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Amazingly helpful

I am packing for a trip to Spain and this was incredibly helpful to make sure I didn't forget anything. It even gave me ideas of things I had not thought of. Thank you for all the work put into this.

Absolutely BLOWN AWAY!!!

I helped proofread this product, and when I opened it to pack for a trip, I was still absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how comprehensive it is! Corina thought of absolutely everything--plus some! It is SO simple to pack for a trip using this system. I'm packing for my second trip using it today! I think my favorite part was the surprise travel day outfit generator. So smart! And easy to use! I've been a fan of FF products for years now, but this might just be one of the best to date! Don't sleep on this one!

The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)

Trip Planning Guide

This guide has so many great ideas and will really help me plan for my next trip. Thanks for creating it.

This is a great resource!

Planning a trip to Hawaii this summer was starting to feel overwhelming. When I saw this, I was excited since I already used the clothing plans. I have been able to determine all the outfits we will need and feel confident I won't over pack and have to check extra bags. If I were to add anything, it would be a day packing list for each section. That would be something that would help me be sure to have those things available too.

Packing Made Easy-Yes!

Love this product! Packing for trips just got a lot easier.


Helpful in deciding what to pack

Excellent packing lists

I bought these lists to help with an upcoming trip. I am very happy with the thoroughness of each list and I hope to use these often.

Packing Made Easy: printable Lists for Every Trip

The printable lists are very thorough and very easy to use for any type of trip you are planning!

Haven’t received it yet

What a relief!

In our family, there are those who get stressed out by the idea of packing. And on every trip I've taken, I've wondered if I've forgotten anything. This set of packing lists takes the stress out of packing! For every type of trip, you will find thorough lists of every item you'll need. What a relief!

Awesome packing lists!

I had early access to these lists as a proofreader and let me say, they are awesome! The lists help you think through everything you could need for any type of trip, and many items you are likely to forget. As a person who tends to over-pack, the lists help me ensure I’m bringing what I need, but not more than is really required. They also will help me catch those items I do need, but might forget (like a swimsuit for the hotel pool). I like how varied the clothing items are so that for longer trips I’m not just packing four graphic tees. These packing lists are going to totally change your packing routine for the better and make it WAY less stressful! The lists do for your packing game what the outfit calendar does for your closet and outfits. Totally amazing.

Simply Amazing!!!

Oh my WoW!!! This product is simply amazing!!! Everything that you could possibly think of (and more) when planning & preparing for a trip is included in this comprehensive list. As a mom of 3/family of 5 who used to live 3 states away from family and whose kids were in both boy & girl scouts; we have have taken at least 1 of every type of trip covered in this packing product. I can not begin to calculate the amount of time, money and BRAIN CELLS that having a product like this would've saved me over the last 20 years. Gone are the days of over-packing or under-packing and ALWAYS forgetting at LEAST 1 item that we would either have to repurchase once we reached our destination or simply do our best to make due without that item. It was so frustrating!! Also, when planning for any of our trips, it was stressful making sure accommodations for pet care were made in time or general things like mail, plants, etc. were taken care of before departing. With this product I do not foresee that to be a problem for our family ever again. From what items to take to wear to what to have on hand by travel mode, everything is already thought of for you, including a trip task checklist & timeline of things to do before your trip. PLUS, there is plenty of space to write-in specific items related to you, your family & the trip you're taking. This product takes away all (if not, most) of the decision making from you in the planning process. THANK YOU SO MUCH Frump Fighters Team! This packing list is literally going to change my life in how I get my family packed while teaching my kids how to pack as well. I cannot wait to use this for our next trip!!! :-) (As a proofreader, I had early access to this product during its development.)

This is it! all you need in one!

This is the fastest, most organized you will ever pack! Specific lists for different types of trips, different weather, and for everyone in the family. Coordinates with the Frump Fighters capsule wardrobe, but equally useful if not using it. Variables for length of trip, too! You won't need anything else to be super organized!
I had early access to this list as a proofreader.

Complete brain-saver!

These travel packing lists take all the guesswork out of what to pack for a trip. Everything has been considered: weather, type of vacation and activities, and for any length of time. As someone with ADHD, it is often too overwhelming to begin writing a packing list, so even if I don't follow this exactly, it's a great jumping off point to ensure I'm not forgetting anything. Since I've been using the Frump Fighters style guides for some time, it's super easy to dive into the travel lists, since all the items are already laid out in those guides. On the Internet you can find hundreds of travel lists, but none are so simple and yet so flexible as these!
I received early access to these guides as a proofreader, and I'm very much looking forward to the outfits section, which I know will be just as thorough and easy to use as the lists!

Just what I’ve been looking for!

I always struggle when packing with figuring out what clothes to bring. Coming up with multiple outfits using overlapping pieces is not my strong suit. So I was really excited to see this product. The packing list itself is easy to use and customize based on the length of your trip and the weather. I’m really excited about the travel outfit planner that includes outfit ideas for the pieces you’ve packed. And it can be used by the whole family- there are separate lists for boys, girls, men and women. I’m going to try using the boys one to see if it helps my kids start packing a little more independently!

I had early access to this product as a proofreader.

Packing made Easy

This really takes the stress out of packing. Knowing the right outfits to pack for different trips away, not just for myself but for the whole family, and how to make it work for just a couple of days away or more than that; so that everything goes together well and we don't pack too much!
Always wanted a packing list like this, and now I have it- the best ever!

So easy

These lists are great! I love how comprehensive they are. Really takes the stress out of what and how much to pack. And I like that they are specific to type of vacation! Thanks!

Thank you, Joanne! I appreciate your help as a proofreader!

Fantastic idea

I could have done with having this in my life forty years ago. I’m loving it. It makes getting dressed so easy. Brilliant.

Well rounded and comprehensive!

Easily accessible, convenient to reference, and loads of options! I wanted to add that even though I had some technical difficulties, Corina and the team managed to get it sorted without question. :) I'm looking forward to learning more about what suits me. c:

Loving my new wardrobe!

I had seen Corina's frump fighters resources in my socal media feed for years but was not interested because I didn't think it was my style. Now that I'm a mother of 2 and it popped up again on my screen I was very interested as life has gotten busy and being stylish has gone to the back burner. I was at the point of grabbing the first thing that was clean out of my closet and throwing it on and moving on with my day. I was feeling frumpy and became the unfashionable mom I said I would never be. Corina's fashion calender has changed that. The what to wear decision is done for me each day. I feel super cute and I look forward to each day to find out what my next outfit will be. Also when before I was turned off thinking this was not my clothing style, I found that FF makes it that I can use my own style and also encourages me to try new things. Thank you so much Corina for this great resource! I'm excited again about my wardrobe.

Frump Fighters 5th Edition

Great to see that this updates my wardrobe when I'm ready to update, and gives me new ideas for the future. It still means that I can get up and get dressed without having to rake through my whole wardrobe to decide what to wear

Great investment

I love that I don't have to think about what I'm going to wear my outfit is already planned for me leaving me time and brain space to worry about other things.

Virtual Color Analysis Package
Katie R. (Columbia, US)
Quick, Easy and Fun

The steps were clear and easy to follow & even though I did the online version, she made a point to personalize a note to me based on my concerns. I wish I'd done it earlier and saved countless hours trying to figure it out myself, lol!

The Women's Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.)
Roxane R. (North Highlands, US)

I bought the style guide to use for really nice outfits for church. I have so many nice clothes and was not sure how to style them. This style guide has been so helpful!



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