The Body Shape Cheat Sheet
The Body Shape Cheat Sheet
The Body Shape Cheat Sheet

The Body Shape Cheat Sheet

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Wish you knew what kinds of styles, cuts and shapes of clothes flatter you best? This 6-page printable cheat sheet will help you:

  • Determine your body shape with an easy worksheet (you might be surprised by your results!)
  • Use the detailed body shape chart to learn what kinds of tops, bottoms, completer pieces, and dresses will look best on you, including key tips for Plus Size and Petite shapes

Use this product together our Outfit Guide books to shop for styles from the capsule wardrobe list that will make you look your best!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Tanya Tylutki

    I can’t say enough about The Body Shape Cheat Sheet FINALLY a guide just for me!!! What a relief it is to know what clothes styles fit my body best!! I also liked the idea to take my measurements to help with shopping for clothes I know exactly which size to get based on my own measurements!!!

    Cecilia L.
    Worth every penny

    I found this to be very helpful! It really opened my eyes to why some clothes fit better than others in my closet. There really is an emotional connection to the fit of our clothes and our personal satisfaction and mood.

    This guide enabled me to go shopping with confidence. I had specific features to look for that would be flattering for my body shape. Shopping no longer felt like a shot in the dark.
    I look forward to using this with my teenage daughters in the future.

    Andzelika Ciechanowicz

    The perfect cheat sheet for womens who want to know the shape of their figure and emphasize it!

    Mary Hickman

    I love this! Very helpful!

    Happy Customer
    Great customer service

    They really helped me decide which items to purchase. Super excited to dive it! I'm a driver personality and this is a lot of detail for me, but I know it will be well worth it :)

    Meagan Wood
    So helpful

    Such a helpful printable to finally figure out what shape I am and to help me dress better and fight the frump. A great companion to the outfit guides. Makes shopping so much easier!

    Kim B
    Very Happy!

    I'm not the person who just knows what looks good on me. Filling put the Body Shape workbook and using the main guide has really changed how I look and search for clothes. I'm not just buying a sports tshirt cause I have to have something to wear anymore! I'm very happy!



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