Wardrobe Win Workshop by Frump Fighters - How to shop for clothes online, Step-by-step guide to online clothes shopping
Wardrobe Win Workshop by Frump Fighters - why buying clothes online is a good idea and how to buy clothes online that fit.
Wardrobe Win Workshop by Frump Fighters - how to buy all your clothes online, steps to in online shopping
Wardrobe Win Workshop by Frump Fighters - tips for hassle-free online clothes shopping, finding the right size, where to buy clothes online, and finding the perfect clothes
Wardrobe Win Workshop by Frump Fighters - how do you buy clothes online, steps to online shopping for good deals.

Click, Buy, Love: Online Clothes Shopping Made Easy (Wardrobe Win Workshop)

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Do you hate shopping for clothes? Do you wish you could simplify the process of shopping but wondering if buying clothes online is a good idea?

"Click, Buy, Love: Online Clothes Shopping Made Easy" transforms the headache of clothes shopping into a breeze.  This Quick-Win Workshop is your guide on how to buy clothes online that fit your style and body perfectly, ensuring you find exactly what you need online without overspending or wasting time.

Learn how to order clothes online with confidence through a video training filled with step-by-step tactics. 

Discover how to find clothes you'll love, pinpoint exactly what to buy, and learn how to stack deals and never pay for shipping.

The cherry on top? A workbook that lets you put these strategies into action. This isn't just about watching and learning; it's about doing and mastering.

Wave goodbye to the days of dressing room frustrations. Welcome to your new era of shopping smart, all from the cozy comfort of home.

Do you struggle with: 

  • 😩 Difficulty finding the right clothing items while shopping online
  • 😓 Feeling overwhelmed with the vast selection of online stores and products
  • 🤑 Struggling to stay within budget while shopping for clothing online
  • 🛒 Wasting time and energy on returns due to ill-fitting or unsatisfactory purchases
  • 📱 Lack of guidance on how to effectively navigate online shopping platforms
  • 📉 Not knowing how to get the best deals and discounts available online (without checking daily)

This video workshop by Corina Holden will teach you how to make these struggles a thing of the past by learning how to shop like a ninja online. 

What you'll learn: 

  • How to know exactly what you NEED to shop for, and avoid ordering stuff just because it's on sale (when your wardrobe doesn't really need it)
  • How to stay within budget when buying online
  • The key to avoiding overwhelm when browsing online (there are TOO many options!)
  • How to score the best deals (without having to check for sales constantly)
  • Learn the smart steps in online shopping to master the art of finding and purchasing any clothing item you're looking for
  • How to stack discounts and never pay for shipping (including strategies you never thought to use at checkout!!)
  • 3 of Corina's favorite Chrome browser extensions to help get the best deals as you shop
  • How to never pay for return shipping 

*Note: The main workshop video for this product was included in the 2023 Get Organized HQ All Access Pass. If you own that, you can purchase this to add the worksheets and bonus video.

 What You'll Get

What You'll Get:

  • Easy-to-follow video training*: Learn the smart and easy way to shop for clothes online with a step-by-step video tutorial.
  • Reference Guide: Apply and reference the steps and strategies you've learned from the video with our accompanying workbook.


  • Bonus video showing a real life example of Corina going through all the steps from the workshop to shop for some wardrobe gaps for the coming season
  • Printable Women's Essentials Shopping Checklist
  • Huge directory of online stores put together by Frump Fighters (organized by price range and store type)

This is a digital/printable product. Nothing will be shipped. You get instant access!

  • How quickly can I take in the information in this workshop? The main video is about 37 minutes long and there is a bonus example video that is under 10 minutes. All the information is also on a printable reference sheet so you can keep it with you to apply what you learned next time you shop.
  • Can I benefit from this workshop if I'm on a tight budget? Yes, definitely! One of our key focuses is teaching you how to shop smart and stay within your budget. We share strategies on how to avoid impulse purchases, stack discounts, and even get free shipping to ensure you're getting the best deals possible.
  • Will this still apply to me if I'm not in the U.S.? Yes! This is one of the reasons we created this workshop--we want our international customers to be empowered to find anything they need for their wardrobes from the stores available in their countries. Corina teaches you steps and strategies that can be applied in any country. Note: If you aren't in the US, UK, FR, AU, or CA, there are a couple of money-saving tools she talks about that may not be available in your country, but these are optional and only a small part of the overall workshop.
  • Will the strategies in this workshop apply to shopping from any online store? Yes, the tactics and strategies we share are designed to be universal. Whether you're shopping from large retailers or boutique online stores, you'll learn how to navigate, find the best deals, and make choices that are right for your wardrobe. We include a huge directory of stores, sorted by type and free returns so that you can discover the perfect online stores for your style and price point.
  • What is the format of this workshop? Is it live? The workshop is made up of 2 pre-recorded videos that can be watched in under an hour. It includes a reference sheet containing all the info from the video + more for each reference later.
  • I've had issues with online shopping in the past, particularly with returns. Does the workshop cover how to deal with returns and ensure they're not costly? Yes, one of the key aspects of our workshop is teaching you how to always get free shipping and never may for returns.
  • What comes with this workshop? See the "What You'll Get Tab" for this information.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Tammy B. (Harleysville, US)
    Great Shopping Resource

    I love having ideas and support to buy online clothes. This has helped find more items and create daily outfits.

    Nelleigh (Clarkston, US)
    Great tips that will help make online shopping so much easier

    I walked away with quite a few tips to help me save money and time with online clothes shopping in the future. Definitely worth it!

    Jenelle D. (Clarkston, US)
    Practical Ways To Shop From the Comfort of Your Home

    I really enjoyed Corina's tips to shopping for clothing online and came away with several tips that I'll be using going forward. The materials provided are easy to read, understand and use and as it's an e-course, you can access everything right away. I already used one of the tips yesterday to purchase a piece for my capsule wardrobe!

    Megan H. (Jackson, US)
    A helpful resource for busy women!

    Shopping online can be such a frustrating experience, but it's way better than dragging a bunch of kids to several stores. Corina's practical, well organized style in the video and resources will help women of any age find what they really NEED and stop buying things they don't like or wear. Use the checklist, follow her shopping tips, and love how you look!



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