What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)
What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)
What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)
What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)
What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)
What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)
What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)

What to Wear 12-Month Outfits Calendar Printable (with Wardrobe Plan Booklet!)

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This product is getting amazing new updates that ship January 1, 2020!
You'll get the 2020 calendar upgrade for FREE when you purchase this edition!


Do you...

  • feel stuck in a fashion rut?
  • wear the same jeans + tee combo every day just to feel comfortable and "safe"?
  • often look in the mirror and feel frumpy in what you wear?
  • wish a fashionable mom friend could help you revamp your wardrobe?
  • want more outfit ideas that are actually WEARABLE and comfy enough for mom life?

This was me, through and through. That's why I created the Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Plan to give myself and other moms an easy road-map to a better wardrobe. 

With this popular What to Wear Calendar, you'll get the Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Plan that was designed specifically for moms. It gives you a complete list of the best clothes to have in your wardrobe and helps you shop your own closet first. (Many women already have great pieces, they just don't know how to wear them!)

Then the printable calendar shows you all the ways to combine the pieces from the list into mom-friendly outfits every day of the month!

Using this system, thousands of moms including myself have gone from feeling frumpy to feeling 100% confident about what we wear every day! 

At $19.99, that's like 5 cents per day to get your outfit assigned every day of the year!

If you could spend the waking hours of every day feeling cute and put together for 365 days of the year, wouldn't that be worth it?!

It's super simple and fun!

Just grab this calendar and wardrobe plan combo and I'll walk you through how to get started!

TIP: This calendar is often used in conjunction with the full Stay-at-Home Mom Outfit Guide book. The book allows you to get additional details on the outfits used in the calendar, like the outfit formula and style notes in text format. See the bundle offer on this page. However, the calendar comes with a list of details on each piece used in the outfits so the Outfit Guide isn't absolutely necessary to use it!

    Printable Calendar Features

    The Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe plan (included) has a list of essentials that combine into 288 different outfits. 

    In the calendar, you get those 288 outfits spread out for you by season through out the year so that you can be sure to wear your clothes in every way possible! 

    Each day shows you an outfit visual that includes a top and pants (or dress) to try, along with the shoes and accessories for both home and going out. 

    The example pieces used are just that... examples. You can take similar pieces from your own wardrobe and swap away easily!

    Here are some more cool features about this calendar that moms are loving:

    • Uses 288 outfit ideas designed with moms in mind.
    • You’ll never wear the same outfit more than 3 times all year long.
    • Outfits are drawn from the appropriate season throughout the year so you’re cool in summer and warm in winter (if you’re in the southern hemisphere you can simply reverse the months you use with the undated version).
    • Outfits have at least a month before they are repeated again. Almost never wear the same top twice within a week.
    • One dressier outfit idea is included per week (assigned to Sundays by default).
    • Each month includes special note sections including “My favorite outfits”, “Special Events” for planning outfits ahead, and “What to buy this month.”
    • Includes a Jan-Dec 2019 dated calendar PLUS an undated version so that you can use it for years to come.
    Printable Wardrobe Plan Features

    The pieces used in the outfits are detailed in the free wardrobe plan printable that's included with your calendar. 

    Moms love this wardrobe plan because it helps you take what you own and declutter down to the best. Your wardrobe will improve just by clarifying what pieces you should keep and how to use them--and that's without spending any money on new clothes!

    Then it helps you customize your shopping list to slowly work away at pieces you want to add over time. 

    Here's what's included in the free wardrobe plan:

    • Done-for-you capsule plan covering all seasons (Note: capsule here doesn't mean a small wardrobe... it's just a framework you follow but you can have as small or large a wardrobe as you prefer)
    • Easy-to-follow steps to updating your wardrobe STARTING with what’s already in your closet
    • Shopping links to example pieces
    • Printable shopping checklist that is ready to use immediately

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 181 reviews
      Try it

      This review is for the preview but I went ahead and bought the full version. It's a fun way to get dressed every day without spending too much time to think about it.

      It made me a believer

      I wasn’t sure if this would really make a difference in my mornings, but I was so pleasantly surprised. I love clothes, but just freeing that mental energy of deciding what to wear each morning has made a big difference. After using it for one week, I’m sold!

      Great Staple

      Thia is a great staple/guide forna basoc wardrobe. It helps to cut down the planning. Its all laid out for you!! Yay!!

      Super Easy!

      In this crazy life of decision after decision, this calendar makes one component of my life all the more easy! Thanks for the "defrumpification!"

      Not Just for Moms

      I'm not a mom, but now that I work from home, it is easy to get in a rut where you feel frumpy-grabbing the same outfits over and over. It's nice to be inspired to find things that are still easy and comfortable to feel professional again.


      What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar Preview - 1 Month + Basics Wardrobe Plan for Moms

      A wonderful tool!

      This calendar sample is a great tool for getting dressed in the morning! It does the work for me every morning but still gives me the flexibility to pick a different outfit based on the formulas. It's a fantastic idea and has convinced me I need to buy the whole outfit guide and full calendar!



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