The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)
The What to Wear Outfit Planner Calendar Printable with Casual Capsule Wardrobe Plan for Stay at Home Moms
The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)
The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)
The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)
The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)
The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)
The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)

The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.)

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Ever stand at your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar will banish that feeling forever. With a unique outfit combination for every single day of the year, you'll always have an easy combination to try, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of getting put together without even having to think about it!

This popular Outfit Calendar also includes a detailed wardrobe essentials list so that you can shop your closet and quickly identify gaps to shop for! Based on classic pieces like "a striped tee" and "dark wash jeans" you'll be able to use the outfit ideas right away—but you'll also be pushed to try some new trends with outfits that include pieces like a "slip-on sneakers" or "denim jacket."

This super popular calendar takes all 400+ outfits from the Style Guide and distributes them by season throughout the whole year so you never have to think about what to wear while maximizing the use of all the pieces in your closet.

What comes inside:

  • 12-month calendar printable with an outfit idea for every single day of the year. (If you'd rather not print at home, please choose the physical calendar package.)
  • The calendar is undated so that you can use it starting any time and for as many years as you like.
  • Includes the full Women's Essentials Capsule Wardrobe Plan for Moms so you can shop your closet and quickly identify gaps you might want to fill.
  • The first page of each month displays all the outfits in a monthly view. Then there are three additional pages per month with weekly page views that break down the full outfit breakdown for each day so you can easily recreate it with your own pieces.
  • Each month also lists the pieces used in just that month so you can get a quick glimpse at what wardrobe gaps you might want to prioritize filling first.
  • We provide BLANK monthly and weekly outfit pages for you to print and fill in however you'd like! 
  • You'll also receive a detailed printing guide to help you print successfully at home or at your local office shop. (If you'd rather not print at home, please choose the physical calendar package.)
  • 58 total pages of outfit ideas laid out with all the info you need to use your pieces to the max!
  • BONUS: Amazon Shopping Guide for dozens of links to the top 15 essentials recommended on the checklist!






Currently the hard copy package can only be shipped to U.S. locations. 


This product works by itself! You do not need the Style Guide book in order to use it. It comes with everything you need, including the complete capsule wardrobe plan. Most customers of the Style Guide book also get this calendar so that they don't have to think about which outfit to wear each day.


Package options

Both packages supply you with a printable PDF file of the calendar, as well as a PDF of the complete Women's Essentials Capsule Wardrobe Plan

The hard copy package is for the physical copy that will be mailed to you (spiral-bound). The physical calendar is undated as well so that you can write in your own dates whenever you buy it.

Currently the hard copy package can only be shipped to U.S. locations. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 156 reviews
    Barbara King
    Easy Fashion Makeover for Every Lifestage

    This was the best thing I never knew existed that I never knew I needed. I became a Mother at a young age which meant I became a grandmother at a young age so I’ve always found it challenging to balance my wardrobe with my taste and my life stage. I wanted clothes that looked cute but were also practical and most importantly, comfortable while chasing after kiddos and managing household duties. In my later years when I started working outside the home I found myself struggling to meld “Mom” and “Professional” without having two entirely separate closets. Then suddenly last year, I became very ill which resulted in disability rendering me unable to work and I’m no longer able to drive. This means all my shopping trips on a one income budget have to count! Finding the Frump Fighter capsule method saved the day. I’m able to feel peace getting rid of items that don’t suit the overall theme by donating or tossing them out if they’re too worn and from there I have the foundation to work from. When I find a hole in my wardrobe with a missing piece I have a shopping list ready to go which takes the pressure off of me to not impulse buy or buy something I already own. It’s still a work in progress but one I’m certainly enjoying! Thank you Frump Fighters!


    This is by far the best thing I've bought this year. I really enjoyed purging my closet, I found so many clothes I didn't know I had and I didn't even throw out that much. Now I have an overview, everything is nice and tidy and I pick out outfits in minutes instead of pulling out half the wardrobe and then throwing it back inside in complete disarray. I've been using the Outfit Calendar for little over a month and almost every day worn a piece of clothing I haven't worn in years, not to mention all the necklaces and earrings of some of which I've never worn! I do have some gaps in my capsule wardrobe but I don't feel a need to fill them immediately, I'll buy when something that feels right comes along and pieces/styles that don't feel right for me I'll just omit. And laundry, I've never had this little laundry! I simply air and brush the clothes and put them back in the closet until I've used an item so many times it needs to be washed (which hasn't happened yet because nothing has been worn more than 2-3 times). I highly recommend the Outfit Calendar to anyone who finds it difficult putting nicelooking outfits together or who opens their closet every morning and feel they have nothing to wear. It makes getting dressed both easier and more fun!

    Sarah Clark
    What I needed!

    I have a mom friend who recommended this to me - she always looked so cute and put together! I didn't think there could be a "program" that could tell you how to dress and even though I'm still in the process of setting up, I'm already applying concepts and it's making me feel more put together and more organized in my closet AND in my shopping! It's a win all around.

    Jennifer H
    Very helpful

    Just a week after purchasing and I already feel better about my look. Using items from my closet that have just been sitting there forever. Just a few suggestions and ideas make a change that is fun. I was just really in a rut of only wear the same things over and over

    Iris Martinez
    Dressing just got so much easier

    I am enjoying the calendar, no guess work anymore. Worth every penny. Thank you for making us look goid.

    Alliyah Rivas
    All in one wardrobe fun!

    Love this online platform teaching moms to dress fashionably! I watched Corina from Get Organized HQ and have been researching her fashion blog and ordering her products and watching her videos, freebies and all! And it’s been so much fun! I have one daughter who is 2 years old and I am hoping to have more children soon. BUT the FRUMPY MONSTER has visited my closet more times than I want to count! Seeing Corina as a fashionable mom of four helps me to see the big picture and that it’s a good thing to start now. Hoping my next God-willing pregnancy is beautiful on the inside and out! Thanks to the team of Frumpy Fighters!

    Kim Burns
    What to Wear Each Day

    I find the What to Wear Outfit Calendar (4th Ed.) very helpful to get dressed in the mornings. I also know I have some clothes that I need to buy to complete some outfits that I don’t have.



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