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Great resource!

Love how compact and easy to use this wardrobe calendar is. Very cute outfits. Helps me get out of the rut of the same outfit combinations over and over.

Making Mama’s Day Easier!

Thanks so much for all the time and work you put into your products. They are so helpful and make my mornings less crazy. I have a bad habit of buying random pieces and then having nothing that goes together. This guide has helped me narrow down my pieces and focus on certain styles and colors! It’s much easier getting dressed now!

What to wear

I love that this helps me see more options in my clothing! I feel like I can make my existing wardrobe fancier!

What to Wear Calendar Preview - 1 Month + Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Plan

Frumpy no more!

Since getting the wardrobe guide, I’ve felt so much better about myself! I look more put together most days, and this will only improve as I finish getting all the items in my wardrobe (which is also easier with the guide—I know exactly what to buy!)

Super Helpful

I recently purchased the 1 month What to Wear calendar, and I am finding it so helpful to have the visual guide on my outfits!

Ready to fight the frump!

Great outfit advice, easy to follow, gets you excited about getting dressed instead of the dreaded "closet stare" every morning

Great guide

I have just started using the what to wear calendar and I am so excited to continue. I’m no longer wearing gym clothes everyday & feel so much more confident!

New inspiration

Happy with my purchase as I have new inspiration to choose great clothing options from my wardrobe. Good to have ideas for accessorising, too, as I often overlook this.

Lots of help

I like the calendar. It's a fast resource for figuring out what to wear. I'm sure as I expand my wardrobe it will be easier to follow.


I love this book. I'm mom of three and find after this last baby 3 months ago I have not been taking much pride in what I wear as nothing fits. After getting the book I picked up some items it suggests and for the first time in months I got complaints on how I looked

What to Wear

I loved seeing the different outfits and how to create a capsule. It helped me determine some nice outfits to wear and how to put them together.

Great tips!

I love the tips on setting up a morning routine and how to simplify it!

So Far Soo Good!

So far I'm learning a lot about how I can change my wardrobe and learn how to dress in a classy way that doesn't make me look like I'm trying too hard. So excited to make over my wardrobe!

Saved my wardrobe

I’ve struggled with putting outfits together forever. I buy pieces I love but they sit in the closet because I don’t have the right combination of pieces to make it work for outfits. I absolutely LOVE this guide. It helped me understand color and style and the recommended items seem like they would work for really any body type. I worried I would feel boxed in by this guide telling me what to wear but Corinna teaches you how to swap your own pieces and make them work. Can’t recommend it enough!

Great Printables

These printables are extremely helpful and great to have when you are packing for a trip or shopping to update your wardrobe!

Calendar Outfits

Love the product - can print it out and hang it in my closet so I have something to look at! Even if I don’t choose to use that day’s outfit, love that there’s lots of other outfits to look over

Can't wait to try!

I bought the Business Style Guide and I can't wait to try it out! I just have to shop my closet first and get rid of old clothes to make room for the new!


This capsule is absolutely amazing! All of the clothes, outfits, colors and links available makes this resource priceless! Wow!

Confidence in clothing

Thank you so much for putting this together! This guide is my own personal shopper and stylist all in one! I’m so excited to have a closet of clothes that are practical for mom life and fashionable.

Surprised by Quality ~ better than expected!

I was nervous the book would be small & the pages slick & shiny (since the pictures are all color). But I really wanted the outfits in a printed form to keep in my bedroom for easy viewing. I was happily surprised that the book was larger than I expected, the binding opens the pages very easily, and the page quality is perfect (beautiful photos, no weird new ink smell). I am excited to find the rest of the capsule wardrobe pieces & use the guide to keep track of when I wear the outfits! Well done!


I love the idea of having an outfit put together already instead of me trying to think in the morning of what to wear. Corina made it possible and I'm glad I purchased the calendar. It takes me minutes now to prepare and best of all, I know I don't look frumpy!

So helpful!

I am just loving the outfit guide for kids. I just love knowing what I need to buy so we are prepared for any situation.

Love it!

I am just loving my outfit guide. I finally feel put together.

Very handy

Easy to use guide that takes the guess work out of what to wear each day. Colorful and laid out nicely!



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