The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms
The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms

The 3rd Edition Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms

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Are you a busy mom with no time to figure out what's fashionable? Do you struggle to feel put together on a regular day at home or running out on errands?

The Year-Round Outfit Guide for Moms (3rd Edition) is the all-inclusive solution to your casual wardrobe as a mom.

What's inside this product:

Feature #1: Outfit Guide Book. Inside you'll find:

  • Part 1 of Book: A Mom-friendly Capsule Wardrobe Plan with incredible details to help you shop your own closet and adapt it for pregnancy and nursing
  • Part 2 of Book: 374 Outfit examples with complete outfit formulas to help you recreate the outfits with your own pieces (these casual outfits are divided evenly among the four seasons, with about 14 dressy outfit ideas per season)
  • Part 3 of Book: Pictures of all the outfit formulas modeled by real moms

Feature #2: Outfit Gallery Web App

You’ll also receive access to a handy web app where you can swipe through outfits to pick from in the morning.

You’re also able to sort outfits by specific clothing pieces. Feeling like wearing your color pants? Sort by that item and see all the ways you can style it.

You can even sort by just the outfits using "basic essentials" from the plan for the two main pieces so you can start using the outfit ideas even with a limited wardrobe.

Feature #3: All-New Shopping Guide

If you want me to do all the shopping for you, you’ll love the Shopping Guide included with your purchase.

This all-new design provides you with a visual catalog of hundreds of options around the web for all the items in the capsule wardrobe plan. (Including plus size and maternity.) It's like having a personal shopper!

Feature #4: "Customize Your Capsule" Mini Course

In this easy-to-navigate course, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for how to update your wardrobe using the wardrobe plan, how to create your own color palette, how to adapt and swap pieces, and how to shop (even when you have little kids).

Access to this $10 mini course is included FREE!

Feature #5: Additional Pre-Designed Color Palettes

If the color palette that the examples use doesn’t suit you, just go with a different color palette when gathering your own version of pieces.

To make this easy, several pre-designed color palettes are available to choose from. If you know your season type, you will have season-specific color palettes to draw inspiration from as well!



Just a few of the new features in the 3rd Edition:

  • 8 brand new pieces in the capsule wardrobe plan
  • 86 new outfit formulas for a total of OVER 374 casual outfit ideas for moms!
  • A picture of every single outfit on a real person (including curvy, plus size, petite and pregnant models) so you can see what the outfit formulas actually look like
  • New on-trend color palette for the example capsule wardrobe pieces so you have fresh examples of how to apply your own color scheme to the capsule wardrobe
  • More pre-designed wardrobe color palettes to choose from and customize for your own wardrobe
  • Easier step-by-step guide to planning your color palette
  • Maternity-friendly version of the wardrobe plan with notes for adapting outfits for pregnancy so you can use this while pregnant.
  • Easier organization of just the basic essentials to start with from the capsule plan so you can work within your budget easily.
  • A special way to sort by just outfits using essentials from the plan so you can start using the outfit ideas even with a limited wardrobe!
  • Guidance on adapting the wardrobe plan if you choose to only wear skirts and dresses.
  • All new and updated Shopping Guide with various links to every item in the wardrobe plan!
  • and more....

    What if I don’t have any budget to buy clothes right now?

    Building up a wardrobe you love can take months or even years. It took me a couple of years using my allotted monthly budget to get it to the place I envisioned. The cool thing is, even without all the recommended pieces you can enjoy tons of versatility and have fun in the process. Start by purging your closet to get down to the best of what you have. Plan a monthly budget for clothes and focus on 1 or 2 essentials from the list that would help add versatility. Don’t forget to check your local thrift stores! 

    Do I have to buy the clothes on your list for this to work? 

    The pieces pictured are just examples. The goal is to use the description about each piece to find something in your closet or the store that matches the description.

    Won’t I get bored by the size of a capsule wardrobe?

    I call this a capsule because it is focused on leanness and creating remixability in your wardrobe. However at 62 pieces + shoes and accessories this is no mini, boring capsule. It’s a complete wardrobe framework that will last you a lifetime, with 374 unique outfit combinations!

    I’m stuck on the step of planning a color scheme. Where can I get more help?

    You’re not alone--this is the most common step for moms to get hung up on. See your dashboard for access to the mini course that comes with your outfit guide. It provides steps and templates you can use to make this easier!

    What if I’m over 40, will this still work for me?

    Absolutely! A majority of our moms are actually in the 35-55 range. And we have many seniors using it too. The plan is flexible enough to adapt to your taste and style while still allowing the outfit formulas to work beautifully.

    Does this work for plus size too?

    Yes, we have moms of every shape and size using it and looking fab! We also include plus size shopping options in the Shopping Guide.

    What should I do with the clothes in my wardrobe that aren’t on the list?

    If you like them and they fit well, keep them! You can swap them in on any of the outfit formulas.

    Does this work for maternity?

    Yes, this was designed to work for pregnant and nursing mamas too! You’ll see notes for maternity in the capsule list and the outfits are modeled on pregnant ladies too.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 118 reviews
      Love it!

      Thanks for a great system!

      Getting dressed is fun again!

      This guide is literally changing my life! Before becoming a mom I enjoyed getting dressed for the day and looked put together most of the time. During my first pregnancy I experienced morning sickness the entire 9 months and though I worked an office job full time, I was so drained of energy that looking cute soon fell towards the bottom of my list of priorities. Add the annoyance of trying to find maternity clothes that actually fit and looked passable, and I was well on my way to sporting a frumpy bump! After my daughter was born I then struggled with my constantly changing body and the hassle of finding nursing compatible clothing. Then I quit my job to stay home with my baby and my wardrobe budget disappeared. I was stuck in frumpville mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally! After 2 more babies this trend continued. I've been feeling like I've just been trying to survive the "smotherhood of motherhood" and my physical appearance showed it. I finally decided enough was enough. I ordered this guide, purged my closet, and realized that with what I had left I actually *could* look cute again just by changing how I wore my clothes and mixing and matching things differently. I now have a better plan when I do go shopping because I'm shopping with a purpose, with outfit pairings already planned instead of just grabbing random items off the rack that appealed to me, but didn't add much versatility to my wardrobe. I've been getting compliments on how I look and when I look in the mirror I feel so much better about myself! My boosted confidence is spilling over into other areas of my life and I feel like I'm recovering my lost identity! I'm more than "just a mom"! I'm feeling like "me" again! I wake up excited to get dressed now and see what outfit combinations I can make with my smaller, but more useful and appreciated wardrobe. Thanks, Corina!!

      Great for getting it of a rut!

      I bought this outfit guide because I felt stuck wearing the same things over and over and not really feeling happy with it. I've been able to make plenty of outfits with what I already have in my closet and have a good idea of what I want my next clothing purchases to be. No more aimless buying for me!

      Love the book

      I love the year-round outfit guide and calendar. It gets me out of my wardrobe rut with very little decision making. That’s definitely at win-win!

      Love the new guide!

      I had both the 1st and the 2nd edition and they keep getting better with each version (and I thought the first one was fantastic!) I really like the new outfits and most of the updated clothing pieces, though with every trend there are a few that don't quite fit my personal style, but that's okay because this is a guide and there are great ideas for alternative pieces!

      3rd edition bought!

      I can't wait to receive my printed book and see and refer to all the outfits quickly. I definitely used the web outfit guide and pick what I want to wear that day and I get several options. I've been told how cute I've been looking by friends and that's huge! I still have a long way to go, but I'm taking it at my own pace. Thank you for getting me on the right track and taking the guesswork out of picking out my clothes!

      Like Having a Fashionable Friend

      This is just like having a Fashionable Friend pick your clothes for you and give you ideas on how to dress each day. It has been wonderful for staring to build a wardrobe I love!!



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