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So helpful!

What amazed me about this resource was how many things I already had! I just didn’t know how to put them together! Thank you!

I'm so thankful I found Frump Fighters!

You know at the beginning of the movie Clueless when Cher sits down at her computer and has it generate an outfit? That's pretty much how I view FF. It's a dream! I purchased the packet several years ago and I'm hoping to purchase the new one at the beginning of next year for some fresh finds. I get tons of compliments and rarely dress outside the guide. I am comfortable and least when I'm not fighting the August Arkansas heat and humidity. 😉

Help has finally arrived!

I've never been good at putting outfits together and I'm so excited to use my Stay-at-Home Mom's Outfit Guide. No guesswork. Clothing pieces are picked for me. I can shop with confidence and fill in my wardrobe with a PLAN. Thank you, Corina!

Great Resource!

I think, with this guidebook, that I can finally wrap my head around a good capsule wardrobe. Thank you so much, Corina!!

Very freeing

Cleaning out my closet of stuff that I wasn't wearing, figuring out which color combos I needed, and taking all guess work out of how to put together outfits makes this purchase worth every penny. LOVE IT!

Encouraged & Inspired!!

Thank you so much- I LOVED reading through this 3-day course- my first time going through pregnancy body changes, labor & now as a new mom in the postpartum months I've been feeling pretty discouraged and "frumpy"- this was so practical, helpful, and so inspiring! I'm excited to put this into practice!

So glad I found this.

I care about style, but not enough to make effort. This was a fantastic resource - I used ThredUp and just put in the guidelines she recommended and I feel so much more put together - without much work! Thank you!!

Great ideas for moms

I’ve enjoyed my purchase thoroughly! The outfit guide and calendar gave me lots of good ideas. I love how items can be purchased for avoidable options and range from casual to dressy. It helped me to learn to think like a capsule wardrobe and also think about how to get things to work in layers. I am super excited to start my new non-grumpy commitment to motherhood which is often so messy and yucky. This was a great combination of vision, affordability, and being practical.

Can't wait to style my wardrobe!

I have always dreamed of looking really put together in a work setting - without looking too overdone or wearing the same stiff business suits all the time. This is the knowledge I've been lacking!!!

So excited!

I just looked over my first frump fighters guide, and I'm so excited to use it! I think this is going to empower me with knowledge to use what I already have; and to shop smart to build complete outfits! Its the completer pieces that I'm lacking, and now I'm going to understand better what I actually need!

Visual Guide

Such an amazing too to help someone like me that has no natural fashion sense. The capsule concept and the visuals are helping me to transform. My husband is pleased and I feel so much better about myself already. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Confident, focused shopping!

I've been needing to clean out my closet for a long time, but it was hard to let things go. And, shopping usually left me overwhelmed and frustrated. With this wardrobe plan, I'm much more focused and able to figure out what I should and shouldn't buy. And it's actually making more adventurous! Yes, I can get a pair or colorful shorts, because I have a bunch of examples of HOW to use them in outfits (with more than one top!). Having a book of outfits that uses the same pieces in different ways takes out the guesswork and makes me more confident. Plus, having a nicer outfit on (with accessories!!) inspires me to take a few minutes for basic makeup, so I end up looking and feeling better without a huge amount of effort (maybe less, since I'm not frantically trying on 5 outfits).

A mother’s helper 😊

This calendar and wardrobe plan have given me the confidence to know that I can be cute and a mom at the same time! The shopping links are like having a personal shopper:)

Inspiring !

I feel better knowing that I am not alone and that help is here for me. Girlfriends complimented on my whole outfit today ! Thank you Corina.

Better than expected!

I was concerned this guide would focus on expensive or complicated ways to improve my wardrobe. However, she has picked easy, simple basics with clear-cut directions. I love the links to similar items. That is a huge timesaver! (Many are sold out, but I know they update them often.) I feel more confident with my choices and am even more excited to go places now. Thanks so much!

Great Ideas and foundation to build on

Love the wardrobe outfits. The website takes a little time to figure out (it's easier on a desktop). The resources to build your own pallet and capsule wardrobe are incredible helpful. Really like the shopping gallery, it makes shopping very easy except many of the items I liked were sold out! I have been able to use my current clothing items in new ways without having to buy anything new. I really like how simple and useful the whole process has been! THANK YOU!!!


I have thought about StitchFix. I have tried creating my own cohesive wardrobe. I have sat in my closet, surrounded by clothes, with nothing to wear. I have wanted to just dump everything and start over. With three little kids, I just have no time, but I do not want to look frumpy! This guide is a godsend! I am SO happy I found it.

Wonderful Investment for You!

I purchased The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide, and it has been such a great way to get myself out of a fashion rut! I was so surprised how many of the clothing items I already had in my wardrobe. The outfits are easy to put together from her pictures and notes. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to use their own wardrobe with only a few items to add so you "up your fashion game"!

Just starting out, but already seeing a positive impact!

After the birth of my second son, I had WAY too many clothes that I was holding onto throughout all the fluctuations of weight, but not much energy or time to think through outfits, and was just wearing my old standby's. I've only gone through sorting my tops, but already I've noticed my outfit game is better each day. Looking forward to diving in more!


I really wasn’t sure why I was going to spend money on something to help get me dressed, but this guide is simply amazing! It is so detailed - the shopping guide alone is worth it! I need to start working on the steps, but I’m really excited to begin the process!

So far, so good

I haven't jumped in with both feet yet, but from what I've seen so far, I think I'm going to like it.

Back to school success

This has transformed the nightmare that was kids' clothes in my house. We started at the beginning of the summer by purging my 8 and 11 y/o's closet and spent the next couple months poppin' tags at the thrift shop to flesh out their wardrobe. Here it is, back to school, and my girls have this super versatile, adorable wardrobe that they are excited about. AND, for what I would've spent on a few new outfits and shoes for each kid they now have literally HUNDREDS of outfits at their fingertips. Dude. Woah. This was worth it. Finally, my late night googling actually paid off. Thank you Corina!

Finally something that works

I have never been good at putting together 'outfits', I'm just a T-shirts and jeans kinda gal. This guide makes it so easy to feel pulled together and fashionable without spending tons of money or time shopping for new clothes. I LOVE it!!

Organizing for Tween Girl!

We were dreading planning a school wardrobe for our new middle schooler. The “Get dressed!” Cheat sheets have saved the day!



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