Discover how to become stylish and beautiful from the comfort of your home with our Frumpy to Fabulous video course. Learn practical tips, save time, and feel confident every day!
Discover your personal style effortlessly with our step-by-step system. Learn how to choose colors and trends that suit your body type perfectly. Transform your wardrobe from frumpy to fabulous in just 30 days!
Learn how to choose colors and trends that suit your body type perfectly.
Learn how to choose colors and trends that suit your body type perfectly.
Learn how to choose colors and trends that suit your body type perfectly. Elevate your everyday look with budget-friendly solutions tailored for busy moms like you.
Create a closet you love without leaving your house - start today! Find confidence in dressing stylishly every day from the convenience of home.
Say goodbye to frumpy outfits and hello to effortless style right from where you are.
Elevate your everyday look with budget-friendly solutions tailored for busy moms like you.
Learn how to choose the right colors and trends for your body type in our easy-to-follow course.

Frumpy to Fabulous eCourse: Elevate Your Mom Style in 30 Days

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Hey busy mama! Do you want to update your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? You don’t have to feel stuck. This comprehensive but easy wardrobe course was designed for busy women just like you.

Just imagine...

  • having a confident grasp on your style,
  • knowing how to blend your style with trends for a chic mom look,
  • knowing the best colors and styles for your body type,
  • creating a closet of clothes designed uniquely for you,
  • and adjusting to your post-partum body with new joy and confidence.

Using the 7 Steps within Frumpy to Fabulous, you can go from Closet Chaos to Closet Confidence

Are You Ready to:

  • Stop being frustrated over your clothes
  • Know exactly what you should wear to look fabulous and feel confident
  • Get ready with ease in the morning
  • Love everything in your closet

Become A Fabulously Dressed Mom

Get out of the mom slump, find your style, create a personalized wardrobe, generate a burden-free clothing fund, and develop a system to keep your wardrobe fabulous.

You’ll learn to find motivation to care about your appearance, blend your style with today’s trends, discover what should go in a smart wardrobe, and do it all without breaking the bank.

This system completely pulled me out of the mom slump for good.

I want to teach you the strategy in easy-to-implement steps that any mom can accomplish– in 30 days or less!

By the end of the program you will have a grip on your style, an uncluttered wardrobe you love, a personalized plan for what you need to buy, and a system in place to maintain everything effortlessly moving forward.

Quick Snapshot:

  • Purpose: Wardrobe overhaul for busy moms
  • Duration: 30-day program
  • Focus: Personal style, color selection, body type matching, custom capsule plan creation, outfit planning, and budget-conscious shopping plans.
  • Benefits: Closet confidence, smart shopping, daily style
  • Designed: Easy-to-follow steps with moms in mind

The 7 steps you’ll walk through in the course…

Step 1: Understand what’s getting in the way of a wardrobe you feel confident about.
Step 2: Know your body shape, the best colors on you, and what styles you love (and look good in)
Step 3: Feel confident about what’s trending and how to incorporate just enough of it to look relevant (while staying true to your style.)
Step 4: Choose a color scheme of colors that you love, look good on you, and allow for mixing and matching.
Step 5: Map out your ideal wardrobe in a custom wardrobe plan, from tops to bottoms to jewelry.
Step 6: Apply your custom wardrobe plan to what’s in your closet (know what to keep and what to get rid of)
Step 7: Set a clothing budget and know the best strategies for saving money while always avoiding shopper’s remorse (come home happy from every shopping trip!)

What you get in the course

Video Lessons & Notes – Learn the material your way

Digital Copy of Workbook – 100 pages, includes lessons notes & worksheets

Virtual Color Season Analysis – Corina’s personal assessment of your color type is included free (costs $127 on it's own!)

Bonus Trainings & Cheatsheets – New ones keep getting added based on the students’ needs

What You’ll Learn…

Frumpy to Fabulous is broken down into 4 modules.

Each module builds on itself and you only concentrate on one at a time.

It’s designed and paced for busy moms!

Module 1: Learning Your Style

  • Get a firm grip on your personal style as well as your body shape and color type.
  • Find out how to adapt your style to look fresh and relevant to today.

Module 2: Shaping a Custom Wardrobe

  • Use what you know about your style and body to design a custom wardrobe plan.
  • Learn all my tips and tricks for creating a remixable closet starting with what you have!

Module 3: Extracting the Gold from Your Wardrobe

  • Put your custom wardrobe plan to use by applying it to what you own now.
  • Sort through your clothes like a pro, only keeping what you should and feeling confident about removing the rest.

Module 4: Become a Shopping Ninja

  • Find a healthy clothing budget for your family.
  • Generate ways to save and make money for clothes.
  • Learn the secrets to maximizing your shopping trips and never experiencing shopper’s remorse.

All Weeks/Modules are available immediately when you enroll. Take them one week at a time or binge-watch the entire course!

Your access to the content does not expire so you can take it at your own pace.


Week 1: Learning Your Style & Adapting It To Today’s Trends

  • Intro to Week 1
  • SECTION 1: Getting Started (What to Expect + Identifying Barriers To Easy Style + Motivation & Routine) (11:04)
  • SECTION 2A: Find Your Body Shape & Color Type (12:47)
  • SECTION 2B: Your Personal Style (What Is Fashion And How It Applies To You + Using Pinterest To Discover Your Style + How To Complete The Style Worksheet) (55:56)
  • SECTION 3: Making Your Style Relevant To Today + Staying In The Know (24:59)

Week 2: Creating a Custom Wardrobe Plan

  • Intro to Week 2
  • SECTION 1: Planning Your Perfect Wardrobe (10:00)
  • SECTION 2: Filling In Your Custom Plan (26:05)

Week 3: Applying Your Wardrobe Plan To Your Closet

  • Intro to Week 3
  • Putting Your Plan to Use—Extracting the Gold From Your Current Wardrobe (13:45)
  • BONUS: How to Plan Your Outfits (10:35)

Week 4: Creating a Clothing Budget & Shopping Smart

  • Intro to Week 4
  • SECTION 1: Creating & Stretching Your Clothing Budget (21:08)
  • SECTION 2: Strategies for Shopping Smart (14:06)
  • BONUS TECH TUTORIAL: How to Make Money for Your Clothing Budget Using Rakuten/Ebates (8:25)
  • In Closing: Maintaining a Wardrobe You Love

Additional Bonus Trainings

  • Creating a Color Palette Inspiration Sheet for Your Season

To help you succeed, I’ve included some bonus supplemental trainings and cheatsheets to help you through different steps in the course!

+ More bonus trainings continue to be added and you get access to them all as they release.


When does the course start and finish?

You start and finish whenever you like! 

All modules/weeks are released immediately when you enroll, so you can either pace yourself and take one week at a time or binge-watch the entire thing.

Your access to the content does not expire so you can take the course at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it exists. Which I hope is a very long time!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

What are my options for taking in the lessons?

You can watch videos on your computer or your phone. The printable workbook contains an outline of what you learn in the videos for easy reference later. Learn while washing dishes or while the kids nap.

The material was created with moms in mind! Some exercises will be completed within your workbook and other exercises are hands-on within your closet.

What is the weekly time commitment for taking this course?

Each module/week contains 1-2 hours of lessons/implementation steps. You can complete each module on your own timeline. You are provided with a progress planner to easily keep track of your progress through the program and you can certainly choose to take it at your own pace rather than following the weekly framework.

Is this course really worth my time?

Before buying any course or product you want to know whether it will really give you the results you’re looking for. I’m all about results that stick. You won’t just learn theories and concepts. As we go along, we’ll practice what we learn and actually make it happen so that you’ve set new habits and practices in place by the end of the month. Moms who have finished the steps in this course feel it is 100% worth their time!

What will this course do for me?

In weeks 1 and 2, Frumpy to Fabulous teaches you how to understand your personal style and body type and walks you through creating a wardrobe list that is custom-designed for you.

Weeks 3 and 4 apply that custom wardrobe to your existing closet so that you extract the best and know what needs to go. You’ll also learn how to shop smart to maximize savings while loving everything you bring home.

As a result, this course will make your mornings easier and more positive because getting dressed will be actually be fun and uplifting. You’ll experience more confidence around others in your life. You’ll feel better about the way you look and improve your overall mood as a result. Also you will make new mama friends who understand your struggles in this area because they’ve been experiencing it too.

And finally this course will stop wasteful spending on clothes and help you focus on the few basics that make up a truly useful wardrobe. Most women find they spend less on clothes in the long run after learning the skills we learn together! You’ll even learn easy ways to EARN money for clothes. If you complete all the steps in the course, you WILL see incredible results. And if for whatever reason it doesn’t bring you the value you’re looking for, you can get a refund during the duration of the course!

Will this program still benefit me if I'm not a mom, or I'm an empty nester?

The goal of this program is to help you simplify your wardrobe into something you enjoy wearing, helps you fight the frump with ease by saving you time, and that looks complete on a budget.

While the curriculum will be created with busy moms in mind (particularly moms with children at home), the actual framework and implementation will profit any woman! 

How does this course give me results?

As the lessons go along you’ll have easy challenges to complete either online, in your workbook, or in your closet. The cumulative effect of your interaction with the challenges will lead you to a transformed wardrobe and self-confidence in your style–it will feel almost effortless by the end! 

My budget is tight... shouldn't I save my money for clothes?

Holding out and continuing to buy clothes that doesn’t get used to its fullest potential–or worse, that doesn’t get worn at all– isn’t saving you money. It’s wasting it!

This course helps you dial in on exactly what you should be buying as well as what you shouldn’t spend on. It will help you make better purchases with the money you have, saving moolah in the long run!

In addition, you will learn easy ways to earn money for clothes so that your budget INCREASES while your needs begin to DECREASE. Many moms will earn back the money spent on this course within just a month or two by using these strategies!

How is this course different from the style guides?

If you’re familiar with our style guides for moms, you might be wondering how this course differs from those products. Basically, the style guides are a one-size-fits-all solution that acts as an encyclopedia of outfit ideas that you can pull from your wardrobe. Frumpy to Fabulous is a more custom, thorough approach that teaches you how to create a wardrobe that reflects YOU well.

Here are just a few of the things that aren’t in the outfit guides but are provided by the course:

  • how to figure out your personal style
  • personal color analysis to base your wardrobe color palette on what looks best on you
  • worksheets to help you create a custom wardrobe plan
  • training on how to shop smart & stay within your budget

Students of the course often grab the style guide for outfit inspiration after they’ve gone through the course because the two work well together!



…my concerns included the need for time to shop for clothing, and how to buy clothes that would work for my changing body after having my last baby.

What made you decide you wanted to take Frumpy to Fabulous when it was first offered?

I was very excited about a sort of one-stop course, and it felt as if I had finally found the thing that was going to tie-up a lot of the loose ends for me. I anticipated learning things I didn’t have time to go search out for myself, such as how to find my style or how to create a workable clothing list. The idea that I would be taken thru a step-by-step guide to learn how to identify which clothing items would really work for ME, with my style, my body shape, my budget, and even clothing that I liked, was a major attraction! I certainly found all of this and much more in Frumpy to Fabulous!

What are one or two tangible benefits you have experienced after completing the steps of Frumpy to Fabulous?

I found it so helpful to recognize what my body shape actually is, not what it used to be or what I hope it will be, and that dressing for my body as it is at the moment, will help me to feel my best.

I now have a personalized shopping list that I can take with me whenever I go shopping. I have confidence to walk into the store and look for specific items without feeling that old panic of merely hoping to find something… It may take some time to find that one item, but I won’t be wasting time (and money) browsing the aisles looking for anything to catch my eye, praying that it fits and then bringing it home, only to have it sit in my closet going unworn.

What’s it like to have your custom wardrobe plan after completing the last module? 

Wonderful! Now, with my paired-down wardrobe, it is much simpler to get dressed in the morning. It felt so freeing to purge so many items that I had been holding on to (some for well over 10 years), and having a simplified wardrobe brings me peace of mind.

Who would you recommend this course to? 

I would highly recommend this course to any woman, Mama or single, young woman or more mature, who wants to gain a better understanding of her style and the clothing that will help her to feel her best.  This course goes beyond the Capsule Wardrobe to help you to gain confidence in your unique style, while still providing lots of guidance in what to add to your wardrobe, and choose how to those items. It truly is an all-in-one course!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Pat B. (Lincoln, US)
    Not a cookie cutter wardrobe!!

    I purchased the Frumpy to Fabulous e-course and the women's essential what to wear outfit guide. The course was a lot of thinking and planning. Some of which I will continue to evaluate. "What do I like that works with my colors and body type?" My current wardrobe has very few pieces that I can use with the plan. But what I have that works, looks good and is easy to put together. I don't have very many pieces, so when I want to wear something, I look through the outfit guide for an outfit that uses that piece of clothing and see if I have anything else from that outfit. I know it will take time to build my wardrobe up so I can use the outfit guide to tell me what to wear, but for now it is working to just help me put together the few pieces I have. Thank you for doing the ground work to put this course together. It is nice that once I finished the course, I can have a unique wardrobe that works for me and not a cookie cutter wardrobe.

    Kimberly J. (Columbia City, US)
    Tremendous bang for the buck

    The Frumpy to Fabulous eCourse is designed to be consumed bit by bit but can be devoured in one sitting. Weekly emails help keep students on track and focused. This thorough course includes everything needed to design (AND acquire!) a workable wardrobe fitted to one's personal style, body shape, color palette, lifestyle, and preferences. The course can be completed successfully by oneself; however, if one requires further assistance or just prefers some extra guidance, it is offered by the course's author. Presented in a friendly, fun, professional, informative, and understandable manner by one who gets us.

    Allison R. (Bonners Ferry, US)

    Corina knows exactly my struggles as a working mom with young kids. I just started the course and already feel like I'm leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. I'm also in progress of losing baby weight, so knowing she has advice about transitional pieces is so helpful!

    Kristin P. (Anoka, US)
    Very helpful!

    This course is wonderful and easy to understand. Making my life fabulous and efficient when putting myself together.

    Lisa B. (Gainesville, US)
    Love it!

    What a great course! I am so glad I bought the printed workbook too, nicely bound and beautifully done.

    Amanda C. (Oakhurst, US)
    Love it!

    This has changed my entire outlook on clothing and my wardrobe! I love everything about this book and course!

    Carol C. (Pompano Beach, US)
    Excellent Course

    I am happy I found this program. It is designed to help anyone who wants to gain control of their wardrobe and enjoy using it.

    Debbie J. (Highland, US)
    Step By Step

    This course really breaks down the different steps to achieve your best you. These are great tools to follow and go back to when you are floundering about. Lots of great advice and encouragement.

    Natalie (Colorado Springs, US)
    Baby steps

    This course really breaks things down if you are need extra guidance to figure out your own personal style and your color analysis.

    Debbie J. (Springfield, US)
    From Frumpy to Fabulous

    I highly recommend this ecourse to anyone who is seriously interested wanting to see the best you.



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