The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide
The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide

The Stay-at-Home Moms' Year-Round Outfit Guide

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Are you a stay-at-home mom feeling stuck in a fashion rut?

Do you want to spend less on clothes while achieving that effortless "chic mom" look?

You're not alone... fighting the "mom frump" is a real struggle!

The Stay-at-Home Moms' Outfit Guide shows you how to use the clothes in your closet to dress in chic but comfy outfits every day of the year–without an ounce of fashion sense required.

Stop spending money buying single new outfits or more clothes you don't wear when you can discover 280+ comfy but stylish ways to wear the clothes in your closet.

This digital book + wardrobe tools will become your helper each morning to help make getting dressed fun again.

It's like getting a virtual stylist to help you all year–without the hefty price tag. And it's designed specifically for moms!

The Stay-at-Home Moms' Outfit Guide + Tools shows you WHAT wardrobe essentials you need and HOW to put them together into 280+ easy outfits that crush that frumpy mom feeling for good. 

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: I am currently unable to ship print to Australia. Please choose the Digital Only option.

Features Included

You’re not just getting a book.

You’re getting a suite of tools to make mom fashion easy.

Check it out…

Feature #1 – Outfit Guide eBook

The 195-page outfit guide walks you through updating your clothes using a pre-planned wardrobe framework. Most moms already have the bulk of recommended pieces because they are classic basics.

The main bulk of the book shows you all the ways you can combine your pieces into outfits for every day mom life.

Part 1 of Book: Mom-Friendly Wardrobe Plan

Reference visuals and an easy shopping checklist to update your wardrobe on your own timeline. No more second-guessing what’s on-trend or what you should buy. Go beyond jeans and tees to explore new mom-friendly pieces you will fall in love with.

Part 2 of Book: 288 custom-designed outfit combinations

I personally plan out all the possible outfit combinations from the pieces in the wardrobe plan so that you KNOW you are using everything in as many ways possible.

Includes visuals as well as written formulas for each outfit so you can re-create it using YOUR own pieces!

Every outfit is personally styled by me in an easy-to-follow visual and outfit formula. It’s like having a personal stylist each morning without paying for one!

And these 288 outfits are just the beginning… you can create countless variations by just changing up the accessories, shoes and completer pieces!

Feature #2 – Outfit gallery web app

You’ll also receive access to a handy web app where you can swipe through outfits to pick from in the morning.

You’re also able to sort outfits by specific clothing pieces. Feeling like wearing your print cardigan? Sort by that item and see all the ways you can style it.

Feature #3 – Huge shopping guide with hundreds of additional shopping links

If you want me to do all the shopping for you, you’ll love the Shopping Guide included with your purchase. It gives you access to a very comprehensive document with tons of links for each item ranging from Amazon to Target to H&M and even some Nordstrom options (for those looking to buy higher quality).

Also includes plus size and maternity/nursing shopping links!

This document is updated constantly so that you have a working shopping assistant no matter when you purchase your guide!

BONUS Feature #1: “Customize Your Capsule” Mini Course

In this easy-to-navigate course, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for how to update your wardrobe using the wardrobe plan, how to create your own color palette, how to adapt and swap pieces, and how to shop (even when you have little kids).

Access to this $10 mini course is included FREE!

I include this mini course FREE because I want you to dig as deep as you want with your outfit guide!

You can simply use the outfit ideas each morning to change up your looks or go further and really customize things to work for you. This mini course will help you do that (if you want to).

BONUS Feature #2: Additional pre-designed Color Palettes!

One of the ways that my wardrobe plan creates hundreds of outfit options is because I teach you to work with a set color palette. YES, we love using color around here! (Enough of those bland capsule wardrobes!)

If the color palette that the examples use doesn’t suit you, just go with a different color palette when gathering your own version of pieces.

To make this easy, several pre-designed color palettes are available to choose from. If you know your season type, you will have season-specific color palettes to draw inspiration from as well!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 137 reviews
    Quick Frump Fix

    Using this guide has been a quick and easy fix to get me looking less frumpy fast. Building up a wardrobe of better fitting clothes in "my" colors will take longer, but even just using some of the things I had in new ways has taken my wardrobe up a notch. Very thankful for this great resource!

    Great jumping off point

    This is an excellent jumping off point for my wardrobe. While not every outfit matches my style as it is presented, Corina gives very good guidance on how to substitute other items into your capsule - for one example, pearl earrings are just not my style but I could see that my favorite minimal silver earrings would be a perfect substitute in every outfit that used the pearls. I'm actually excited about my wardrobe again, after nearly 5 years of avoiding it!!

    This plan has helped me dress better

    I have really enjoyed using this plan as well as the Facebook community. It is making me think more about my outfits. Most things I was able to shop my closet for, but thinking about different ways of putting the pieces I have together has been fun and makes me feel so much more put together. I mostly like that rather than being a regimen, it is a guide that you can modify to fit your style and situation. I have been able to use the SAHM guide for my work clothes as well since I am an educator so most of my work style is business casual. A little tweaking and many of the outfits still work.
    Thank you Corina for putting all of this together and sharing your skills with the world. Blessings!

    This was very helpful

    I was surprised by the quality of this. It's been very very very helpful to me

    Love this guide!

    I’ve learned so much from this guide. It is so nice to have something that lays everything out for you. This guide is much more than just a list of clothes though. Corina goes through seasonal colors, lays out color schemes to help you find your own palette, sets out outfits that will keep you going all year long. The guide also includes a very useful web app, buying guide, and so much more. Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase.

    Completely Planned Out

    I love that the stay-at-home wardrobe is planned down to the smallest detail. I have bought some of the items I didn’t have and they didn’t cost a lot and were of good quality. I can’t wait to get started.

    Fantastic, Easy to Follow Program

    I’ve been a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 3 for over 15 years. Very quickly my wardrobe narrowed down to sweatshirts, yoga pants, t-shirts, and jeans, occasionally a nice pair of black dress pants and top.
    At first it didn’t seem to matter what I wore because taking care of young children and your home is a dirty job most days, but over time, it did begin to affect my self esteem. In recent years, I’ve began to focus on taking care of myself again, in lots of ways, but particularly my appearance. And I want to teach my daughter, by example, to take care of herself and be proud of her appearance.
    But frankly, I didn’t even know where to begin! I wasn’t very fashion savvy even in my youth. Pinterest was a big help, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Corina’s blog and guides that everything finally clicked!
    I love the easy to read guides that include lots of color photos, check lists, and shopping guides. The color palette suggestions are amazing and informative. And, the best part—I don’t have to think about clothes anymore! Just open the guide, scroll through the outfits and in seconds I can be dressed and actually look great! It’s wonderful!!



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