravitated forwards the colors but always thought I was warm not cool.

Great for my daughter!

I bought the cheat sheets for girls and boys because I have one of each. My son is only four, with sensory issues so it may not work for him with a lot of different materials. But we can try. My nine year old daughter on the other hand is super excited to learn how to style her own outfits thanks to this cheat sheet guide!

Awesome Product

I love the style kit and the calendar. It has helped make getting dressed so much easier, and I'm amazed at the combinations I can make now!

Easy to use app

I bought the year outfit guide and the calendar a few years ago and only used it occasionally. This app is so easy to use! I really enjoy seeing the ootd worn by women on the app giving so many more ideas as to how to wear the outfit.

What to Wear Each Day

I find the What to Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.) very helpful to get dressed in the mornings. I also know I have some clothes that I need to buy to complete some outfits that I don’t have.

Such a great starting point!

I am completely inexperienced and overwhelmed with wardrobe updates, and this Starter Style kit is SO helpful. It gives you the basics and a great beginner guide on items to shop for, without feeling like you need to throw out all your clothes or spend $$$$$ on a wardrobe overhaul. So helpful!

Just What I Was Looking For

Returning to work after more than 10 years as a SAHM. This guide was just the jump start I needed to build up my professional wardrobe. I appreciate that the items that overlapped with the casual guide were highlighted.

Everything I need each day

What an amazing tool! Everything you need at a glance. I set up a shortcut on my phone and I’m one click I have a super cute outfit suggestions. No more staring at my closet wondering what to wear.



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