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Incredibly detailed and thoughtfully designed program

I’ve only been using the Women’s Essentials on the Interactive Platform for about a week and I’m amazed at the thoughtfulness and ease of use. I’ve been reading emails about the program for years, but it seemed too complicated. Recently I started watching the videos, and they helped it seem like something I could use. I’m already seeing such value and can’t wait to see how this transforms my daily rhythm shopping habits. Even my web-designer husband has been impressed!

❤️ business outfits perfect for teachers

So glad I got this business outfits package. It’s just what I needed for getting ready for school as a teacher.

Easy, like a personal shopper

So many cute clothes for the entire family from dressy to casual. easy to click the link and pick out my size. The clothes I looked at all had great reviews, so I know it is true to the picture. Also I love that these pieces are affordable and not super-pricey. If I could change one thing, it would be a special link for eco-conscious/organic/natural fibers. I try to buy those kinds of clothes whenever I can, but the majority of my closet is traditional clothing. So I am not sure how much of a demand other users of your platform have for those other fabrics. But it is a feature I would love if it was added at a later time. But that aside, these were economical, comprehensive, and great fashion choices. You can easily point, click, shop for your whole family from this guide and one online site. So so so easy and efficient.

Gives me the motivation to look good each day!

As a busy mum of 3 in London, UK, planning cute outfits wasn’t top of my agenda in the morning! Since purchasing the Interactive a week ago I have discovered clothes in my wardrobe I had forgotten about, and I now look forward to getting dressed in the morning. I find I have more energy and am in a better mood when I have taken a few minutes to make an effort to look nice (mostly for me - no one else!)

Great purchase!

I love the calendar! I’ve learned so much about how to feel good and wear clothes that are flattering from frump fighters!

Great Motivator

My daughter always struggles to get ready in the morning and this is a great tool for her to make it fun to get dressed. She really enjoys the formulas to make outfits too!

Really enjoying the calendar

After twelve years of homeschooling my children everybody's graduated and on their way. And I have the opportunity now to take the time for myself and learn how to dress myself again because it really wasn't a priority. One of the things I really like about the calendar is that everything is laid out clearly for you and the realization that I don't need a bunch of clothes to look pulled together. I was the one shopping off the clearance rack that had a closet full of clothes, but nothing ever matched, nothing went together. So that's one of the things I really appreciate about the calendar. Another thing I really appreciated about the calendar is the fact that because I don't have to buy a bunch of clothes, I can stick with a budget, and I can buy probably better quality pieces now than before just digging through a clearance rack to hopefully to find what I need. So, yeah, it's been really helpful, and I look forward to working with it this fall when I start in the school system.

Helpful worth the money

I received the calendar very quickly. The calendar is printed on high-quality paper and has good binding. I find the ideas very helpful because I become overwhelmed and discouraged when picking things to wear.

Great help

I struggle knowing what to wear many days. I wanted something that helped me focus on good staples in my wardrobe but kept it fresh. Thanks for a great product!

Putting Mum on the list, or at the top?

This is great for putting ourselves on the list - ideally near the top! Ensuring everyone else gets what they need is too easy - taking care of ourselves is the challenge.
I love how this guides me through morning and evening routines so I remember to do things that make me look and feel good. And diarising things like trips to the hair salon, so that they happen before I reach wild-hair

So Helpful!

I'm transitioning to working outside the home after years of being a stay at home mom and had literally no idea what to buy for a work wardrobe, let alone how to mix and match pieces to look put together. This has been a life saver! Not only that, I know our clothing budget is being used wisely because I will actually wear what I'm buying.

A revelation!

I was cautious about buying this, but it is amazing! I feel so much happier knowing which outfit I'll wear each day. I'm using my favourite clothes and discovering new combinations for them. And I now have a shopping plan, rather than randomly buying on impulse! There's so much freedom in discovering that my wardrobe can work for me, everyday! Thank you!

Game Changer

I am in my late 50’s and it is never too late to improve your style and make things easy! So thankful for Frump Fighters!


I have both the orginial calendar and now the business calendar. They make my mornings so much simpler and as a teacher, I need all the simplifying I can get!

Excellent app

Tremendous features! So much fun! It takes time to upload images of your own items but it is worth the effort to maximize what you can do with this app! Their outfit suggestions are already great but then you add in your own pieces or create your own flat layout. You can also make your own outfit calendar and save those ideas too! FF also has the best customer service!

A life-changer!

I have been a stay-at-home mom for eight years and have existed in yoga pants, tees, and tennis shoes. Now that my youngest is entering kindergarten in the fall, I realized I don't know what to wear or even what would work for my stage of life. This guide has been amazing. It's also been a lot of fun to enlist my sister's help to build this wardrobe and has been very cool to see my new style identity emerge with my upcoming life changes. Thank you, Frump Fighters!

Awesome ideas

Thanks for your innovative approach

Finally, I can know for sure!

For so many years I have not been 100% certain what body shape I am. This worksheet has helped me finally discover the correct body shape and how to dress it at long last. Worth every cent, thank you!!

Helped me confirm what I was second guessing was my season

I appreciate the color season analysis. I have wavered another between 3 different seasons. It confirmed my initial ideas and also explained colors that, I have started to realize, really wash/fade me out.

I am loving the new business guide!

After working at the same job for 12 years, its nice to be able to refresh my wardrobe without having to buy a huge amount of new clothes

The Men's Style Guide
Holly Hamilton

I am a mama to 5 and clothing/laundry can become such a monster in our home. I decided to use the capsule wardrobes to tame down everyone’s closets and for the first time in forever, my son’s room has a clean floor! He has ADHD and finds clothing such a challenge to maintain and put away. Thanks for this great resource! We are really enjoying it!

So Simple

I am absolutely in love with the Business Calandar! I don't work in a business setting but I am very active in my congregation and do a volunteer work where I dress up in skirts alot and this has been so helpful. I use this in combination with the Everyday Calandar and it's great because not matter what I'm doing I feel put together. Thank you Frump Fighters!

The Women’s Athleisure Style Collection in Print!

I’m so glad I ordered the The Women’s Athleisure Style Collection in print version during the sale! I love being able to look at it as a book and I look forward to ordering more of the Collections in print form! I’m “old-school” I guess! I do like the digital too!

Easy access

The shopping guide gave me instantaneous access to the essentials and saved me countless hours of scrolling and searching.

Not a cookie cutter wardrobe!!

I purchased the Frumpy to Fabulous e-course and the women's essential what to wear outfit guide. The course was a lot of thinking and planning. Some of which I will continue to evaluate. "What do I like that works with my colors and body type?" My current wardrobe has very few pieces that I can use with the plan. But what I have that works, looks good and is easy to put together. I don't have very many pieces, so when I want to wear something, I look through the outfit guide for an outfit that uses that piece of clothing and see if I have anything else from that outfit. I know it will take time to build my wardrobe up so I can use the outfit guide to tell me what to wear, but for now it is working to just help me put together the few pieces I have. Thank you for doing the ground work to put this course together. It is nice that once I finished the course, I can have a unique wardrobe that works for me and not a cookie cutter wardrobe.



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