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I needed an adult!

I have ADHD and have been working to automate my day as much as possible to reduce overwhelm. Frump Fighters has helped me get dressed everyday without it taking any mental bandwidth. I’ve also found that getting dressed helps my brain get into “go-mode.”
I was worried about getting nice clothes dirty, but I just pop my apron on when I go out to feed my livestock and everything stays nice and clean! I fact, I’m doing LESS laundry because I’m not getting my good jeans mucky anymore, hah!

Streamlined Shopping & Wardrobes That Work Well

Very pleased that I got this Family Bundle (together with the Premium Frump Fighters Interactive App). It makes putting together outfits easier, and will streamline our shopping.

Easy To Navigate Yet Comprehensive

This was easy to get started with, yet will grow with me over time. I like that it is so comprehensive. Since I bought the Family Wardrobes, it could eventually make shopping easier for the whole family.

Makes life so much easier!

I’ve only been using for a few weeks, and I have received so many compliments on my outfits already. The best part is that it is mostly things I already owned, just styled in a different way.

Great tool for using what you already have!

This helps me utilize all the pieces in my closet. I never knew the endless possibilities I have now!

This has helped me love fashion again!

As a young girl, I loved clothes and make up and doing my hair. Once I had children, my body was unrecognisable, and I wasn't sure how to dress it anymore. I've just had my fourth baby, and I decided it was time to take the plunge and buy the Frump Fighters book. I'm so glad I did! Shopping for clothes has been fun again, and knowing I can look put together with little effort is such a relief to this worn out mama! Thank you Corina!

Self care plan for busy moms/ grandmas

This is a great planner, very easy to use and plan. Clear and well laid out thank you.

It’s like Granimals- for adults

I have so many business wear items but didn’t know how to put them together. This book helps me utilize what I already have.

I finally understand why my closet is full of clothes and yet, "I have nothing to wear". Can you you relate? After following the steps to clean out my closet, and going through the checklist of essential pieces, I finally got it. I had multiple pieces of the same type of garments. Pieces that couldn't be match by color nor style. I can't wait to finish the inventory on my clothes and start using the calendar of outfits. This book is practical, easy to follow, and beautifully illustrated.

Great tool!

I love this resource! It was packed with information and I have learned a lot about colors and what pieces to add to look more put together. Surprisingly, I already had many of the pieces in my closet. But now I have a targeted list of what I need to supplement for the future.

It came super fast too. I had the physical product within 4 days of purchasing!

I found it to be of very high quality. I love that it is undated and is available as both a digital and physical product. It takes all the guess work out of getting dressed. It has sped up my morning routine.

I'm excited that I can use it as a packing list for my upcoming trip too.

Worth every penny

I found this to be very helpful! It really opened my eyes to why some clothes fit better than others in my closet. There really is an emotional connection to the fit of our clothes and our personal satisfaction and mood.

This guide enabled me to go shopping with confidence. I had specific features to look for that would be flattering for my body shape. Shopping no longer felt like a shot in the dark.
I look forward to using this with my teenage daughters in the future.

Encouraging and Helpful

I used this course material to plan faster mornings. Course is very thorough & presented in a way that encourages immediate action. Very happy with this purchase.

Surprisingly useful

I actually bought this when my hubby and I were arguing and I was tired of unflattering comments about what I was wearing! This gave me the courage to get a couple shirts that fit my current size with our stressful life situation and my extra lbs from my last pregnancy instead of hoping I’ll magically reverse sizes. I already feel substantially better about myself and am really grateful to not be tugging my shirts down all the time to cover my tummy that doesn’t really fit into a medium anymore. I’ve started using the outfits that fit with what I already have clothing wise. Surprisingly, I have a lot already that work and I really appreciate the reminders to put on a pair of earrings and get a non broken purse so I’m not juggling diapers, wipes, wallet, phone, keys, and snack every time I go out. I definitely appreciate all the time and effort Corina has put into this and am looking forward to sending my sisters and sister in law this way.


This has a very comprehensive list of items and I appreciate all of the thought that went into it. I do think the fashion side of things could be more classic as some of the items were trendy and are now kinda “out”.

Virtual color analysis WIN

I always felt unsure of which colors looked right on me and guessed wrong on the quizzes I took. I’m so glad I purchased this product because now I can make clothing purchases with a lot more confidence and a lot less second guessing.

Athlesiure success

I struggled with my clothes not fitting post partum but was also too overwhelmed to tackle the full style guide. This was just right as a place to start. I have been rocking preschool pick ups with my 6 week old in tow.

Love this collection

This is such a help in organizing my wardrobe!

Game Changer!!

I have never been very good at being fashionable, I am very much a plain jane when it comes to clothing and have always bought at the cheapest stores. I live in South Africa and don't have access to half the outlets suggested however, this program is so adaptable worldwide, the clothing items are simple, the style is current & fashionable, and I have finally got more of an understanding of what to buy and what colours, I may still buy more than one of the same item. But I have so much more direction. I have only implemented a few things and already getting complements with my styling of my clothes.

I feel more confident getting dressed in the morning, even as a working mom. THANK you so much for this program! Can't wait to get the calendar when I have sorted out my wardrobe.


As a work from home mom, it can be tough to be motivated to actually get dressed for the day. But with this app, my decisions on what to wear are already done for me. It’s really fantastic.

I love getting ready now!

So easy to use, fun and helpful. I struggled with the decision on what to wear for the day. This app makes that for me. And I know my outfit would look great. Saves me time and energy, makes me feel good about myself too. Thank you for creating this app. It has been a lifesaver!


Great way to help my 7 yo daughter to get dressed for school. The pictures really help her. It also save a lot of time during the morning rush to school.

Teacher love!

As a teacher, I love this! I stumbled upon Frump fighters by accident on Facebook one day. No more thinking about what to wear and how to pair it. I had almost all of the pieces in my closet, but no idea how to pair them up. I always walked around wondering how other teachers could look cute everyday no matter what they wore. I am not good at fashion. Now I am. I look and feel cute everyday! The best part, I look at the calendar and it tells me what to wear. No more standing in front of my clothes staring blankly telling myself I have nothing to wear.

So easy to use

I love how I am now able to make the best use of the clothes that I own. I realised how I was just buying the same thing over and over again, whereas now I have the confidence to buy and try different combinations and it works. I love the calendar feature and the closet features which allows me to tick off the items as I purchase them. Thank you so much for making my life more varied but at the same time easier.

This app is awesome!!

So I have been doing frump fighters loosely for about 2 years. I have Womens Essentials and the Calendar, but I have mostly just used it to organize my closet and I'm working on (about 80% there) getting everything to coordinate. I was using another app to put all my clothes in and I was creating all the Essentials outfits on it by hand, I'm so glad to have the app so I don't have to finish that task! It was a huge job and with this app it is SO easy! I had it all done in one evening! I am also now using the outfit calendar/outfit of the day most days. It is so handy to have everything in one place. I'm loving the convenience and quick availability it allows. Thank you for all you have done for me and my wardrobe!

Love Frump Fighters

I am so thankful I found frump fighters! I was struggling with how to put outfits together to be more stylish and what color were the best on me. I don’t like extra brain work and frump fighters takes the guessing out of things. I am now working on building my wardrobe and know exactly what I am looking for while shopping; it makes it so easy. I also know that I’m buying items that I will actually use in outfits and not just picking something random off the rack that doesn’t mix and match with the rest of my clothes. Frump Fighters is awesome and am loving it so far!



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