The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids
The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids

The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Kids

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The Outfit Guide eBook + Web App + Shopping Guide + Color Palette Ideas + Capsule Customizing Mini Course

  • Does your kid wear their clothes the same way over and over again?

  • Do you wish your kid could learn to dress themselves well?

  • Do you want every piece of clothing you acquire to get used as much as possible?

All this IS totally possible!

The Complete Wardrobe Guides for Girls & Boys will help you:

  • MAXIMIZE the use of your child’s clothes
  • DRESS your child stylishly without extra thought or the need for any fashion sense
  • TEACH your child how to dress well (without your constant supervision)

    It's a book with easy digital and printable tools for shaping a classy & budget-friendly wardrobe for your child while helping them find all the ways to use it to the max in every season of the year.

    Features Included

    The Boy’s and Girl’s guides each contain the same custom-designed features, simply designed for each gender.

      • In the Book:
        • The Capsule Plan: Visuals as well as pre-filled shopping checklist that’s easy to print.
        • 217+ Visual outfit ideas using basic pieces from a capsule plan (capsule visuals and checklist is also included). Outfits are divided among the four seasons of the year (about 55 per season)
        • Step-by-step instructions for turning your child’s current wardrobe chaos into an easy-to-maintain capsule.
      • Additional Tools:
        • Online outfit gallery app for easily finding specific outfit types
        • Detailed Amazon Shopping Guide with additional shopping link options for every item
        • Additional pre-assembled color palettes to choose from
      • PLUS the following free BONUSES:
        • “Get Dressed!” printable cheat sheets (designed for your kid to use to get dressed)
        • Mini course with in-depth support on how to customize your capsule plan (such as changing color palettes or swapping pieces)

    Is this a physical or digital product?

    The wardrobe guides are available as both an eBook and a printed hard copy (both options available at check out). The other included resources are all digital (outfit gallery web app, mini course, shopping guide, etc.).

    Can this be used for a baby or a tween/teen?

    Absolutely. The example pieces are mostly in sizes 4-10, but I include plenty of information about how to adapt this plan for both babies on one end and older kids (tween/teens) on the other. The same outfit ideas apply!

    Are there dressy outfits included?

    Yes, there are about 5 dressy outfit ideas included per season (total of about 20 in each book). These outfits are designed for events such as church, dinner parties or recitals.

    Can my kids dress themselves with this guide?

    Yes, the wardrobe is carefully designed to allow remixing to happen quite easily. The visuals will make it easy for either a mom or child to remix their clothes into all the possible outfits.

    There is also a NEW bonus feature which includes easy cheat sheets of the basic outfit combos which can be laminated/placed in a sheet protector and hung up in the child’s closet for their reference. (They are customized for each season.)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Totally upped my style!!

      I love that Frump Fighters uses clothes I already have. I feel so much more confident.

      Love the layout!

      Everything is so clear and easy to follow!

      Love the Girls Guide!

      I bought the girls guide as I've been really enjoying the Stay-at-home Moms' guide. I am very fortunate to receive lots of good condition hand-me-downs from family and friends and wanted to make the best use of what we receive. This guide inspired me to get going on preparing my daughter's wardrobe for the next season with a step by step video Corina had sent out recently. Think the girls' guide will come in very handy as she gets older and love the cheat sheets which I'm planning on printing off and using myself too! 😂 Thank you Corina for a great product and your attention to detail. Corina also gives step by step instructions on how to use everything which is really helpful and easy to use.

      So helpful!

      All of my kids are simultaneously needing to go up a clothing size, and this guide has been really helpful in deciding what pieces to buy to make their wardrobes versatile and efficient. My kids are so excited!

      So much easier!

      I have three girls under three at the moment and A TON of hand-me-downs that I have been sorting through each season and size change-it takes DAYS to sort through it all and figure out what we need.
      I finally had enough and started looking into capsule wardrobe ideas and remembered this guide. I bought it and started the process of sorting. It was so much easier because now as I sort I have a plan with colors and a checklist I didn’t have before. And I can sort and plan for future seasons and sizes all at once so next season or size change I already have sorted and will just need to review and fill in the gaps!
      I’m so happy our drawers are not stuffed full and I have a plan of how to mix & match their items!

      Such a big help for my girls

      Having this guide has really helped me to think through the outfits that my girls are wearing, but to also help them to be able to visual and plan things out. Each of my girls has a different style, so I like that they can customize it to fit their style.


      It helps me keep my juniors super organized on frantic school mornings.



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