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Great Ideas

I love all the ideas that can be simply created using a few base items. It also leaves for creativity 💕


Simple and easy to use. This has made it so much easier to decide what I am going to wear in the morning, especially when I am short on time.

Game changer

Honestly, this was a total eye opener for me. I've felt stuck with my style and clothes for so long, and this has helped enough that I'd like to purchase the full version to help me further! I feel like myself again, which has been so wonderful after being stuck in the "pregnant-had baby-busy mom" mode for so long. Game changer!

Dream app for moms

This is the app of dreams, literally, I used to dream about a way to get dressed without all the stress of my closet every morning. I am a busy homeschooling mama of 8 children. Every day I am flooded with questions and decisions to make and I try and keep my decision making levels for the really important ones. I have charts for almost everything that can be completed throughout my day, except for getting dressed. But now it is here and I couldn't be happier with it. Even if it never improved past the Beta stage I would still love its function in the daily stream of my decision making needs. And I look cute too which helps with my attitude and direction for the day.

BEST upgrade to the Frump Fighters products!

This is exactly what was needed to take the original Frump Fighters materials to the next level of ease and usability! Now, instead of having to wait while the entire calendar downloads inside my saved documents, zooming in on the date to see the outfit formula, and then sighing because a key piece for that outfit is in the laundry, I can use the "outfit picker" tool to filter by season, clothing piece, original outfit formulas versus actual mommy models, and even the weather! When you're a mom, time is more precious than money, and anything that can simplify decisions is a huge win in my book. Not to mention all the time saved shopping because I always know exactly what I'm looking for to round out my closet. :)

Convenient fashion help!

This app is so great to use with the Frump Fighter what to wear guide! Really helps moms put together outfits and find ideas to try!

Just the kick I needed!

This is the total package to get started!

Organized and insipired

This is the first time I have ever taken the time to examine my wardrobe so I had a ton of questions. Each time I thought, "wait, how am I supposed to do XYZ..." Corina addressed it and provided thorough answers. The guide flows naturally and I found it both FUN and easy. I have made a few additional purchases because it is worth it!!

Make Dressing Easy!!!

I found Frump Fighters this Spring and when I heard about this app I knew I wanted it. I had a closet full of clothes I never wore because I didn't know how to put things together. This has helped me go from wearing leggings and t- shirts everyday to feeling cute and actually wearing the clothes I have. A must for every woman who needs a little help with what to wear!

Super easy. Makes getting dressed fun!

I’ve been a “frump fighter” for several years now and this app makes the whole system more accessible and fun.
A must have for busy stay at home mums. No more wearing the same kind of outfit on a daily basis or struggling to decide what to wear each morning. It is so easier to find outfits and quickly decide what to wear each day. Worth every penny.

What I needed!

Today's my 49th birthday and with being a mother of 7 and COVID I had become so shocked at the way I was willing to leave the house. I came across an Ad on Instagram and realized right away it was what I was needing. I bought the outfit guide book right away and passed the link right on to my married, and a new mother daughter and pregnant daughter in law. We are all thrilled with how easy it is to get back to being "cute" again, as are our husband's.;)

Getting dressed just got easier.

I have used frump fighters off and on for years. Now that I am done having babies I am ready to truly get clothes I like and not just clothes that work for now. With the outfit challenge I pull it up and get dressed.

Fun features

This app makes finding an outfit super fun and easy each morning. I love that you can add photos of your own wardrobe pieces to customize it to your own closet.

Easy to use and makes shopping so easy!

I love this app so much and can't wait to see how it continues to develop! It makes it so much easier to decide what to wear, especially if I have a particular item as a starting point. I also love that I can filter down to see just which wardrobe items I still need to find.

Easy to use

Thankfully the app is easy to use. It is very versatile you can search by item,season,your items even body shape,and much more. Looking forward to organising my own wardrobe and uploading pictures to document my progress.

Love it!

It streamlines everything I need- the capsule guide, the calendar, and my own closet. I need the simplicity of the calendar and now with the ability to plug in the picture of my pieces on the app, I just have to look it up real quick, grab them, then get dressed. But you don’t just get dressed, you look good and feel confident! And without a ton of thought and effort, so it’s one less thing you have to figure out in your busy day.

Love love this!

I couldn’t wait for this to come out! It’s so much easier then flipping and finding the right month. You open outfit challenge and it’s right there. If you have something in mind that you want to wear then you can type in like leggings and it pulls up all kinds of outfits. I check this either the night before or morning being a mom of 3 and can put together an outfit so quickly. My favorite is the weather. It’s cold one day/hot the next and absolutely love that if the weather changes I can put that in the app and find a new outfit based on the weather!

Awesome for busy moms!

As a busy mom of 3, finding time to look put together seemed impossible, until I found frump fighters!! This app is amazing! Has helped me give my wardrobe a much needed boost. Plus I just LOVE all the outfit ideas and knowing what to wear each day.

Helpful Quick Guide To Style

As someone who is easily overwhelmed by a lot of information given at one time, "The Starter Style Kit for Moms" really helped me grasp the key concepts discussed in "The Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms" on a smaller scale, and with fewer steps (also great because my kids keep me super busy most of the time!). I'm still working through which colors I want in my overall scheme, but I feel more confident going forward in my journey to building a permanent post-baby wardrobe. Thanks, Corina!

Thanks for a great product

My clothing size recently changed after weaning my baby. I knew I needed new clothes, but I would walk into a clothing store and walk out without buying anything. The thought of re-doing a wardrobe was so overwhelming to me. Frump Fighters really helped me re-mix the pieces in my closet that DO fit, and gave me a good plan for moving forward. I liked it so much I bought The Girl Guide for my daughters. Thanks for such a great product!

Ending Frump 1 mama at a time!!

This course is easy to follow, with clear direction on what to keep from my current closet and guides on what to purchase I was able to put together multiple sharp looking outfits in no time. It was motivating.


I love love love this! I can plan out my wardrobe for an entire month without breaking the bank. Buy this! You won't regret it!

Helpful, detailed, inspiring

Really glad I bought this outfit guide - it has helped me properly understand my colouring and which colours suit me and also prevented me from just buying more of the same to add to my wardrobe! I’m feeling inspired and looking forward to bringing more personality and colour into my clothing now I know what I really need and I will have so many more options to mix and match rather than same old same old! Just looking through I am already dressing better and feeling more put together and more confident before I have bought anything else.

Perfect for a Travel Capsule

Although I already own the complete kit, I was having trouble deciding what items to pack for an upcoming 10-day trip. The Starter Style Kit was the perfect solution - the 15 pieces gave me the 10 outfits I needed, plus spares! And the kit includes both warm- and cold-weather options, so can be used for any season.


It is a quick and easy to understand guide. Glad I purchased it.



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