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Amazing Update

I've been eagerly looking forward to this update for a while, and can't wait to incorporate the changes. Awesome product, happily spent money.

Excellent Resource

As a plus size woman I find the shopping links to be lacking, however ever other part of frump fighters has been absolutely marvelous!

Works great with Marie Kondo Philosophy

I am working my way through the information in the Guide and on the website, but I immediately noticed how nicely it fit with the work I had done last year on organizing my closet using the Marie Kondo/Spark Joy method.

Using the Guide will give me the added benefit of reducing some decision fatigue and help shape any future purchases. Great investment!!!

Love it!

For the first time in my 40 years, after following the guide, I feel like I have a wardrobe of clothes I actually wear!  I love that accessories/shoes/etc are laid out, and I now always feel styled and “put-together.”  It did take a little while to get all the pieces together, but now that I have, it’s so easy to get ready every day. I never have a feeling of having nothing to wear. And I get many compliments on how I’m dressed. Love it!

Helpful resource!

The body shape cheat sheet has really helped me apply today's fashion to my pear shaped body. I know which pieces to swap out on the capsule wardrobe which are more flattering (like swapping out skinny jeans for straight leg jeans) and I'm avoiding making expensive fashion mistakes! Highly recommend!

Pre-Order was a no brainer

I greatly appreciate the simplicity of the second edition, so it was a no brainer to pre-order the third edition at a discount. I look forward to receiving the new one.

Life saver!

This program is a life saver! I’ve have gone from a jeans and t-shirt, life long typical tomboy without a hope to a somewhat put together feminine woman who actually doesn’t look like they rolled out of bed and out the door! It’s easy to follow and actually makes clothing fun! I’m not where I want to be yet, but I know with this program, I will get there! Highly recommend this so much!

So Much Content!

It's truly impressive all of the content provided--and it's all stuff that I've been trying to compile myself for a few years! Now I have everything I need all in one place. Usually when I start the quest to make a capsule wardrobe I psych myself out with over thinking everything and worrying about missing something. Well, I've got it all now! Can't wait to finish the course.

Can't wait for the New Year!!

Excited about my pre-purchase of the 2020 What to Wear Calendar! It was great to receive the current version with my purchase so I don't need to wait to get started!

One less decision

I’m grateful for this capsule! It keeps the laundry down and give me ONE less choice to make everyday

Love this!

The guide helps me not wander aimlessly through stores feeling overwhelmed with choices and defeated by not knowing what looks good. I can depend on this to get me in easy, very mom friendly outfits that I always get compliment's on. It really helps reduce decision fatigue because the outfits are already put together for me, boosts my confidence, and feel like I can run my day instead of it running me.

Helped me and the kids

After having 3 kids and working from home full time. PJs and leggings are the only thing I wear. This is helping me break out of that shell. Also have TONS of clothes for my kids and the amount of laundry. Less is becoming so much more. More time, more money and more fun.

Frumpy to fabulous

I am so glad I got the 3rd year round outfit guide. I love how I can use what I have in a new way. I also love the reminder of accessories. Wearing necklaces makes me feel fabulous!

It’s good!

I’m excited to have this updated list to tell me what to wear! I’m anxious for the release of the full guide with all of outfit combinations. I bought the previous version only a few months ago and I don’t follow it exactly, but I think it’s already revolutionizing my style and unfrumping me!

Exactly what I needed

This guide was exactly what I needed to break my habit of wearing my every day $5 V-neck tees! Thank you!!

Setting a better example for myself

With three kids under five, I don't put a lot of effort into my daily wardrobe---and with the new guide, I can continue to put minimal effort, but with a much more put together ensemble. I look forward to trying out all the combinations in the year to come.

Great Investment in MYSELF!

As a mom, we often-times put ourselves on the back burner to our husbands and children. This guide was one step in a journey to realize that I CAN and SHOULD focus on myself as well....and it doesn't make me a bad wife or mom, in fact it makes me a better one!! Thank you so much for helping moms like myself make the realization that putting a little effort into ourselves doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive AND it makes us good examples to our little people!!

Priceless Advice and Encouragement

Corina puts ALOT of work and thought into these style guides. I love the way that she distills current thought trends around the world of fashion into workable guides: namely, the use of the capsule wardrobe and color. I also love the translation of wear at home vs. wear out the door. It helps me to dress for the day I want and not trot around in my workout clothes all day. That’s genius. I do get a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. My personal wardrobe is more streamlined, but I love the selection of different types of outfit combinations when I choose to buy.

Simple and Fun

I truly believe this guide is for everyone. My story might be a little different from others. I love style and enjoy shopping and putting together outfits but here’s the thing, I’m not a single 20 something anymore. I have three children and a husband and let’s be honest I just don’t have the time on my hands that I used to. The guide helps simplify shopping while keeping your budget. It’s a HUGE time saver because the work is done for you. Plus I still feel like I can be creative when I do have a little “me” time on my hands.

Opinion still out

Still trying to decide if this is something I will use.

Take away the guessing

I use my book just about every day. I make substitutions according to my schedule and work, but I love how it takes so much of the hassle out of picking an outfit from my closet.

Worth it!

I love the new updates to the wardrobe book! It is definitely worth the upgrade.

Excited for me and changes to my wardrobe!

Within just a few days I can see that there are so many options for me to change from 'frump-iness' to FABULOUS!!

It Feels Great to Look Stylish

I live out on a farm away from everything so this has been the best thing for me. You guys have been such an inspiration to me and has helped me as you encourage and teach me how to bring my style up, especially since I love cozy clothes and have been living in exercise clothes forever and style doesn’t come easy for me. It feels great to look stylish when I do my errands and stop at the school. My shopping is so much more intentional and the shopping guide is worth every penny so when I do get to a big town with all the stores I have my list and know where to find the actual pieces. My teenage daughters actually go to my closet to borrow my clothes. Thanks again for all you do for all of us moms!

Practical, stylish and easy

The style guide is a handy, practical tool for looking stylish on a budget (and feeling comfortable, too!).



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