Frump Fighters is in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Exciting news! This year my most popular product, The Stay-at-Home Mom's Year Round Outfit Guide is included in a very large bundle of resources on Homemaking called the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle available May 1-6.

That means for this limited time you can get my popular outfit guide with 103 other products included!

It's an incredible deal. ❤ 

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019


What is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?


It is a mega bundle that includes products from dozens of contributors (including myself!) all on the topic of taking care of your home, your family, and yourself.

It is sold for 6 days only every year and contains NEW products every year. The curators behind the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (the team at Ultimate Bundles) cook up a fresh, new selection of products every year so you don't get repeats.

The bundle discounts the products at a rate of a whopping 98% percent (YES, ninety-eight percent) so that you end up getting 104 products worth $2,294 for just $29.97.

When you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle you’ll get access to:

  • 27 eBooks
  • 30 eCourses & videos
  • 25 printables
  • 16 workbooks
  • 3 summits
  • 2 membership sites

This year the bundle includes my Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide! 🤩

This eBook is my most popular product, giving you visual examples of 288 outfits for moms broken down among the four seasons.

It alone costs $39.99 but you are getting the entire bundle with 103 other products for $29.97!! 😲

If you've been considering the outfit guide, then getting the bundle is no-brainer because:

  • The bundle is cheaper than the outfit guide itself
  • The bundle has 103 OTHER popular products too!

It's basically like getting my outfit guide at a discount and 103 other products included for FREE. 😲

Exclusive Bonus: The What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable

Not only will you get my Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide in the bundle, I'm also offering the What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable that works together with the Outfit Guide AS A FREE BONUS!

This is my thank you for using my link to help cover the cost for these two products 🙏

To redeem this bonus, simply email me at nowthaticando [at] gmail [dot] com to let me know you purchased the bundle!



Is this a scam?

It really does seem too cheap to be true doesn't it?

When I first came across an Ultimate Bundle sale like this one in 2016, I was super skeptical. How in the world could so many resources be sold at such a low price?

But it's 100% legitimate.

The reason bloggers like myself can include our products in such a discounted bundle is because it gives us the chance to reach thousands of women that we couldn't reach otherwise.

It is a sacrifice that makes sense to me and all the other product creators who were invited to be a part of this amazing bundle.

Since 2016 I've purchased about 6 bundles and I snatch any new ones up when they apply to my life because IT'S REAL. Every bundle has a new set of HIGH QUALITY resources at 96-98% off!!

It's insane.

When I want a planning printable, or activity ideas for the kids, or verse cards to go over with them, or a meal planning refresher... you name it... I just log in to my bundle dashboard and find something from the bundle to meet my need!

My Favorite Products in the Bundle

Here are some of the products I'm most excited about in this bundle with my notes in italics.

Since you're on my email list you and I are probably pretty similar in our life stages right now so these might resonate with you too:

  1. This was incredible. -> Complete Chore Board Printable Pack by Jessica Evans
  2. Grabbed a lot of ideas for the Holden Handbook! -> 101 Screen-Free Ideas: Printable Activity Cards by Julie McCorkle
  3. So cute and fun! -> Giant Date Night Bucket Lists: Printable Posters for Couples by The Dating Divas
  4. These are so thorough! -> Kids Sorted: 100+ Printables for a Calm and Happy Home by Karen Schravemade
  5. My kids love play dough! -> The Amazing Play Dough Printables Pack by Cathy James
  6. Gotta check out her "Kid's eat free" restaurant list. -> The Humbled Homemaker's Meal Planning Printables Bundle by Erin Odom
  7. Will use this in the morning with the kids. -> ABC Bible Memory Workbook for Kids by Jennifer Smith
  8. Really basic but great for first time moms. -> The Postpartum Plan by Erin Huiatt
  9. Love time blocking! -> Time Blocking 101 by Donna Shenk
  10. This was really helpful! -> From Grouchy to Great: Finding Joy in the Journey of Motherhood
  11. Not at this stage with my kids yet, but want to look it over. -> Online Safety Handbook: How to Safely Navigate Social Media & The Internet by Corinne Roth
  12. Can't wait to dive in and get some new makeup ideas! -> Bust Out of the Makeup Rut by Alison Lumbatis
  13. Always looking for meal planning inspiration. -> Anchored Women Meal Planner: A Simplified System by Kayse Pratt
  14. So excited to check this out to help create a vision for my little family. -> Creating Family Vision Boards to Strengthen Family Culture by Greg & Rachel Denning
  15. Helping me make summer plans. -> Guilt Free Guide to Summer: Your Fail-Proof Plan to a Summer with Kids You Can Feel Good About by JoAnn Crohn
  16. Perfect to help with the living room redesign I want to do this year. -> Redesign Your Home: An Interior Designer's Secret Steps to Redesign your Space (within your budget)
  17. I'm intrigued and excited to dive in! -> The 7 Day Hair Challenge by Caroline Allen
  18. Because I use it every day along with thousands of other moms -> The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide by Me! 😊

Get your copy of this bundle today!

You'll get access to the Outfit Guide within the bundle! 
IMPORTANT: Right after buying your bundle with the button above, email me at nowthaticando [at] gmail [dot] com to redeem your What to Wear Calendar bonus.

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