The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar - Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar - Business Casual Outfit Ideas for All Seasons of the Year - Open on desk with hands
2 women holding open the The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar
5 Outfits Per week, 2 blank days, 132 business casual outfit ideas total - The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar
The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar - Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - Undated, monthly outfits and weekly outfit breakdowns
5 Outfits Per week, 2 blank days, 132 business casual outfit ideas total - The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar
Everything you get with the The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar - Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe Plan Checklist Printable and 132 Outfit Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
Graphic indicating the Business Outfit Calendar works inside the Frump Fighters Interactive platform as well.
The Women's Business Outfit Calendar comes with a bonus Amazon Shopping Guide containing essentials for Business Casual wardrobe.

The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar

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Are you looking to make your mornings and life easier with done-for-you, professional outfit combos using your clothes? Are you tired of dull office outfits and want to breathe new life into your looks without rehauling your whole wardrobe? Our Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar will help you achieve that in no time!

This outfit calendar offers 132 carefully styled outfit combinations for the modern woman for a simple, chic look every workday of the year.

Whether you choose the easy-to-print PDF or the more luxurious spiral-bound hard copy, this calendar has everything you need to stay stylish and fashionable all year round.

It includes a detailed capsule wardrobe list that details the basic Business Casual and Business Professional essentials every woman needs for each season of the year, from tops and bottoms to dresses, to jewelry, accessories, and shoes.

You can easily match your clothes to what you already have in your closet and discover the pieces you may still need to fill in wardrobe gaps.

Plus, you'll get a bonus Amazon Shopping Guide with dozens of highly-rated links to the top business essentials recommended on the checklist.


The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar will give you peace of mind and a personalized sense of style. It's the perfect gift to give yourself if you’re often pressed for time or simply want to take the guesswork out of getting ready.

With easy access to 132 outfit combinations formatted as a calendar, you’ll always be able to find something that fits your lifestyle. Spend less time figuring out what to wear and more time focusing on the things that really matter--like spending time with your family before heading to work.


Important Notes:

  • ✅ Will work inside the Frump Fighters Interactive™! Purchase any package to see the capsule plan and outfits instantly inside your Interactive account. Interactive account must be purchased separately. 

  • ✅ This product works by itself! You do not need the Style Guide book in order to use it. It comes with everything you need, including the complete capsule wardrobe plan. Most customers of the Style Guide book also get this calendar so that they don't have to think about which outfit to wear each day.


Key Features:

  1. 132 On-trend Outfit Combos - 12 Months of Outfits (broken down into outfits for fall, winter, spring & summer; 3 months per season)
  2. Undated Monthly & Weekly Outfit Pages (so it works for any work schedule and location in the world)
  3. Detailed Women's Business Essentials Capsule Wardrobe Plan Included
  4. Outfit Styles Range from Business Casual to Business Professional
  5. Bonus: Amazon Shopping Guide Included

The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar is essential for busy women who want to feel professionally put together but comfortable for every day at the office.

Imagine having tried-and-true outfit combinations ready and available for you every workday. You don't have to worry about putting together an outfit that is both stylish and professional. Simply hang the calendar in your closet for an outfit pick-me-up at a glance that will quickly get you ready for the day, no matter what the occasion — a regular work day, meetings, presentations, travel, date nights, holidays, and more.

The calendar includes 132 unique outfit combinations, each detailed on both a monthly and weekly page view so that you can easily recreate it with your own pieces. (Check out the images to see how this design works!)

It also comes with a detailed yet concise wardrobe essentials list (as a printable PDF) so you can shop your closet to "match" your items to the list and also uncover any wardrobe gaps you may want to fill.


With The Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar, you'll be able to boost your confidence and motivate yourself to look your best for work every day!

Check out the photos for a peek at the way the calendar is formatted!

✅ Will work inside the Frump Fighters Interactive™! Purchase any package to see the capsule plan and outfits instantly inside your Interactive account. Interactive account must be purchased separately. 



Will this make me buy a bunch of clothes?

The main purpose of this product is to help you use the clothes you already own. So while you will likely find several items on our wardrobe list you want to eventually buy, you can start by actually PURGING your closet of unneeded items and not buying anything new at all. Then as you budget allows you can shop with purpose, never buying things you won't use again!

How does this work if you don't know what's in my closet?
Great question... the way it works is we have a standard wardrobe checklist that you use to "shop your closet" for wardrobe essentials. We keep the categories standard so you'll be able to find most of these essentials in your closet already.

For example: “Neutral “Dressy Pants, "Color Blouse”, “Neutral Blazer", "Minimalist Earrings" etc! Then the calendar shows you all the ways those work essentials combine into cute outfits and spreads them out through the year.

You'll end up using what you own more, and you'll easily spot the gaps in your closet so that the next shopping trip is way more purposeful and no-brainer. If the outfit listed for a day includes an item you don't have yet, you either swap in what you do have or skip to another day. You'll be surprised how this pulls your closet together!

The weather where I live can be bipolar, cool in the morning and hot by the evening- how would this work for me?

The outfits in the calendar are purposely designed for climates that are not extremely hot nor extremely cold so that it can be easily adapted. What our customers do is just use the outfits as a starting off point and then jump to an outfit in a cooler or warmer month if they need to adapt! The calendar is undated so you can label the months however you like.

Further, it just gives you something to start with in the morning without thinking about it - and the cooler outfits are often layered so you can easily shed layers or switch to a cooler top if the weather gets hot later in the day.

Another option we'd highly recommend is to add our Interactive platform with your purchase to use the customizable version of the calendar. It allows you create a custom calendar of the outfits based on the climate in your area (by zip code or city... works worldwide). It's super cool!

Does this work for pregnant and nursing moms?
The creator, Corina, has used the style guides through four pregnancies and while nursing. So yes it does! You simply get maternity & nursing style of the clothes (we tell you which ones need to be maternity and which you can adapt).

Does this work for plus size too?
Yes, we have women of every shape and size using our style guides & calendars and looking fab!

What if I’m over 40, will this still work for me?
Absolutely! A majority of our customers are actually in the 35-55 range. And we have many seniors using it too. The plan is flexible enough to adapt to your taste and style while still allowing the outfits in the calendar to work beautifully.

Is this a hard copy that is mailed to me or a printable PDF?
You can choose either a printable-only version or hard copy of the calendar before adding to cart! Both options supply you with a printable PDF file of the calendar, as well as a PDF of the complete Women's Essentials Capsule Wardrobe Plan. Note to international customers: The hard copy package is currently available for shipping within the United States only.

What is the Frump Fighters Interactive and do I need it to use the Women's Business What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar?
The Interactive is Frump Fighters’ online styling platform which offers a digital/customizable way to use your purchase. Inside your Interactive account you’ll be able to customize your wardrobe plans and outfits with pictures of your own clothes, generate a custom outfit calendar based on your weather, share and get inspiration from other members, save your favorite outfits, and much more. To use your Women’s Business Outfit Calendar inside the Interactive, purchase both this Outfit Calendar (either digital or hard copy) and also the Interactive here. (Check the Frequently Bought Together deal below as it might be offered together at a discount).


This specific Outfit Calendar is a new product, so reviews will roll in soon! But check out our reviews on the similar Women's Essentials Outfit Calendar and the Business Style Guide that this calendar is based on:

What women say about the Business Capsule & Outfits that this Calendar is based on:

“Perfect for all of your Business Dress Needs - I get overwhelmed with shopping and often spend too much on pieces that can only make one outfit. This is a plan. Just stick to the list and it does the work!” - Tobie

“New world for me - So, I got the Business Style Guide as I thought I need a better office outfit. I was sooo right.. With help of the Guide I reaslized how bad I styled myself without realizing. I thought I was wearing Business Casual, but I was totally wrong. Inspired by the outfits and the cleaning of my wardrobe I tried a new outfit which looked nice. On that day I got compliments from EVERYONE. Really from everyone who sees me reguarly. So I am ready for a new styling journey - thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.” - Marion

“Just What I Was Looking For - Returning to work after more than 10 years as a SAHM. This guide was just the jump start I needed to build up my professional wardrobe. I appreciate that the items that overlapped with the casual guide were highlighted.” - Cassidy

“It is so helpful when preparing what to wear to work, to have some ideas on hand. I started a new job and having things put out for the week at the beginning of the week is so helpful and being able to look forward and pick out the outfits from the guide is so helpful.” - Julia

“This guide has taken the "decision fatigue" aspect out of getting dressed for this working mom! Absolutely LOVE it!” - Julie le Roux

What women say about the Outfit Calendar format:

“Never knew I NEEDED this! - The What-To-Wear Outfit Calendar is THE best thing I have come across ever! It helps getting ready every day so easy! I love that my outfits for the year are pretty much all picked out for me. Thanks again! :)” - MH

“My Daily Thrifting List - That's one of the biggest things I love about the What to Wear Daily Calendar--I can look a day or two, or sometimes a week, ahead on the calendar and see if there are any pieces I'm missing, and then hit up my thrift store or my closet for those pieces. The calendar just makes shopping, planning, and dressing so easy!” - Heidi

“I feel stylish & put together everyday! - I am the kind of mom who puts on a little makeup and gets dressed everyday. Having the calendar not only took out the guess work and got me ready more quickly, I actually feel like I’m not just dressed.. I’m STYLED! I love being able to shop my own clothes every month, rotate things out when I need to, and really think about how each price of my clothing makes me feel. Life saver!! And having the hard copy of the calendar hanging up in my closet is my fav!” - Danielle

“YES! - I've been using the Outfit Calendar for little over a month and almost every day worn a piece of clothing I haven't worn in years, not to mention all the necklaces and earrings of some of which I've never worn! I do have some gaps in my capsule wardrobe but I don't feel a need to fill them immediately, I'll buy when something that feels right comes along and pieces/styles that don't feel right for me I'll just omit. And laundry, I've never had this little laundry! I simply air and brush the clothes and put them back in the closet until I've used an item so many times it needs to be washed (which hasn't happened yet because nothing has been worn more than 2-3 times). I highly recommend the Outfit Calendar to anyone who finds it difficult putting nicelooking outfits together or who opens their closet every morning and feel they have nothing to wear. It makes getting dressed both easier and more fun!” - Anna


Package options

Both packages include:

  • a printable PDF file of the calendar,
  • a PDF of the complete Women's Essentials Capsule Wardrobe Plan,
  • and the bonus Amazon Shopping Guide.

The hard copy package also includes a physical, spiral-bound copy of the calendar. Shipping restriction: At the moment, the hard copy package can only be shipped to locations within the United States.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 189 reviews
    Demi D. (Thibodaux, US)
    Quality! Quick!

    It’s printed very professionally and great for at a glance fashion decisions!

    Beth T. (Bloomington, US)
    So helpful

    I see outfits put together that I hadn’t thought of. Thank you!


    Love this little tool - great for planning your week, organizing your closet, packing for a trip or those last minute mornings when you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!

    Leslie T. (Wahiawa, US)
    No-brainer Capsule Wardrobe

    The Women's Essentials What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar makes it so easy to put together a smart look in an instant--no wasted time trying to figure it out! Love it!


    Great product and very easy to use. Just what I needed, thanks 😊

    Joanne G. (Stoughton, US)

    I have tried other wardrobe capsules, I found this one to be the easiest to use. It suits my style very well. Thank you.

    Charlotte (Carson City, US)
    Such great help!

    This had really helped me to try different pieces together, ones that I never would have put together! This has inspired me to take pics of the ones that work for my body and the pieces I already have.

    Stacy J. (Tulsa, US)
    Life Hack A+

    I love this system to life hack my way into easier mornings and a much more confident appearance. Well worth it

    Christine B. (Twin Falls, US)
    Helpful for getting started

    I've been trying to make the capsule wardrobe work for years. This calendar makes the decision making process much faster. I don't have all of the pieces yet but having a quick page to look at makes deciding on outfits a smoother process. Looking forward to using it over time.

    Theresa D. (Millville, US)
    Great purchase

    Such a great resource!! Love the fact that you can use what you already have in your closet to create these super cute outfits!! So easy to use and it really helps with knowing what essentials you need in your closet!! So happy I purchased this!!



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