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Quick Frump Fix

Using this guide has been a quick and easy fix to get me looking less frumpy fast. Building up a wardrobe of better fitting clothes in "my" colors will take longer, but even just using some of the things I had in new ways has taken my wardrobe up a notch. Very thankful for this great resource!

Great outfits ! Love having this handy to look at!!

Great jumping off point

This is an excellent jumping off point for my wardrobe. While not every outfit matches my style as it is presented, Corina gives very good guidance on how to substitute other items into your capsule - for one example, pearl earrings are just not my style but I could see that my favorite minimal silver earrings would be a perfect substitute in every outfit that used the pearls. I'm actually excited about my wardrobe again, after nearly 5 years of avoiding it!!

Such a big help for my girls

Having this guide has really helped me to think through the outfits that my girls are wearing, but to also help them to be able to visual and plan things out. Each of my girls has a different style, so I like that they can customize it to fit their style.

Good template visual

I really like the calendar format of knowing what to wear. The only challenge I have right now is that we are in between seasons and I am not really a stay at home mom, so the outfits that I need to wear on various days requires lots of moving around and tweaking. However, that isn't very difficulty today. I like being able to have this handy in my closet as a reference.

This plan has helped me dress better

I have really enjoyed using this plan as well as the Facebook community. It is making me think more about my outfits. Most things I was able to shop my closet for, but thinking about different ways of putting the pieces I have together has been fun and makes me feel so much more put together. I mostly like that rather than being a regimen, it is a guide that you can modify to fit your style and situation. I have been able to use the SAHM guide for my work clothes as well since I am an educator so most of my work style is business casual. A little tweaking and many of the outfits still work.
Thank you Corina for putting all of this together and sharing your skills with the world. Blessings!

This was very helpful

I was surprised by the quality of this. It's been very very very helpful to me

Brilliant !

So convenient to be helped out in the mornings and given guidance on what to wear. Thank you Corina !


It helps me keep my juniors super organized on frantic school mornings.

Love this guide!

I’ve learned so much from this guide. It is so nice to have something that lays everything out for you. This guide is much more than just a list of clothes though. Corina goes through seasonal colors, lays out color schemes to help you find your own palette, sets out outfits that will keep you going all year long. The guide also includes a very useful web app, buying guide, and so much more. Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Makes life so easy!

I love the calendar! It saves me time every day by giving me ideas for a great outfit. Even my teenage daughter is complimenting me on my clothes!

Completely Planned Out

I love that the stay-at-home wardrobe is planned down to the smallest detail. I have bought some of the items I didn’t have and they didn’t cost a lot and were of good quality. I can’t wait to get started.

Fantastic, Easy to Follow Program

I’ve been a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 3 for over 15 years. Very quickly my wardrobe narrowed down to sweatshirts, yoga pants, t-shirts, and jeans, occasionally a nice pair of black dress pants and top.
At first it didn’t seem to matter what I wore because taking care of young children and your home is a dirty job most days, but over time, it did begin to affect my self esteem. In recent years, I’ve began to focus on taking care of myself again, in lots of ways, but particularly my appearance. And I want to teach my daughter, by example, to take care of herself and be proud of her appearance.
But frankly, I didn’t even know where to begin! I wasn’t very fashion savvy even in my youth. Pinterest was a big help, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Corina’s blog and guides that everything finally clicked!
I love the easy to read guides that include lots of color photos, check lists, and shopping guides. The color palette suggestions are amazing and informative. And, the best part—I don’t have to think about clothes anymore! Just open the guide, scroll through the outfits and in seconds I can be dressed and actually look great! It’s wonderful!!

Great visual aid

I love theses cheat sheets for helping my children put outfits together. The only reason I left four instead of five stars is that most of the links that I tried to buy the clothes were for toddler sizes (up to 4T). This would be great if it had multiple links for different age ranges. But I still love the idea. Thank you for making mom life a little easier!

huge time saver!!!!

this outfit guide is a huge help to me as a busy mama of six.

Super helpful guide

I love that the guide is simple to follow and easy to customize to your own needs. No more guess work about how to pull together pieces in my closet to put together something stylish AND comfortable. I think it's going to make getting ready in the morning easier. I've already received several compliments on how I look as I've started to implement the guidelines.

Great so far

We are just getting started, but my four-year-old loves it so far.

So helpful!

What amazed me about this resource was how many things I already had! I just didn’t know how to put them together! Thank you!

I'm so thankful I found Frump Fighters!

You know at the beginning of the movie Clueless when Cher sits down at her computer and has it generate an outfit? That's pretty much how I view FF. It's a dream! I purchased the packet several years ago and I'm hoping to purchase the new one at the beginning of next year for some fresh finds. I get tons of compliments and rarely dress outside the guide. I am comfortable and least when I'm not fighting the August Arkansas heat and humidity. 😉

Help has finally arrived!

I've never been good at putting outfits together and I'm so excited to use my Stay-at-Home Mom's Outfit Guide. No guesswork. Clothing pieces are picked for me. I can shop with confidence and fill in my wardrobe with a PLAN. Thank you, Corina!

What to wear wardrobe plan

This plan is so very helpful. My kuds may be grown and out of the house, but this is the perfect plan for a young retiree! Thank you, Corina!

Very freeing

Cleaning out my closet of stuff that I wasn't wearing, figuring out which color combos I needed, and taking all guess work out of how to put together outfits makes this purchase worth every penny. LOVE IT!

Encouraged & Inspired!!

Thank you so much- I LOVED reading through this 3-day course- my first time going through pregnancy body changes, labor & now as a new mom in the postpartum months I've been feeling pretty discouraged and "frumpy"- this was so practical, helpful, and so inspiring! I'm excited to put this into practice!

So glad I found this.

I care about style, but not enough to make effort. This was a fantastic resource - I used ThredUp and just put in the guidelines she recommended and I feel so much more put together - without much work! Thank you!!



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