The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)
The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)
The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)
The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)
The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)
The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)

The Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform Access (Basic Level)

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 Some of the features shown are available on Premium level only. You'll receive a 30-day free trial to Premium with this purchase.

 Enjoy your outfit guide collections inside an interactive platform...

  • Organize your virtual closet: Enjoy a digital & customizable list of wardrobe items so you can be organized and prioritized in what you buy.
  • Create unlimited closets for every family member.
  • Customize items with pictures of your exact clothes.
  • Plan packing lists easily.
  • Add unlimited custom clothing items to your closet. PREMIUM LEVEL ONLY.
  • Create your own style profile/account. Log in with your own account and set your style and body type settings so they get automatically pulled in to each outfit you save.
  • Get Outfit of the Day Suggestions: See a week's worth of outfit suggestions so you don't even have to figure out what to wear!
  • Enjoy community by trying the same outfits as other members that week. (Full outfit calendar customization coming in 2022!)
  • Feel confident following Outfit Formulas & Style Guidance by Frump Fighters: See endless inspiration for creating outfits from your pieces with official formulas suggested by Frump Fighters.
  • Use the Outfit Picker to find outfit ideas based on weather and activity for the day!
  • Flip Outfit Formulas to YOUR clothes: Instantly see how any outfit looks with your clothes.
  • Customize outfits to work for you: Save customized versions of outfits whether it's a picture of yourself or a graphic of your clothes. The platform creates flat lays for you with your clothes! PREMIUM LEVEL ONLY
  • Enjoy privacy controls: Share your looks with other members or keep them private for just yourself.
  • Save Your Favorite Outfits to find easily later.
  • Shop others' shopping links: Share where you found items and shop other's shopping links. You can also shop Frump Fighters' example pieces from the closet list! A full shopping guide with powerful filtering is coming later! PREMIUM LEVEL ONLY
  • Enjoy seamless synching across your devices: Whether you're customizing your closet from your laptop, phone, or tablet, everything stays synced because it's an online platform! (Works from your browser on Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows!)

Some of these features are available only on our Premium level. You'll receive a free 30-day trial of Premium when you purchase Basic Level access!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Dolly M.
    I love the app and the whole concept

    I really love the app and the whole concept about the essentials and the calendar. I was spending too much money and energy buying pieces of clothes without purpose. You will save time and money using this system. I also feel better about myself and more confident.

    Christina Russom
    The App is Awesome!

    I had the Guides, but the App really helped bring everything together and make the whole system much more user friendly. I love it!

    Tiffany L. Burnett
    Easy, User Friendly and Quick Fashion Consultant

    I have really enjoyed the Frump Fighters Interactive Platform . The program is easy to use and allows me not to think about what I am wearing and just follow the formula. I use to look at Pinterest or magazines to find outfits daily and this makes everything so much quicker and allows me to use pieces I haven’t looked at in awhile. Thanks Frump Fighters!

    Easy morning dresssing!

    I love this app so much! I have had the Women's Essential program for a few months. I had difficulty remembering what piece I had assigned to which clothing item (print top #1 or #2?). By using this app and then clicking on the "my pieces" button, I can see exactly which clothing items to wear without thinking about it. I LOVE how easy it is to get dressed in the morning now! It was quite easy to load the pictures of my clothes into the closet and so worth the time.

    Vicky Bell
    Love the app!

    I’ve been looking forward to trying out the new app ever since I heard it was being created. It really is as fun as I’d hoped! There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but that’s because there’s just SO much content. It’s basically the outfit plan system plus the calendar plus the old FB group (ability to see other people’s ootd) all rolled up into one fun new product. Plus the ability to create layouts of all the outfits using your own clothes! I haven’t even tried that yet, but I know it’ll level up my whole game 😂

    Rachel Franklin
    Good concept, average execution

    I really love the concept behind this tool. However, it is NOT a standalone app, it's an interactive website. I was expecting a stand alone app. It's also a bit clunky. Certain items in my closet are not searchable. Not all the items in the outfits presented each day are items I can find to create. Clothes aren't always named what I would search for (in creating) like trousers vs pants (does anyone use the world trousers under the age of 80?}. Creating custom items is clunky. For one reason it makes me search for the item type and then asks me to enter than same info on the next screen. There's no field for color of the item. When I use the outfit picker and click to select using my items, it doesn't always. And if I'm missing something that doesn't exactly match the item type, it picks a random item of the same type to show. I wish when I selected use my items it would actually create outfits based on the items I own and not ever put a generic item in there with it. The daily outfit suggestions use items that I can't even find to create in the catalog. This is definitely a BETA version of the tool. So, not sure if it's currently worth the cost. Maybe give it a year after planed features are rolled out and bugs are worked through.

    Hi Rachel, thank you for sharing your feedback! We really appreciate users feedback to help us continue to improve the platform while it's in Beta. Yes, it's an interactive website, although many users refer to it as an app in reviews (it is technically a web app that runs from your browser). We've tried to be clear about what you get when you purchase but will continue to work towards more clarity on the info pages! Some of the details you mentioned do appear to be bugs so we're going to look into that (especially being able to find your items on searches). I'll follow up with you for more info on a couple other things you mentioned to clarify if it's working correctly. We hope you can continue to stick around as bugs are worked out but understand if you want to revisit the platform again a bit later down the road!

    Never Again Will I have Nothing to Wear

    Even though my closet was full, I used to have nothing to wear every single day. Now with the Frump Fighters App I throw my outfit on seamlessly. No more trying on 5 outfits. No more frump clothes. I open the app and there is already an outfit complete with shoes, hair accessories, and jewelry all picked out for me based upon the weather! I never wear the same thing twice in a year! I didn't need to go out and buy tons of clothes to make up my warehouse. Corina shows to how to shop your closet! I love this app. I no longer have a closet floor of pieces that I'm trying on each day just to find that 1 cozy, cute outfit. Highly recommend!!



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