The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)

The Stay-at-Home Moms' Fall Outfit Guide (eBook)

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Looking for the year-round capsule wardrobe plan? See the Year-Round Outfit Guides.

 Are You A Busy Mom Who's Stuck Wearing The Same Jeans & Tee Look Every Day?

Ready To Change It Up But Don't Know How?

How Would You Like A Personal Stylist And Shopping Assistant To Show You All The Equally Comfortable Mom Outfits You Can Wear… On A Budget?

Meet Your New Best Friend: The Stay-at-Home Moms' Seasonal Outfit Guides

Each seasonal outfit guide (+ bonus tools) will show you how to put outfits together into hundreds of cute looks for staying at home or going on errands.

The guides are adaptable to any budget. You can save by finding the recommended pieces in your existing wardrobe and buying the rest at thrift stores (MANY go this route!) or you can choose to buy many of the exact pieces, blending them in with what you already own. 

How it Works

The outfit guides are each based on a suggested color palette. This is the key to enjoying tons of outfit variation from just a few clothing pieces.

That means you're saving money and maximizing with what you own!

With these wardrobe plans, I've aimed to provide you and I with a perfect blend of classic and trending pieces, insuring you will look on-trend without wasting money on a whole wardrobe that will look outdated next year.

You can spend less and yet look more put together than ever before!

Each eBook is a full ride to chic mom style that you can finally feel confident about!

Features Included 

Within each seasonal outfit guide you'll find:

  • A list of clothing pieces needed (I help you shop your own closet first to find many of the pieces)

  • Pre-filled shopping list printable

  • Step-by-step guide to shaping your capsule from your existing wardrobe

  • Outfit pictures showing you how to wear the pieces in mom-friendly outfits:

    • Fall Outfit Guide: 25 casual, 5 dressy
    • At Home and Going Out versions of each outfit

    • Additional color palette ideas to apply to your capsule

    • Printable PDF File. Do you prefer your books in print? These eBooks are formatted with printing in mind. Simply take the PDF file you receive to print a booklet at your local office supply store.
    • FREE BONUS #1: "Customize Your Capsule" Mini Course. Learn how to swap items in the plan like a pro. You'll also get step-by-step instructions for how to create your own color palette. Access to this mini course is included free!

    • FREE BONUS #2: Additional pre-designed color palettes to choose from. If you know your season type, you will love having a few season-specific color palette ideas to draw inspiration from in planning your own unique color palette to use on your wardrobe!


    Q. Are these print or digital books?

    A. These are digital eBooks + private access to the online gallery that allows you to quickly sort outfits by individual piece used or season. If you like your books in print though, I provide a PDF file that you can use to print at home or at your local office store.

    Q. Should I spend money on this guide when I really need money to get some new clothes?

    A. The smartest investment is a plan! Ranging from just $9.99-$14.99, an outfit guide costs about as much as a t-shirt while exploding the potential of every piece you buy from the plan. These guides help you shop smart so that the clothes you do buy actually get used. The daily outfit ideas were designed to take each of the pieces in the wardrobe plan (many of which you probably already own!) and use it in multiple ways. Not only will you enjoy fun new ways to wear your existing clothes, but you'll find that the money you spend shopping becomes a much better investment. 

    Q. I'm pregnant, could I use these wardrobe plans now? 

    A. The pieces in my wardrobe plans can be translated into maternity. They would make awesome maternity capsules! You would simply use/buy the maternity version of each piece. All the outfits still apply! The only outfits you would wear differently are the ones were I recommend tucking the shirt ;) To save money on your maternity wardrobe you could simply buy fewer of the pieces to have a smaller capsule for that shorter season in life.

    Q. Are the outfits in these guides nursing friendly? 

    A. Absolutely... I was nursing throughout the creation of all of them and was able to follow them exactly. The only adjustment I made was to get the dresses in a nursing friendly version (wrap dresses work great for this!).

    Q. Can I see examples of the outfits on real people?

    A. With hundreds of moms using the outfit guides each season you'll find examples of the outfits on real people within the Frump Fighters Facebook group. 

    Q. Do you offer a single guide that covers the full year?

    A. Yes, you'll want to get the Year-Round Outfit Guide.

    Q. Isn't it easy enough to come up with my own outfit combinations once I follow the wardrobe plan?

    A. On average most people only actually wear a third of the outfit potential because they gravitate towards the looks they're used to and comfortable with. These guides are designed to take the decision of what you’ll wear out of your hands, both saving your time and energy while also helping you try combinations you never thought of before.

    Even though I’ve planned the different outfits in the guide myself, I still fall into ruts of wearing my pieces the same way when I don’t refer to my outfit guide!

    Q. Do any of these guides include business casual outfits?

    A. There are about five dressier outfit ideas included for each season, but this plan is mostly designed with everyday mom style in mind. Some moms are able to wear the pieces in a dressier way for work and others simply add on some slacks/skirts/blazers/pumps as needed and mix and match with their other pieces to create work-appropriate looks. (There are several examples of this in the Frump Fighters Facebook group.)

    You may want to check out my dedicated Business Outfit Guide for Moms.

    Q. Do I have to use the suggested color palette within each guide for the outfits to work?

    A. Definitely not! I encourage everyone to stick with a color palette they love. The color palettes used in each guide are a suggestion and help demonstrate which pieces need to be in neutral versus in an accent color. Simply plug in your own color palette by following the same pattern.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Andzelika Ciechanowicz
      Useful stuff

      This is a great guide for people struggling with a huge amount of clothes. A few pieces, exemplary (in my opinion timeless) combos.Great, especially with the current fashion for clothing challenges.

      Mandy Anderson
      Goodbye same old leggings

      I would wear leggings and a shirt everyday because I just didn’t know what to wear. This guide makes getting dressed so simple. Goodbye leggings (every day)!

      Debbie J
      Fall outfit guide

      I am so thankful for the fall outfit guide. In Hope's of minimalizing wardrobe to pieces that will be usable for 2 to 3 seasons.

      Cynthia Salvador
      Fall wardrobe

      These seasonal wardrobes are awesome. They make getting ready a snap in the morning. I love the colors and the ease of only owning a few clothing items and yet having many outfit options to choose from.

      Incredible Motivation

      This product puts everything simply. When I follow the simple advice, it makes all the difference in how I feel. I am a better mom and wife when I feel better about myself.

      I was pretty skeptical about this at first.

      I am a homeschooling mom and prior to having kids I was pretty fashion forward and felt confident in my ability to create my own style. Which is why I felt like I don't really need this. Then I realized that it's been almost a decade of me feeling frumpy and that I don't really know how to shop anymore since I can't just go to the mall for hours on end and blow half my paycheck on cute new clothes. I've thought about creating a capsule wardrobe, and it seems so simple and yet I was lost with how to begin. I have to say that I would gladly have paid full price for this guide and will definitely buy more guides in the future. I went shopping by myself for a couple of hours and it was the most enjoyable shopping experience I've had in years! Knowing what I was looking for in advance and in what colors made it SO EASY and I was able to get through the stores so much faster. I found 6 new pieces and I'm still finding new ways to mix and match them. I used to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror while shopping and even if I'd previously thought I looked pretty good, one look in the mirror was a nasty shock to realize how frumpy I actually appeared. I am so happy to say that a couple of times recently I've been shopping, actually dreaded what my reflection would look like, and was amazed to see that I looked really chic!! Plus, these outfits are not a sacrifice in comfort at all, some are even more comfortable than the jeans and t-shirt rut I was stuck in. I seriously can't say enough good things about this, if you are on the fence I TOTALLY recommend it!!


      I just had to reach out and say thank you for such a wonderful resource for us stay at home moms! I just bought the fall and winter e books and love them! I feel like I have found a kindred spirit after reading your story and going through your blog! I was feeling frustrated after downloading yet another capsule wardrobe e-book and realizing that it was not put together with a SAHM in mind... I took to trusty Pinterest to see if anything was available and came across your blog and ebooks! It was exactly what I had in my mind! Even your steps to plan a wardrobe were the steps I had taken earlier in the year to build my first capsule wardrobe!... I especially like how you addressed the issue of what to wear at home vs. what to add when you leave the house. Genius!... I already had everything in both e books and cant wait for the spring.



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