ipad with Women's Business Style Guide on cute clothes for work. Business Casual and Business Professional Style Guide - Capsule wardrobe checklist and outfit ideas for work attire.
Comes as hard copy, eBook/digital, and printable: Women's Business Casual and Business Professional Style Guide - Capsule wardrobe checklist and outfit ideas for work attire.
Woman opening Business Style Guide - Capsule wardrobe checklist and outfit ideas for work attire.
The Women's Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.)
The Women's Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.)
The Women's Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.)
The Women's Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.)
The Women's Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.)
What you get - The Women's Business Style Guide works inside our Interactive Digital Closet Web App.
Woman choosing outfit idea- Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe & Outfits Style Guide
Print book, soft cover: Women's Business Casual and Business Professional Style Guide - Capsule wardrobe checklist and outfit ideas for work attire.
The Women's Business Style Guide - Capsule wardrobe checklist and outfit ideas for work attire.
iPad eBook Package + Closet App - Women's Business Casual and Business Professional Style Guide - Capsule wardrobe checklist and outfit ideas for work attire.
iPad eBook Package + Closet App + Hard Copy Book- Women's Business Casual and Business Professional Style Guide - Capsule wardrobe checklist and outfit ideas for work attire.

The Women's Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.)

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Works inside the Frump Fighters Interactive™! You'll see the Business capsule wardrobe plan checklist and outfit ideas instantly inside your Interactive account. Requires previous Interactive (Basic Level) purchase. Look below for discounted bundle option!


The Women's Business Style Guide is designed for working women who need a professional looking wardrobe and chic outfit inspiration on a budget.

Dressing stylishly and in something more than black slacks can feel challenging when you're busy being a mom too! This book is designed for women that feel a lack of confidence about fashion but that want to feel put together and stylish at work while transitioning easily back to home with their kids. It's also designed with budget-friendliness as top of mind.

As a mom, you need professional attire that is also mom-friendly. And you need a professional wardrobe that mixes and matches into many different outfits using a small number of clothes to keep it efficient and budget-friendly. To that end, this book walks you through quickly shaping a re-mixable capsule wardrobe that helps you look on-point at work while transitioning to home easily.

Also, the capsule is designed to work seamlessly with the "at home" counterpart book called the Women's Essentials Style Guide so that you can double up on the use of many items for at-home and at-work outfits.

The style guide also sticks with you daily, showing you dozens of chic outfits to create from your wardrobe without the need to desperately browse Pinterest for inspiration every morning.

This book is right for you if…

  • You feel like fighting the frump at home is hard enough and thinking about cute work attire just gives you a headache?
  • You’re bored by your work wardrobe and wonder what else you can wear other than slacks and a blouse?
  • You're a teacher needing more professional outfits (Note: This depends on how dressy your school dress code is. Some teachers prefer the more casual Women's Essentials Style Guide which includes several dressy outfits per season.)
  • You own a closet full of work wear but hardly any of it gets worn.
  • You’re nervous that if you go shopping you’ll just end up with a bunch of new clothes that only go together in a handful of ways. What a waste of money!

I totally get it. But breath easy! Your professional wardrobe doesn’t have to be frustrating, or boring, or expensive

With The Women's Business Style Guide, you’ll get excited about how easy it is to dress “chic” for the office.

It’ll feel nearly effortless–but 100% rewarding!–to fight the frump both at work and at home.

What business dress code does this book cover? How dressy/formal is it?

This style guide covers the most common dress code for work spanning Business Casual to Business Professional. The capsule wardrobe includes all the pieces you need for these dress codes and the outfit combinations show you how to style them!  We also include business suits in the checklist and a bonus flow chart on how to style suits for Business Formal environments like law offices and high-level executive roles. Regardless of how dressy you need to be for work, this guide's got you covered!

Explanation of Business Dress Codes Formality in Work Attire - Examples of what is Business Formal vs Professional vs Casual vs Workleisure



  • This outfit guide combines nicely with the more casual Women's Essentials Style Guide. Several of the pieces used overlap so that you can maximize the use of your wardrobe both at home and at work. See the bundle offer below.


Features Included
  • eBook with:

    • List of clothing pieces needed
    • Links to exact or similar pieces online
    • Pre-filled shopping list printable
    • Step-by-step guide to shaping your capsule from your existing wardrobe
    • 132 outfits split evenly throughout the year
    • Stylist tips below outfit breakdowns (e.g. "Add belt; partially front-tuck")
  • FREE BONUS #1: "Customize Your Capsule" Mini Course. Learn how to swap items in the plan like a pro. You'll also get step-by-step instructions for how to create your own color palette. Access to this mini course is included free!

  • FREE BONUS #2: Additional pre-designed color palettes to choose from. If you know your season type, you will love having a few season-specific color palette ideas to draw inspiration from in planning your own unique color palette to use on your wardrobe!

  • FREE BONUS #3: Amazon Shopping Guide featuring links to various options for all the essential clothing items in the clothing checklist. 


NEW to 2nd Edition

The new edition has many updates, all based on the feedback received from previous customers! Here are some of the most major changes:

  • New name. We changed the collection name from The Year-Round Business Style Guide for Moms to The Women's Business Style GuideIt's still designed for moms but also serves any woman needing a flexible, put together, and easy-to-wear wardrobe.
  • Simplified steps to get started. We refined the 5 steps to get started and added some visuals and worksheets, including help picking your "style words."
  • 54 MORE Outfit Combinations for a total of 132 outfits for work, including new outfits that are semi-casual for "Casual Fridays" and Business cocktail party dress outfits.
  • Outfits now further broken down by single season (previously fall/winter and spring/summer were lumped together), so you can find outfits that better match your weather.
  • Capsule Plan improved significantly. Several items were removed (Feminine Vest, Plaid Scarf, Block Heeled Mules, and others) and replaced by several others that were added
    • Print Blazer
    • Print Dressy Pants
    • Pumps
    • Dark Wash Jeans (for "Casual Fridays")
    • White Tee (we show you how to dress this basic up for work!)
    • Chambray Button-Down (we show you how to dress this basic up for work!)
    • Formal Dress (for business cocktail parties)
    • Minimalist Necklace
    • and others...
    • The book includes pages detailing ALL the wardrobe checklist changes carefully so you can easily understand the difference compared to your previous checklist.
  • New business piece examples for a fresh, contemporary look.
  • Capsule plan pages now provide FULL details on each of the items (instead of just an example image)
  • Added flow chart for styling a Business Suit. We added a bonus section on how to style a skirt suit or pants suit for those needing Business Formal outfits. 
  • Added guide explaining the four main business dress codes. Explains the difference between Workleisure, Business Casual, Business Professional, and Business Formal and how to achieve each. 
  • Bonus Shopping Guide: You'll also get access to a just-created Amazon Shopping Guide for the essential Business items in the plan.
Package Options

There are 2 package options that build on each other. 

DIGITAL Package: eBook & Inside Interactive™ DIGITAL + PRINT Package: eBook & Inside Interactive™ + Print Copy
  • eBook with steps, capsule plan, and outfits
  • Access to the collection inside the Interactive™ (account must be purchased separately if you wish to use that format)
  • Bonus Mini Course & Color Scheme Templates for help putting your capsule wardrobe together
  • Bonus Business Essentials Amazon Shopping Guide

Everything in the other package, plus adds a print copy that is mailed to you.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Roxane R. (North Highlands, US)

      I bought the style guide to use for really nice outfits for church. I have so many nice clothes and was not sure how to style them. This style guide has been so helpful!

      Irene R.R.E. (Granada, ES)
      Love it!

      It's an amazing product. I now have more time in the mornings and I have saved money on clothes. I highly recommend it.

      Mary D. (Evansville, US)
      Frump Fighters

      I like the outfits. I don’t always have everything in the pictures, but they give me ideas of what I can do with what I have.


      Great helping me put together outfits for school.


      Great item! Could use a more formal one for those required to wear more formal pieces.

      Jen (Austin, US)
      Interactive Platform (Premium)

      I recently upgraded to the Premium interactive platform and it is amazing! I have several of the style collections (business, casual, athleisure), and am able to merge them into one calendar generated by the platform. No more trying to figure it all out myself. In addition, the customer service has been fast and super helpful. Thank you!!!

      Jen H. (Collinsville, US)
      Great so far!

      I'm enjoying all the ways I can customize my Interactive experience and this Business Style Guide has been a great resource as I transition to an office job and build my work wardrobe.

      Claudia M. (Siena, IT)
      An Easy Database Tool to Organize Your Wardrobe and Maximize Your Clothing Investment

      The Women’s Essentials book is great—it gets you started in streamlining your current wardrobe and analyzing what you no longer need and what you could add to enhance what remains. But the Interactive Tool makes it possible to upload your actual wardrobe items and play with them to your heart’s content—to be more creative, more daring and to multiply the value of your current wardrobe to a point you would not think possible. I love being able to see my items put together in hundreds of ways on my computer screen first, before taking the time and energy of putting them all on. I’m 70 years old—the system is usable for my age, but could be modified to be more amenable to the older set. In the meantime, I’m trying to find work-arounds (e.g., swapping out all those shorts they have in the capsule to crop pants or skorts). Hopefully, in time, Frump Fighters will find that there is enough interest in those who are well past childbearing years and have changed/changing bodies requiring other fashion styles, and will make new categories and outfits that keep us from looking frumpy and help us look as stylish and appropriately youthful as possible. I’m still giving 5 stars because the concept, the interactive tool, the responsive staff all deserve 5 stars for what they have created. They created a market niche around mothers with children and I respect that—and staying focused on your target market is a good thing. But … all of those young women will eventually become my age…. :-)

      Jackie (Rochester, US)
      I love this

      I bought the essential guide and was loving looking cuter with 0% more thinking needed, and then I realized the outfits were a bit too casual for my office job. This is the perfect supplement to keeping me looking cute at work without having to put any thought into it.

      B.A. A. (High Point, US)
      Just what I needed!

      I have always struggled with buying clothes that look nice and I could wear in different ways. This really helps with that. Can't wait to try out some new combos at work.



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