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Digital and print books with simple & easy outfit ideas you can copy using pieces in your own wardrobe!


Check out the benefits that our customers report just a week into owning an outfit guide:
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Clarity on what clothes to keep and what to get rid of (without regretting it later)
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Saving money on clothes by only buying what makes the biggest difference in your wardrobe (it becomes glaringly clear what you’re missing!)
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Starting to use your clothes in multiple ways--making the most of every future purchase.
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Feeling excited even when you come home with only a couple of items from your shopping trip because you know there are dozens of new outfits waiting for you to try in the outfit guide using those two items.
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  No longer turning to shopping to add MORE clothes when you’re bored of your wardrobe. You’ll have so many ways to wear your clothes that boredom won’t even be a factor.
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Feeling confident about the way you look every time you try a new look because you’re following a fail-proof outfit formula that shows you how to do it right.
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  No longer hiding behind baggy, shapeless clothes and embracing your body because you love the way you look in the chic outfit ideas.
Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  An improved daily mood because you feel great about the way you look even when you’re just at home all day.
And other common happenings reported by users of the outfit guides:
Red Heart on Facebook 3.0 Compliments from your husband. The remark “I don’t know what you’ve been doing different but I love it!” and finally, being asked on a date... by your husband AND strangers. 😅
Red Heart on Facebook 3.0 Finding it easier to lose weight because your mood and sense of self-worth is improved by simply getting dressed each day.
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