Printables Bundle: Capsule Checklists, Outfit Planners, Style Guides, Shopping Lists, and Wardrobe Worksheets

Printables Bundle: Capsule Checklists, Outfit Planners, Style Guides, Shopping Lists, and Wardrobe Worksheets

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Note: This bundle is valued at over $40 but you can get it free! It is my gift to you! Thanks for stopping by. And I hope this gives you a taste for the quality I seek to put into everything I create and offer on this shop.

Get access to a library of growing printables which include:

  • Single season capsule plans for stay-at-home moms
  • Year-round capsule plan for stay-at-home moms
  • Working mom business capsule plan
  • Boy's and Girl's capsule plans and shopping checklists
  • Outfits generator sheet
  • Travel Packing Printable (with trip outfits planner)
  • Fitness Routine Planner
  • Savings checklists (Online and In-store)
  • "My Style" Worksheet & blank shopping checklists.
  • "How to Style" cheat sheets for shoes, stripes, leggings, and burgundy pants.
  • What to Wear for Family Photos planner
  • Self-Care Routine Planner
  • 7 Steps to a Better Wardrobe Worksheet

I created these printables to help answer common frustrations when it comes to style and fashion. I know you'll love them!

You'll get access to a private archive of these printables that continues to grow as more are added!

    Customer Reviews

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    Perfect guide for wardrobe help!!

    I am a stay-at-home mom of two young children and I have found myself in the t-shirt and jeans rut. A lot of times I feel like I don't have too many options so I just go for what's easy. That works ok some of the time. But then there are times when you want to look nice or you have to look nice and I am really at a loss for putting outfits together from my random minimal wardrobe. I have countless times gone to a family party/funeral/bridal shower, etc feeling self conscious that what I'm wearing looks like I have no idea how to throw together an outfit. Other capsule wardrobe ideas I've looked at have too many dressy pieces which are not realistic for me and I can't picture myself wearing. This guide is the perfect mix of clothing that I would wear on a regular day with lots of options for dressier events. I am so excited to make a more cohesive wardrobe with things I actually enjoy wearing and look good on me!

    Frumpy no more!

    Since getting the wardrobe guide, I’ve felt so much better about myself! I look more put together most days, and this will only improve as I finish getting all the items in my wardrobe (which is also easier with the guide—I know exactly what to buy!)

    Ready to fight the frump!

    Great outfit advice, easy to follow, gets you excited about getting dressed instead of the dreaded "closet stare" every morning

    Great Printables

    These printables are extremely helpful and great to have when you are packing for a trip or shopping to update your wardrobe!

    Printables bundle

    This printable bundle has been so helpful for culling the wardrobes in our home and helping me to come up with new ways to use items from my wardrobe.

    Printable Bundle Review

    The printable bundle had so many great resources! There was a great variety for all the needs I have, myself, my kids, all the seasons. Thank you!

    Such a great value!

    Everyone who wants to try some great products should get this bundle. I can't believe the amount of free resources!



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