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Easy Peasy

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! I hate getting up in the morning and have to make decisions on what to wear and will it look put together or like I dressed in the dark without having to open my computer or phone. If you cant' tell, I am not a morning person. The hard copy of the outfit guide sits open on top of my dresser. With a glance, I can pick the outfit and pull the pieces necessary. Voila! 5 minutes and done with no decisions before coffee.

Life saver

...or at least a sanity saver

Excellent Course

I am happy I found this program. It is designed to help anyone who wants to gain control of their wardrobe and enjoy using it.


Super helpful. Truly saved time and made getting ready so much less stressful.

Very helpful!

I received the Outfit Guide for Moms and it was very helpful! I have a full-time job and found the guide saves me a lot of time in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. I had so many of the basic pieces already but just wasn’t sure about putting certain looks together. The guide has come through for this purpose over and over again! I recommend this book for anyone looking for help with styling outfits because all the hard work has already been done for you!

Loving the girl's guide!

I bought this guide for my daughter for Christmas and we are having so much fun going through her closet and putting together outfits! Highly highly recommend!

Love my style guide

This has really simplified my life. I look at the guide and calendar and don’t have have to think what I am going to wear. I pull the clothes on the first to the front of the closet and then only wear those. Love it.

So helpful

Such a helpful printable to finally figure out what shape I am and to help me dress better and fight the frump. A great companion to the outfit guides. Makes shopping so much easier!

excited about my new find

I got the book with all the clothes combinations. I'm not creative and I have trouble visioning. I love how this takes the guess work out and gives me ideas of things from my closet I can put together to look cute!

Great way to get organized!

I no longer stress about what to wear and what to pair with each item in my closet.

Already saved money!

I have barely started using the guide, but I’ve already saved money by not buying random shirts that I would have otherwise purchased. And in the short time I’ve been using the Frump Fighters system, I have tried a couple new and exciting outfits using clothes I already owned. Corina is a real, regular, down to earth mom and she’s created a product that is accessible and attainable for other real moms like me 😊

Great guide

I love the layout of this book! As someone that is a visual-learner, this just makes sense. It helps me to simplify the process of putting together outfits by giving the basic outline & allowing me to incorporate my own pieces into the formula.

I love the fit guide

The outfit suggestions and wardrobe list are great, but I really love the portion that gives fit advice. Even with great clothing style choices, if the fit isn't right it ruins everything.

Great, but shopping guide needs work

I love having this document to refer to. I know my best colours now and I can finally shop with purpose and feel better about what I wear. But I do wish the shopping guide worked better, it seems like it would be such a handy tool but it doesn't function well so it's cumbersome and not very useful in the end.

Hello Ashley, thank you for your feedback! We appreciate hearing from our customers. What are the issues you are having with the shopping guide? We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. That gives the best experience for Shopping Guide usage!
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Helpful product

The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar is very helpful to use when getting dressed in the morning. I love being able to see the pictures for the whole month so I can switch days as needed.

The Year-Round Business Style Guide for Moms

Very helpful. I love the outfit generator


Feeling very thankful for my calendars to help me get organized each week in outfit choices.

Amazing resource!

I absolutely love having my outfit guide book! Having everything I need in my hands to change my wardrobe feels so wonderful! I love how everything is laid out in the book. It is very easy to follow and it’s made this process so much simpler than I thought it would be. I can’t imagine not having the book now!

Love it!

I'm a working mom and frump fighters had helped me get myself organized, reduced my getting ready time in the morning, and helps me feel great about myself!

So helpful

I'm thankful for this calendar. As a busy mom, it is helpful to have one less thing that I need to spend time on.

Love it

I love the calendar for 2 main reasons:
1 - great ideas to choose from based on weather and situation, less decision making in the morning
2 - hugely helps to see gaps in wardrobe, helps make shopping more intentional

One weird thing for me in this calendar is choice of footwear in winter - I am jealous of your climate if you can wear flats in December :)

Time saver

I love having this calendar in the morning, I don’t even have to think about what to wear when trying to get everyone out the door!


I love the guide! I've already saved money by using pieces I already have in my wardrobe to create new outfits! totally worth the investment.

So incredibly helpful

I am so grateful for this guide. It has helped take the guess work out of getting ready for any event. There are weekend options that’s are dressier and weekday options for casual school pick ups. I always feel put together and cute. Thank you so much for developing such a simple, awesome product!

Best got better

I prefer the printed outfit calendar over the digital copy, and I thought I loved last years but the new updates blow it out of the water. I had a really bad habit of using the “staples” of the outfit and then winging it because I didn’t want to take the time to search through the book and find the exact accessories (which lead to many repeats). The new update makes each day so clear! I chose to laminate mine (homeschool mom move for sure) and poster tack the page I need to my closet door! I make notes or check marks with a dry erase marker. Amazing improvement on an already impressive product!



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