(Print Book) The Women's Essentials Style Guide (4th Ed.)
(Print Book) The Women's Essentials Style Guide (4th Ed.)
(Print Book) The Women's Essentials Style Guide (4th Ed.)

(Print Book) The Women's Essentials Style Guide (4th Ed.)

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Enjoy your outfit guide in print with this beautiful hard copy. 

Most office stores charge well over $100 to print the pages of the outfit guide in full color. You can snag a soft-cover, professionally printed and bound book for less.

The guide was designed with print in mind! You'll love the use of the color strips on the side as tabs to easily flip to the outfit section you're looking for.


  • Beautiful, book-store-quality hard copy that is identical in content to the eBook 
  • Color: Full-color
  • Cover: Soft cover
  • Pages: ‎ 380 pages
  • Binding: Perfect bound (quality glue binding)
  • Item Weight ‏: ‎ 2.38 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎ 8.5 x 0.9 x 11 inches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 265 reviews
    Samantha Newman
    This has helped me love fashion again!

    As a young girl, I loved clothes and make up and doing my hair. Once I had children, my body was unrecognisable, and I wasn't sure how to dress it anymore. I've just had my fourth baby, and I decided it was time to take the plunge and buy the Frump Fighters book. I'm so glad I did! Shopping for clothes has been fun again, and knowing I can look put together with little effort is such a relief to this worn out mama! Thank you Corina!

    Lilia R

    I finally understand why my closet is full of clothes and yet, "I have nothing to wear". Can you you relate? After following the steps to clean out my closet, and going through the checklist of essential pieces, I finally got it. I had multiple pieces of the same type of garments. Pieces that couldn't be match by color nor style. I can't wait to finish the inventory on my clothes and start using the calendar of outfits. This book is practical, easy to follow, and beautifully illustrated.

    Ruth Branca
    Surprisingly useful

    I actually bought this when my hubby and I were arguing and I was tired of unflattering comments about what I was wearing! This gave me the courage to get a couple shirts that fit my current size with our stressful life situation and my extra lbs from my last pregnancy instead of hoping I’ll magically reverse sizes. I already feel substantially better about myself and am really grateful to not be tugging my shirts down all the time to cover my tummy that doesn’t really fit into a medium anymore. I’ve started using the outfits that fit with what I already have clothing wise. Surprisingly, I have a lot already that work and I really appreciate the reminders to put on a pair of earrings and get a non broken purse so I’m not juggling diapers, wipes, wallet, phone, keys, and snack every time I go out. I definitely appreciate all the time and effort Corina has put into this and am looking forward to sending my sisters and sister in law this way.

    Martina Tschumi
    Love this collection

    This is such a help in organizing my wardrobe!

    Karen Mc Aravey
    Game Changer!!

    I have never been very good at being fashionable, I am very much a plain jane when it comes to clothing and have always bought at the cheapest stores. I live in South Africa and don't have access to half the outlets suggested however, this program is so adaptable worldwide, the clothing items are simple, the style is current & fashionable, and I have finally got more of an understanding of what to buy and what colours, I may still buy more than one of the same item. But I have so much more direction. I have only implemented a few things and already getting complements with my styling of my clothes.

    I feel more confident getting dressed in the morning, even as a working mom. THANK you so much for this program! Can't wait to get the calendar when I have sorted out my wardrobe.

    Great information

    I really like how you can use your own clothes. They also teach you how to build the outfit up or down.

    Natalie Garner
    Very helpful

    While I’m still in the process of getting through completing my closet, so far I really am finding the women’s essential useful. It has given me confidence about what to wear and reignited my live for what I already own in my closet. I’m looking forward to getting further into the program.



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