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Love it

So helpful in learning to coordinate pieces.

So helpful

So, I don’t really consider myself frumpy, but I still felt like I often struggled to put outfits together. I’ve done other capsule programs and I’ve cleared my closet of things that don’t flatter and filled in gaps with things I love...but I wound up with an entire closet of navy blue! I love that this guide instructs one to have prints and stripes as well as solids. AND that I had to put navy in for a neutral and get colors in my wardrobe. I’m glad I made this purchase. I already feel more confident about my clothing and about what to get next as I continue to build my wardrobe!

Excited about my wardrobe for the first time.

This book has made me excited about clothes for the first time in a long time! I no longer dread deciding what to put on! I know, no matter what I pick it will coordinate and I can change it up by adding accessories! It also makes packing for trips a breeze!!

Good quality printing of an awesome book

This book is super high quality and the content is so fun. I’m having a ton of fun following along and learning about style.

so Easy

So easy and helps me get out of the rut each morning. I’m using clothes in ways I haven’t before making it fun to get dressed.

This edition gives options for everyone

I prefer the dated option but I see the value in the undated option.

A key difference from the gliders edition is having the dated calendar divided between two pages with one page featuring the picture and the description on a second page. It takes some getting used to to reference the second sheet, but at least I don’t pause anymore to find my book version to see a bigger picture.

I love this year’s color palette!

Brilliant Guide!

I was so stuck in a rut of wearing the same clothes all the time, ignoring items in my wardrobe as I never knew what to pair them with. This guide has been AMAZING in helping me create new outfits & I have been receiving so many compliments since I started! Highly recommend :)

So worth it!!!

Ordered the book & what a difference it has made. Shopping is easier, dressing is easier-simplifies my life in a way I can enjoy.

Makes my life incredibly easy!

So nice to have one less thing to think about in my busy life with three little kids! I just open my calendar on my phone when I wake up, and I instantly know what to wear! And I look put together and cute without having to spend 10-20 minutes figuring out an outfit! Love!

Worth it

I bought the updated version and also own the 2nd edition. It has helped so much in my confidence and ability to out together outfits. I was especially surprised by how much I already had in my closet, noticeable improvement without even shopping!

Good stuff

I think the outfit guide is very useful in helping me pair certain pieces in a different way, that I may not have thought of.

So Grateful!

"The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms" Is amazing! It allows me to save so much time each morning and gives me more confidence throughout the day!


Looks to be a great way to keep me organized and keep the getting dressed stress away!

I LOVE This Guide!

I have been feeling for a while like I needed to do something about my wardrobe — I realized I was basically wearing black, gray, or some combination of the two 90% of the time. Any time I went shopping, I bought things that appealed to me, and then came home and realized they didn’t really match ANYTHING I already have — so I was still ‘stuck’ with clothes that were not serving me in any way. Going through the wardrobe checklist helped me recognize the obvious gaps in my wardrobe that are causing me to never wear things I like — “I have no pants that fit me to match these six tops” — and on my first shopping trip, I left the store with just four things, but all four were things I’d be able to wear loads different ways with clothing I already have. I am excited to slowly work my way through the checklist and continue moving towards being able to open the guide, literally grab the things recommended on the list, and rotate my way through my wardrobe knowing what to wear each day. Yay to not always being in Black and gray! Thank you, Corina!

Tons of information, ideas, and support!

So I’m still working my way thru the material, but WOW! Between the Outfit Guide, the web interface, and a Facebook group, there is a LOT of good content and support. I’m already inspired to see the success of others, and am eager to finish and apply this method! I particularly like how inclusive it is for age, size, lifestyle, even specific stages like pregnancy or breastfeeding.


I have always struggled to put clothing items together, and wondered what to shop for. I am so excited to be able to use the guide for both of these frustrations. I have already put together two outfits just from the previews!

A Lifesaver

I'm really loving the outfit calendar -- it makes getting ready in the morning an absolute breeze and helps me fight the dreaded 'decision fatigue'. Plus, it's been so much fun! Can't say enough great things about it!

The Body Shape Cheat Sheet brought clarity

I thought I knew my body shape, but this cheat sheet proved me wrong. Better than that, it helps me go beyond the capsule wardrobe guide outfit formulas to successfully “wing it” and create my own impressive looks.

I’m 5 months pregnant and I like that I still get complements on how I’m dressed because I know what to look for to present my best assets without spending hours to do it. I appreciate the cheat sheet and will refer to it often when I’m about to freestyle my look!

Changed my life!

I'm a retired 74-year old, and didn't want to spend the rest of my life in sweats and sneakers, so your work has REALLY helped my self-confidence and appearance! It is really fun to work to adapt some of the styles to my age and life-style, and so rewarding! Thanks so much Corina.

Outfit Calendar Preview

I've been having so much fun with this! It really helps me come up with new combinations that I wouldn't have tried otherwise and I feel more put together and confident.

Wow. This really works.

I wasn’t expecting how this would actually work for me. I’ve tried other things like this, but this one really got me moving. The way of sorting a closet was really actionable. Being able to evaluate later and also knowing which pieces I would need to use made it easier to let go. I’m on my way, and feeling wonderful about it!

Love it!

Thanks for a great system!

Getting dressed is fun again!

This guide is literally changing my life! Before becoming a mom I enjoyed getting dressed for the day and looked put together most of the time. During my first pregnancy I experienced morning sickness the entire 9 months and though I worked an office job full time, I was so drained of energy that looking cute soon fell towards the bottom of my list of priorities. Add the annoyance of trying to find maternity clothes that actually fit and looked passable, and I was well on my way to sporting a frumpy bump! After my daughter was born I then struggled with my constantly changing body and the hassle of finding nursing compatible clothing. Then I quit my job to stay home with my baby and my wardrobe budget disappeared. I was stuck in frumpville mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally! After 2 more babies this trend continued. I've been feeling like I've just been trying to survive the "smotherhood of motherhood" and my physical appearance showed it. I finally decided enough was enough. I ordered this guide, purged my closet, and realized that with what I had left I actually *could* look cute again just by changing how I wore my clothes and mixing and matching things differently. I now have a better plan when I do go shopping because I'm shopping with a purpose, with outfit pairings already planned instead of just grabbing random items off the rack that appealed to me, but didn't add much versatility to my wardrobe. I've been getting compliments on how I look and when I look in the mirror I feel so much better about myself! My boosted confidence is spilling over into other areas of my life and I feel like I'm recovering my lost identity! I'm more than "just a mom"! I'm feeling like "me" again! I wake up excited to get dressed now and see what outfit combinations I can make with my smaller, but more useful and appreciated wardrobe. Thanks, Corina!!

Not what I expected

I really am enjoying this ebook and it's tools. I've only been using it for about 2 weeks but this week I followed every suggestion and it has made getting ready so much more stress free. I live in Florida so we don't really have a true fall/winter season, but I'm trying to modify where I can and not really doing many leggings or boots. I miss fall/winter weather. Thanks for the guidance. Hoping the rest of the year is smooth sailing!

Great for getting it of a rut!

I bought this outfit guide because I felt stuck wearing the same things over and over and not really feeling happy with it. I've been able to make plenty of outfits with what I already have in my closet and have a good idea of what I want my next clothing purchases to be. No more aimless buying for me!



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